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Update (Oct 15 11:16PM) I made some progress and nearly had a heart-attack because I THOUGHT I LOST ALL OF MY WORK. It’s fine! I got it! I’m re-editing Indigo’s scenes, but once that’s done I’ll make a thread and release a demo link. There won’t be any sexy times in the demo. If anything it’ll be drabbles and WIP placeholders for Chapter 1: The Rookie.


This thing now has a deeeeeeeemo!
Annnnd a thread!
It’s only a few scenes with the boys and I’ll be working on the Harem scenes plus a few random events to cycle. If I get more time, I’ll work on rendering the character busts more.

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Writing has been slow, but steady. If I keep it up like this, I think I can keep to my timeline. Just gotta get my own brain to work with me here lol. But when it’s ready, it’ll be… a decently sized demo, I think. It’ll be the full chapter 1, aka the first four weeks of the story. There’ll be character introductions, a taste of what working each job will be like, a festival, etc, etc.

But as it’s my birthday today, I decided to post a few teasers of what’s currently available in the demo (and only of Day, bc he’s the only character in the demo at the moment lmao) and a reveal of a very special item belonging to the same stoic officer (tw for self-harm scars)

Sneaky edit: the tumblr may also have some beautiful character art now, for those curious :wink:


Happy birthday!


Thank you!

Hi everyone! :wave:

Two ideas to get feedback/an interest gauge on:

I am the author behind College Tennis: Origin Story and Merry Crisis - don’t worry, I’m likely not going to really start on these ideas properly until my in-progress WIPs are done - just had 3am mind-bugs I couldn’t shake.

P.S./Author note

If you recognize CT:OS, then the scocer game is meant to be set in the same “universe” i.e. it’s an “interactive fanfic”, per se - using the same characters with different backstories.

Izakaya for Elves

Themes : Low fantasy (eastern-flavored) x Slice-of-life x Romance x Restaurant management x Small town life

  • Play as a grizzled veteran soldier who has deserted the war (well, fled for their lives, is more accurate), and is now keeping a low profile in a small-town.
  • Run an izakaya (literally: stay-drink-place, a place to grab a drink and kick up one’s tired feet) at the fraught border between two small kingdoms at war.
  • Meet colorful townies and regulars, survive as a human in contested ‘elven’ territory, and attempt to heal and forge a new life for yourself in the quiet town of Ōha.

Will you be caught by deserter police and executed? Will you remain haunted by the ghosts of your past? Will you make enemies within the town when they discover that you’d fought in the war (as the enemy)? Will the izakaya survive even as the war drags on - and will it continue being a safe haven for both humans and elves?

Romantic options/characters
  • The boss. The izakaya owner. Big-hearted, with a generous laugh and a colorful personality to match, plus an unhealthy tendency to run off on their latest escapade/obsession and leave you to handle the izakaya on your own, you sometimes wonder how the establishment had survived until you arrived. Still, they’re an absolute cooking / baking whiz, and when they are around, sales double. They’re half-human, half-elf, and their family has lived in the town for generations now. All they want is for the war to be over, so that they can go back to their merry lifestyle. They hate soldiers with a burning passion.
  • The garrison captain. There’s a small human garrison present in the town, to keep tensions between humans and elves from going south - but honestly, their presence in elven territory might be the precise reason why things would go south. The captain is brusque, surly, cold, and cynical, as is usually the case with the people who’ve seen and done things they’d rather forget. They might also eventually be the one who figures out you’re a deserter so, best keep encounters minimal - except they seem to have a penchant for coming over for a pint or two (skulking quietly in a corner) after a hard day.
  • The merchant. They move your product and bring the ingredients/supplies you need every week and… engage in a ridiculous amount of flirting in the process. Worldly, charismatic, and just a little bit dastardly/roguish, they do what they can to navigate (and flourish) in a world at war. Sometimes, you wonder if their lack of moral conviction will catch up them one day (it seems they have friends and enemies in every town). But as you get to know them a little better, you start to wonder if the merchant’s devil-may-care amorality might simply be a front for something much deeper…
  • Not ROs, obviously, but there will be a cat and a child-gremlin involved

FIFA world cup IF (football/soccer)

Themes: Sport, Slice-of-life, Romance

Play as a relatively unknown footballer who has been called up to represent the England National Team at the World Cup for the first time. Is the break-through you’ve been waiting for?

  • Will you explode onto football’s greatest stage, and make a name for yourself amongst the greats?
  • Will you find a way to play alongside the ageing legend, who unfortunately plays the exact same position as you? Will sparks fly on the pitch (or off)?
  • Or will you catch the eye of the kind, confident, ‘poster child’ of football, a brilliant, suave journalist, or your agent - with whom you share a fraught past?
Romantic options/characters
  • The rival. Rayyan Afiq was a legend in their youth. Now that they’ve hit 30, they are just as fiery and intense as ever, and absolutely determined that they’re still at their peak, even if everyone seems to be writing them off as a has-been already. It doesn’t help that you’ve come in to give them one good kick to the grave - but does your success necessarily have to come at their expense? You might end up enemies, grudging friends, or … if you play your cards right, perhaps something in the middle…
  • The captain. Kind-hearted, charismatic, and sweet, Tobin Harris is currently the footballing world’s golden boy/girl. But it seems they’ve battled every odd to get where they are, and there appears to be a lot more hidden under their easygoing, unflappable surface. They hold themselves up to an impossible standard, and sometimes, someone needs to tell them that they don’t need to hold the weight of the entire world alone.
  • The agent. Behind every great footballer, there is an agent pulling strings in their favour. Agents and footballers are often friends, but in your case, you share an even more colorful history - you had gone to school with Sam O’Connelly, and there might be one or two skeletons buried in the closet. Will you be able to maintain a purely pleasant, professional relationship - or is there something more to your easy rapport?
  • The journalist. The very best journalists have the power to create—or destroy—careers with the flick of a pen. It’s a pity the particular journalist who has been assigned to cover the World Cup for The Times seems to hate their job with a passion. Ambitious and brilliant, Genevieve/Guillaume has tracked a meteoric rise amongst the journalistic ranks, thanks to several incisive investigative exposés of the rich and powerful. Unfortunately, it seems they’ve ruffled too many feathers, and orders have come down above. They’re being forced to lie-low, and their boss has decided that the sports column is the best way to do just that. Will you catch their (admittedly extremely disinterested) eye?


Anything involving that mob-esque, borderline criminal organisation whose corruption and homophobia makes the IOC look like the girl scouts in comparison is a huge red flag to me.

Also, even moreso than tennis men’s and women’s soccer are completely different worlds.

You’re probably also going to have to fork over most of the proceeds from that game to FIFA, so it’ll probably not be very lucrative for you personally. I suppose you could make it alternate history where soccer is run by something else than FIFA.

And if you do become known (in men’s soccer) the pressure to find yourself a footballer’s “trophy” wife (to spend most of your earnings) and produce a couple of kids becomes immense. :unamused: There’s a reason almost all gay professional soccer players only come out when they’re ex soccer players. :unamused:

Really? You’re going for those names… I would have thought Shay would have made for a good hot new thing or aging legend…although maybe less of a poster child than Harris due to a more turbulent private life. :thinking: And Qiu would have made for either a fantastic investigative journalist or a slightly amoral sports agent too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Nat would make a fine journalist too, but more of the classical friendly sports reporter kind. :think

Ooh…elves…cute and sexy. :grinning:

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Might wanna chill out on that. It’s just a idea and I’m sure they’re aware of that.


hat sounds like so much fun!
This is actually really interestingGood Luck on your story!!
(I personally love to gamble, maybe the winning horse always changes?? DM me if you need ideas :+1::yum:) Can’t wait for a demo! :heart: :+1:

HAHAHA OK, I 1000% agree with you on just how horrible FIFA is, and how toxic / homophobic / heteronormative and sometimes misogynistic the (male*) sporting world can be. BUT, does that stop me from wanting to write a football game…? No…

That said, is that part on having to fork over proceeds to FIFA? Do you know if I’d be able to use club names? That really plays into that whole “criminal organization” thing you mentioned. But yeah, I was indeed thinking of setting the game in the future, to get around all the issues you mentioned, and also so it makes sense that I’m not using any current players’ names.

*Not saying the female sporting world is leaps and bounds ahead… but well, maybe it is, socially-speaking and ignoring the problems of abject under-funding. But at least you can be openly gay as a professional female soccer player, and many of them are.

As for the possible Merry Crisis cross-over, you’re absolutely right. Fraught badboy / bad-girl talent Shay and ambitious journalist Qiu makes me so excited. Nat would be perfect for agent-client (will-they-won’t-they-is-it-professional) shenanigans, I think. But yeah - I think it was just more natural for me to think of CT:OS characters because I thought of it as a CT:OS “interactive fanfic” first and foremost :joy:

Hahaha. Indeed.

@bored92 hehe - Yay maybe this means you’re interested! :smiley:


When it comes to sport careers, I’m always interested.

Unfortunately all of the video games with that I have really sucks with the story or there is none at all. Which is why I’m actually following your tennis story.

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Thanks you made our work easy.

Best to err on the side of caution and make those all fictional too, if you ask me. The whole trademark and royalty issue is complicated and differs per country and per club.

That it can but in that regard soccer still absolutely tops the list of toxic masculinity / machismo, heteronormativity, casual human rights violations etc, etc,…way more than Tennis and most of why that is so has very much to do with FIFA “governance” of the sport.

The fact that it is, for now at least (as it seems to be on a rapid rise in popularity), underfunded and over here in Europe still something of a niche sport (women’s soccer actually being bigger in the US than it is in most of Europe) means it is not yet the FIFA cash cow that men’s soccer is, which in turn means it is, also for now, afforded a much looser leash by the FIFA mob.

The second reason may be that lesbianism or simply female homosexuality is judged different in many societies from male homosexuality and discrimination towards lesbians often takes a different form than it does towards gay men. Not that it is any less wrong or bad for it, it may even be more insidious for it. :unamused:

Still the main reason in soccer is simply that right now discrimination towards lesbian players is simple less institutionalised in both the male dominated FIFA and by club owner’s, who also tend to be mostly male and conservative.

I think at least one Korean Manhwa I read also simply replaced the FIFA with the IFF/FIF, or something like that (International Football Federation) though I’d actually just go for calling it soccer, so ISF. :thinking:
Probably also so they didn’t have to pay a dime to FIFA. That said soccer was not the main plot point there, I think that one of the lover interests for the main, female, character was simply supposed to be a big shot soccer player.

Absolutely, though if this was Merry Crisis AU/Fanfic, I’d actually go for the mc’s annoying younger brother (ditch the romance in that case) as the hot new talent, with Shay as the aging (only in soccer is 30 old anway) badboy big star. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Maybe write Qiu as the rich team owner for an alternate romance and the Merry crisis mc’s best friend as the journalist. :thinking:

Tentatively posting these here because I’m still working on fixing the broken mess of a demo that is my first game and doing major touch-ups before I re-release it on dashingdon. But there’s so many ideas banging around in my head that are like look at meeeee.

Bloody Requiem

You were just another eighteen year old living your life in New Rosen when you died. A tragedy that took thousands of lives across the world, no one expected you or the many others to come back to life three years later, none of you came back the same. Now you have to adjust to a new world where creatures and monsters exist, you’re one of them, AND you have to redo your senior year ontop of it all? What kind of fresh hell is this?

You and your friends watch as the government tries to maintain some semblance of order, allowing a council of your kind to form, while radical groups on both sides are created with the intent to topple the system in their favor.


  • Nolan Cross - Your best friend who watched you die practically in his arms, you saved his life but damned him in the process, your death affected him more than you can ever know.
  • Rachel Cross - Nol’s little sister, she was with the two of you when you died, your death made her evaluate her life and decide to really cherish those she cares about.
  • Theo(dore) Parker - Your senior buddy when you were a freshman, and former captain of the football team, you stayed friends after he graduated and he joined the police academy becoming a cop. He died the same day you did and is one of the many who came back. He is affectionately called Teddy Bear by those close to him, much to his fake annoyance.
  • Jake/Jess/Jay Cohen - Theo’s best friend, former team manager of the football team, valedictorian of their graduating year… and either your ex or an annoying jackass who didn’t like you (for no reason I’d say!) in school. They are currently a paramedic.
  • Emmett Gallagher - His mom died same as everyone else, his father couldn’t take the grief of living in Arcadia without her so they moved to New Rosen for a fresh start. He became fast friends with Rachel over their shared love of music/kpop/dance. Depending on who your parent is, he might actually be your new step-brother… oof.
  • Vivi(anne) North - A bubbly sweeter than sugar girl who remembers only fragments of her life before she died, she and her older adopted sibling Tokala moved from Arcadia to New Rosen for a fresh start. Most of her memories are of “Koala” but she doesn’t mind, saying what little she’s seen of Arcadia is of a cold place that doesn’t like your kind.
  • Tokala North - Vivi’s older sibling who she affectionately calls Koala, they died as well and while they remember they try their hardest to make sure Vivi doesn’t for her sake. They attend the same college as Nol and works part-time in the library.
Shadow Walk Inn/Cerasa/Caerasea

Debating the name. Set in the same universe as Blades of Damascus. Pitched this back when I first started writing Blades but didn’t have anything too concrete planned out.

You’re adopted grandfather vampire (Grampire heh) Nicholai Le Blanc, whose sire may or may not have been good old Vladdy, croaked and became dust. His death is a mystery and even more so the fact that he left you his inn to run an even bigger one. You haven’t been back here in 10 years and even then you barely grew up here, spending most of your youth in the cities living a “normal mortal life” because that’s you. The human. Although it is nice to see the old friends you did make while you spent your summers here even though the reason for you coming home isn’t the best way to reconnect.


  • A spider humanoid who you’ve known since you both were little, she took over her mother’s tailor/clothing shop (my mind went straight to the MC trying to do the dance of a male peacock spider while absolutely wasted lol)
  • A hunter/slayer who everyone one is wary of, but you feel like he’s from your past somehow ,and even wierder a friend to Grampire Nic
  • A fae from the Summer Court who would also visit the same times you would, they’re close friends to Oberon’s son. They’re only staying for the summer… so they say.

There would definitely be cameos of characters from the main story and possibly chances for the MC to flirt/sleep with patrons? Or a few more stable RO’s. Would only have a demo out after reaching maybe a full demo of Blades releasing

Dragon Archeologist

Inspired by Avatar, Shang-Chi, Black Panther, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, American Dragon, Artemis Fowl, and maybe a little Jonny Quest?

You’ve always grown up in your uncle’s care, well his butler/manservant’s care, never knowing your parents. You kind of grew up spoiled as your uncle is a world renowned archeologist, you go to boarding school with your best friend, and they’re the; George Clooney to your Brad Pitt, Martha Stewart to your Snoop Dogg, Cara Delevingne to your Rihanna if you catch my drift. Your life had no real struggle until your uncle goes missing while on an expedition returning to the place he’d gone too right before he took guardianship of you.

Left with no choice, well you had choices but you were bored and worried about your only living relative, you packed up and skipped school with your bestie and manservant to track your uncle down. Taking the family jet you follow his notes and journals and they lead you to an amazing secret world where you find him and learn the truth about your heritage and real family. How will you process the truth of your draconic blood, especially when you had ended up leading past enemies long since hidden to the oasis and endangering the lives of the clan? And how do you deal with that beast of a cousin of yours who is supposed to be the next leader of the clan… especially since your birth mother who is the current clan mother wants you to lead?

RO’s who are gender selectable

  • Your best friend
  • Your draconic cousins fiance/fiancee
  • A different dragon who may or may not be your cousins friend/rival
  • Possibly already have an LI from school?
  • Debating making the servant more closer to the mc’s age or is training a new one who would be an LI


  • Choosing your hatchling scales/type/aspect
  • Doses of reality checks for a priveleged MC living a mostly comfy lifestyle and having to stay suddenly in a tribal environment with no wi-fi :dizzy_face:

What kind of split happened? (To be clearer all my dear)

Only three of these franchises I know completely, a couple of them for being inspired by Relics of the Lost Age and the rest just for researching their respective wikipedia page (Although I also remembered Firebreather).

Even so, the proposal explored seems interesting to me. :slight_smile:

Oh no, that sounds like a lot but that time I lived on my grandmother’s ranch for a month and my brother and I had no electricity for a week. :sweat_smile:

Mainly just the government tries to keep peace, there’ll be a group of radical humans who just want to put the MC’s kind(supernatural creatures) back into the ground and believe they an abomination/the end of times and that they don’t belong, the other radical group will be those who did come back who believe they’re superior to regular humans and they want to have their own new world order where they be rule and humans are subservient if that clears it up :slightly_smiling_face: and then of course there will be those who are neutral and just want to live some semblance of a normal life best they can.

A lot of them have similar tropes and plot lines so I felt it best to add all the ones I remembered off the top of my head, and thank you I’m pretty excited about this one since most of my story ideas are based of insane recurring dreams I have and I just spitball off of them

Oof that had to have been rough with no electricity! I’ve never had to be in a situation where my electrics been out for more than 3-4 days but from Saturday to Tuesday I just had to deal with no running water or heat because my poor old house just decided it’s the perfect time to cause trouble :face_with_spiral_eyes:


What types of creatures do you have in mind?

Secondly. Do you think there are more moderate individuals on those radical spectrums of human and supernatural division?

For example, if there are hunters of supernatural creatures, there will be some who will want to eradicate any form of supernatural life while others will advocate simply being defensive of their profession (for example, attacking creatures that endanger humans and leaving others alone. creatures as long as they do not do anything suspicious) and the same would happen with the less radical supernatural creatures, who would support notions of separation of societies with the purpose that the separation prevents any type of conflict resulting from the risks of coexisting with each other since both groups only knew the worst of the other giving an endless cycle of hate and resentment difficult to break.

Wow, the same thing happens to me with a story that I have right now. Initially it was several years ago that I had dreams of adventure to see “How to train your dragon” and read at the same time a historical fiction novel set in the conquest of Mexico :sweat_smile: but the truth is that they are memorable adventures after so many years.

It also happens that when I see a work of fiction I can imagine the classic tactic of self-insertion but I try to do it critically like Dante Alighieri did in the Divine Comedy or adding logical Lore to a story like the fans of H.P Lovecraft did by adding Lore to the Cthulhu monster or the Necronomicon to get to what we popularly know of these creatures in various franchises.

Even so, I’m glad you have that emotion to write that story of the Dragon Archaeologist that, as you may have seen, already caught my interest. :smiley:


So far I’ve got: a Vampyre/Dhampir like that I’m still trying to flesh out on what they lean more towards, a Poltergeist, a Skin Walker, a Lich, a few Were-creatures, a Gorgon, a Pontianak, and possibly a Tariaksuq or some other shadow-like creature. I’m working on more ideas but there’s gong to a vast amount, and those who’ve come back, what they come back as is dependent on how they died.

Yes there are some more moderate individuals/groups planned, the goal is to have the game have time gaps/skips to show how things change and later on the MC will have the choice to help shift the world’s views with small things they do as the years pass. Once they’re done with school. Especially the hometown and how they view supernaturals will be dependent on the choices the MC makes but that first year or two is just going to be a hot mess for everyone and awkward conversations.

That sounds amazing! I absolutely loved how to train your dragon :smiley:

Oh I self-insert so hard, I am so easily drawn into the stories of books and games but I usually don’t write about them. It’s very much so the cause of my video game addiction though and that’s a hill I’ll die on lol.

Yay :grin:, and I’m very excited about it, I only have a few blurbs and random things typed out in my notes app (like a bazaar brawl/chase scene) but I may start actually writing something up this week or next on it when I have the time.


I like all the ideas but blood requiem the most

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You are not alone in this I confess that mutual immersion in fiction is the origin of our sin and we will die in sin :laughing:

We will patiently await your next publications. It doesn’t matter which one it is, the important thing is that you like what you want to share with us, the inhabitants of this forum. :slightly_smiling_face: