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Well do it if you want. There are two of us when it comes to writing a story that sounds cliché and the truth is that the true cliché in stories is always the narrative and creative processes of telling a story, but the elements that compose it are always different and that is what makes them. unique. And I do not doubt that you are the exception in this reality of writing stories, so if you want to create a superhero story, do it, no one can or should prevent you, each mind is a world and each person is different, therefore there may be things that you you would like to share with others and even see people with the same interests and that is what makes this activity charming and memorable.


Haaaa thank you so much! that was very encouraging honestly. Now I’m even more pumped for writing my game! I’ll keep at it, while still trying to be somewhat original✨

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I love lighthearted story like this!
Will love to play it after long and stressful day.

Given that there’s a gazillion games with magic schools and supernatural romance at this point I think it’s okay to have a couple more superhero/supervillain games. :grin:


Lets talk about that when you’ll have more clear ideas about your story, choosing a genre (even more so with superheroes that it’s so versatile to comprehend more genres within its own) is not enough to say “cliché”.
Start writing, judgements and feedback come later.


Hello everyone!
I finally uploaded a demo for this idea.


This is the revised version of Guardians of thunder Book1. So far I only have the first chapter and most of the second chapter done.

In this game you can play as Male, or Female. No I do not plan on adding a non-binary option. (Mostly due to having always had the main character be either a man or women when I wrote it on paper) There are going to be multiple routes and RO’s. For those of you who have played my old demo please keep what you read a secret.


Yeah, it’s all about the execution:)


All ideas are in some way cliché. It is practically impossible to have a truly original idea since we, humans have been thinking about ideas for a long time.

What matters is your execution of the idea. Good ideas fail if not executed excellently while bad ideas can flourish if they are well executed.
I think you don’t want to worry about the originality of your ideas but their execution.


Yessir, you all are very much very right. I’m already thinking about ways to go about everything, it’s really exciting to try.

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Hello. I am working on a story and wanted to get some feedback on the premise of the story. I plan to make a Trilogy and it is called:

“Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Book 1: The Return”

You are the Heir to the throne of the kingdom of Quoria and was kidnapped when you were a baby. When you discover who you really are
and want to return to your family do you return with peace in your heart or with animosity in your heart when you find out the truth about your kidnapping, the choice is yours.

When you return home it is discovered that your mother had disappeared looking for you and is feared dead especially when she didn’t return after 2 years. So your father remarried a woman younger than him by about 20 years younger. You discovered from the person that “kidnapped” you that your father had planned to kill you when he found out that a prophecy was revealed that his only Heir would kill him and take the throne from him. Your nanny didn’t belive in the prophecy because it was told by a person known for false prophecies and so she took you away to hide you from death.

The plan is to have 4-5 RO’s with 4 of them being whatever gender you want with the fifth being genderlocked to female. The fifth RO is completely optional and is a bit taboo and possibly controversial.

The RO’s planned:

  1. Mermaid/Merman/Merperson: The Heir to the kingdom of Aquamora

  2. Captain of the Royal Guard

  3. Sorcerer/Sorceress/Mage

  4. Rival Kingdom Heir

  5. Stepmother

The fifth RO will be the choice of seducing her to get to the throne, she could be your ally or your enemy depending on your choices she will be in her early 40’s and very attractive. I may cut her out as a RO depending on the feedback I get.

I do plan to have adult content that will include explicit sexual content as well as violence and other stuff that I plan to put in. I will not put sexual assault of any form of in my story. All explicit sexual content will be optional.


I like it. The idea seems interesting and it can go in multiple direction’s. For instance, that inaccurate prophet you mentioned could’ve made a self fulfilling prophecy. In trying to avoid his death, the king gives the supposed killer reason to kill him. Like in Macbeth


This is my second attempt a COG. I learnt a lot from my ordeal with the Night Hunters and this plot was the first original one I penned down. It’s inspired by the Alien, Jurassic park series cause I love monsters and survival movies.

Death Files: Phase One

Your Role

The war recorded by historians and data keepers as the Galactic Wars for Freedom. You’re a 2nd Lieutenant in the Military Intelligence Core. Unlike the myths behind the MIC, you’re not a spy or a secret agent. You don’t get to go undercover or create a network of lies in the underground. When the Commanding Officer in the briefing says, “Our Intelligence reports…” She’s referring to the intel you stalked out.

MIC personnel are all recruited from the Army and their cardinal rule is that they work alone. Unlike the Battle Marines, Galactic Allied Special Forces you don’t work in teams or even pairs. If discovered you are expected to kill yourself…not for the safety of your troops but as a measure to save yourself a miserable painful torture schedule.

Soldier first and foremost, you’re instrumental in providing your troops with the information, plans, assassinations and whatever they need to complete their mission. Just don’t expect a thank you or a respectful welcome. Naturally since only the high council and your CO are the only ones you answer to and are accountable to discuss your identity with, the senior board hates you. The Air Force hates you cause you’re Army, the battle marines hate you because you’re far too much of a lone wolf, the Galactic Special Forces don’t trust your type and are more suspicious than cold. Your own Army people hate you cause they can’t boss you around and you spook them.

After all you’re one of the insane souls who venture behind enemy lines all alone and come back alive and quiet.

  1. Play as Male, Female and Non-Binary
  2. Pick your MC physical description
  3. Be part of the military and venture deep behind enemy lines.
  4. Be the one person who knows all.
  5. Three gender set and four flip able RO’s that aren’t locked to a sexuality.
  6. Decide your loyalties and priorities, what’s more important humanity or your nation winning this war.
  7. Follow the crumbs and uncover the mystery behind the death tolls.
  8. Choose your path, once you’re rock bottom there’s only one way to go.
  1. Major Blaze Griffith (GCSF; Team leader)(M)
  2. 1st Lieutenant Nikshar/ Nikhat Rahzvi (Fellow MIC agent)(M/F)
  3. Flight Officer Elliot “Comet” Yun (Fighter Pilot) (Air Force) (NB)
  4. Chase Hillior (Chief Communications Engineer) (M/F)
  5. Alexander/ Alexandra Kingston (CSIF; Team Sniper) (M/F)
  6. Dr Julianne Russo (Doctor and leading Scientist)(F)
  7. Captain Killian Shade (M/F/NB)(Battle Marine)

The details will be filled in the story cause they’re spoilers as of now.

The demo will we released in first or start of second week of July.


@Varyn_Ashyver looks good defintly interested :smiley:

Hello Gents, Ladies, Both or neither, I have for quite some time been a lurker, a shadow, a, fly on the wall, so to speak, Within this great Library of Interactive story Entertainment, I have read a great Many Marvelous works of art here, And until now, have been satisfied simply being in the presence of such talented Authors
Ever patiently awaiting the updates of Particularly Immersing WIPs, However, As Time flows ever onward, My thoughts turn towards A greater purpose, To be more than Reader, Therefore, in a brilliant moment of inspiration, i have come to Fancy myself an aspiring Maker of Many Words, And Will Bestow Upon you all, a hopefully Entertaining Tale, of War, Tragedy, Hope, and possibly, love, Oh And a Pet Dragon If yall are into that sorta thing.

Oh and Quick Disclaimer, im Quite New to choice script and pretty much coding in general, Im a Maker of words, not code, technology Confuzles Me
ill try to have the Link to the demo up ASAPY(as soon as possible, yo)

The Premise: You are Of Eldärie Blood, a descendant of the High Elves, You were Born for greatness, Your life was to be one of luxury and politics, First born of the Emperor, your were always destined to rule, Heir to An Empire that had existed For Thousands of years, you would have had it all, but Fate, and Foreign Invaders,
had other plans, Now you Are the last surviving Member of an Ancient And Noble Lineage, Your Family is dead, your people are broken, and a Human now Dares to sit on the Sacred Throne, Sacrilege. Warrents. Annihilation. But theres not much You can do on your own, You’re going to need an army

ROs: So far Planning on at least 4
2 male, 2 female


Why not, I like high fantasy. However, I don’t recommend you to write the whole story with random capital letters, since it’s hard to read.


…and back to the classics!


ChoiceScript is an excellent language for implementing D&D-style games. So why not get back to a classic adventure, taking a break from all the much more creative and brilliant gamebooks that have been written by Hosted Games contributors? (I’m being honest, I’ve been reading a lot of awesome stuff).

So, grab your swords/bows/daggers/fireballs and come help defeat (or join, for that matter) the mighty necromancer Zoon (evil, of course) who wants to conquer Kindorius and the rest of the world’s territories.

Who is this terrible necromancer? Where did the terrible creatures known as zworg come from? Who are Zoon’s powerful generals? How can they be defeated?

Choose your class (four available for now) and subclass (two for each class). Make your choices, use your favorite weapons, and choose up to four companions to follow you in the quest to defeat Zoon (be careful, they can die along the way, so can you). Will you help the good guys win? Will you rule the world alone? Or will you join Zoon and spend an eternity of evil glory and suffering?


  • D&D-based rules (note: it will not be necessary to know how to play, or have ever played, D&D to enjoy this game);
  • The choice of class and subclass does not change the difficulty of the game, but it does lead to different dialogues/experiences/endings;
  • Alignment mechanics (good/evil, lawful/chaotic) that influences the player’s journey;
  • Partially non-linear story;
  • Use different combinations of weapons/armor/shield (no restrictions, although it is best to choose accordingly to your class - sorry, a wizard with a sword and shield will not fight very well…);
  • Ability scores pre-defined according to class that you can adjust along the adventure;
  • Available classes (may change): warrior, ranger, rogue and wizard.

The chapters will have short interludes in between describing events occurring elsewhere. After all, this is also a story. Possibility of romance? Why not (if there are requests)? Love exists even in the most unlikely places.

About gender and sex: these attributes have no influence on the adventure. I’m not planning to ask gender or sex. I assume anyone can do anything and fall in love with anyone else. Just like in real life.

So… are you willing to start this glorious journey and win while facing the ultimate evil?

(If not, say it now and save me months of sleepless nights).

Be safe!


What a great pitch! DnD DM, here. I’m all in, and I would love to play this! (Definitely joining Zoon).


It seems that I have already found a beta tester. :grinning:

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So would anyone be interested in an E-Sports storyline? The game will be a Moba/shooter, so there’ll be a bit of heroes/champions to learn. I haven’t fully fleshed out the idea, but I’m curious to see if anyone’s interested before I move on with it.

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