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Okay, so I have a rough idea of a story and my adhd is working overtime to making me think of and only of this one thing. So I may as well right? haha
But I do want to do a check, see if it sounds interesting, or if someone’s already done something similar.

You, like many people at your undetermined age, are going through a midlife crisis, because who knows when the middle of your life is. If you die young it may as well be now. But that’s your main reasoning behind taking a road-trip by yourself to the middle of nowhere, America, and no one can say otherwise.
Admittedly there has been a lot to your life that you are either unwilling to rediscover or straight up forgot. So let’s just say that when what has been done and gone decides to come back and reestablish itself in your life, any sane person would also just start driving and not look back.

A cryptic horror about facing past mistakes, trauma and why you shouldn’t shove responsibility of saving the world onto the shoulders of a very young child.
What happens to the chosen one if they failed? And are now in their later 20s to mid 30s?


I’ve been playing with this idea in my head for a few years now and I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in me turning it into a choice of game.

  • Short description of the story

In this you play as a child who is born without powers. But this wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that you come from a family of powered heroes. You are constantly mistreated and belittled by them for this status. As a result you begin to walk a darker path.

  • More in-depth description

In this life you were given almost everything. You were born into one of the wealthiest families. Your parents are the world’s top heroes and everyone loves them. Well…except their enemies…

The amount of people who would be jealous of you is astonishing. So many people would do anything to have your life. Until, they knew what it was like. Until, they knew the cost of being you.

Unlike your parents and your older brothers, you were born without powers and they made sure to remind you of this fact every waking moment of your life. They always made you feel lesser than them.

You knew that life could be better. That one day you could take control of your own fate. You’ve dreamt of the day that you would no longer feel trapped within your families mansion. Sometimes you even dreamt about revenge. Not revenge solely on your parents or brothers. No. You want revenge on every so called hero and powered person for mistreating people like you.

How could you though. You’re powerless. Helpless. A zero. You stand no chance. But, does it always have to be this way? Will you be able to get your revenge or are doomed to wilt away in this accursed house?


Are there any prison escape games in the making? Got this idea in my head for some weeks now and started to work out a structure as I haven’t seen any WIP on this theme but maybe I am missing one?

@Zevilith This is an interesting idea, but I wonder if this is too similar to a lot of other books, shows etc about ordinary people in a super hero world - your outline reminds me of The Boys, for example. If I were you, I would focus and elaborate a bit more on what makes your story unique and what makes it stand out from others. Then go for it!


Ooh, this could be interesting. I’m still fairly new here so I’m not so caught up in WIPs yet. Will it be in the vein of gangster flicks, involving gangsters (as it says in the genre), deception, and betrayals? Stuff like Each Dawn I Die, White Heat or Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.

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I was more thinking of a work camp escape, but with a twist, and definitely betrayal :slight_smile:


I had the same question and couldn’t find one so I started one myself! It’s more technically a heist but does have a number of prison escapes. There’s a thread for it here, but don’t let that discourage you from creating your own!

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Looks great! I do have something different in mind though, I just need time :joy: Congrats on getting ch3 up!


Sounds a lot like the game Mind Blind here.


Only under a very, very specific playstyle and interpretation, though.

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This is a cool concept! I feel like it gives off some Supernatural vibes (I’ve only seen the memes, not the show).

The concept also very vaguely reminds me of Yesterday, you saved the world which is a short twine game about a magical girl. Actually I think there are other stories about “aging magical girls” but I can’t name them right now.

But the concepts aren’t really all that similar, and I’d love to see what this becomes.


Hey @lisamarlin @Alley_Cat thank you both for your feedback. I should have definitely emphasized what really made this one unique. I think I withheld a bit of the information because I was afraid of spoiling key parts of the story. What I wanted to do was make a story about a villain who is very easy to empathize with. I guess I could describe them as a Dark Messiah or a Dark Shepherd. Overall, I wanted the main character to reflect on their actions and to ask themselves what it means to be a hero or a villain. Can a hero actually call themselves a hero if they do it for selfish reasons and can a villain call themselves a villain if they’re doing it for a good cause.


Hi everyone! I’m working on a demo right now, but I thought I’d go ahead and make an interest check just to see what people think! I definitely haven’t played every IF out there, so it’d be super helpful to know if anyone thinks the concept isn’t quite original enough. :slight_smile:

Tentative Title: The Gilded

Your younger brother, Leo, went missing three days ago. Your parents called the police, and they started investigating quickly. They were too late. Leo had already disappeared into the deepest part of the forest, where the mortals had long since vowed to avoid. The police have offered to contact your family if Leo crosses the barrier back to the mortal side, but their investigation can’t go any further without inviting the wrath of the Fae.

The winter solstice is approaching fast, which means that the High Fae are likely gathering mortal children for their great feast. The only way to get your brother back is to follow him into the forest and steal him back from the palace of the High Fae… If you can get there in one piece.

Genre: This is a dark fantasy story, and includes romance and horror. This story is likely suited for a more mature audience, one that isn’t afraid of some gore and violence. The story includes role playing elements, like stat building and an inventory system, and will involve some “free” exploration outside of plot events. This includes some elements similar to a text adventure - choosing what path to take or which items to interact with.

The MC: You’re a young college student, living at home with your family over winter break. You can set your name, nickname, gender, and appearance within the story. You can modify relationships with other characters throughout the story. You can choose your starting abilities, and improve them by collecting items. Later, when you discover your character’s secret, you can also choose how that secret affects the character for the rest of the story.

Stats: Your character stats will be primarily related to their combat and problem solving abilities. These will be used to perform skill checks during the story, but you will always have access to an option that suits your highest skill. You will set your starting Strength, Defense, and Logic skills at the start of the story, and you may discover additional hidden talents during the course of your adventure.

Romance: It is up to you to decide if your character should pursue a romance during the story - the plot will not be hindered by a lack of romance. The game includes aromantic and asexual options, as well as LGB romances. I’m not sure at this time if there will be a poly option, but it’s something I’m considering. There will be 4-5 romanceable characters, who will also join you on your quest. You can choose the gender settings for these characters according to your preference, or leave them as their default settings. Regardless of their gender or your own, each of these characters will always be romanceable. Each romance will have a “lock-in” point, at which you can choose to pursue the relationship or switch to another one. “Flirt” options in the game will lead to romance, while “Friendly” options will lead to a more platonic relationship. “Mean” options can result in a character’s friendship or romance being locked out, so that the player cannot pursue them. It may be possible to make a character leave the group if you are consistently mean to them, but I will have to decide if that mechanic is worth pursuing.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll be trying to get a demo and some concept artwork up in the next couple months.

Edit to add:
Inspiration: The setting and creatures involved in this story are largely inspired by western and ancient mythology surrounding faerie creatures, like Fauns, Centaurs, Kelpies, Bluecaps, Dryads, and more. The story is loosely inspired by the dark fantasy works of such authors as Holly Black and Sarah J Maas, whose work depicts a very sinister sort of fae folk, while also drawing from established myths and old stories of the Fae


I’d read the hell out of that. It sounds awesome. :smiley:


Thanks for continuing to upvote my idea folks. I’m still in the storyboarding phase of development, though I’ve completed most of the world design, and cemented the epilogues for a few of the routes. Although I’m storyboarding backwards, from finish to start, I have been putting some of my time into a prologue, I’m hoping to have it up by the end of the month. It helps that Scotland is in near total lockdown.


Not sure if I’ll be able to find enough quality sources or time for this, but the kongsi republics in Western Borneo. Basically these Hakka Chinese gold mining towns that operated as autonomous republics starting from 1777.

With the Muslim sultanates, the autocratic Dutch, and the Qing Chinese dominating the region, it might be interesting as a political game, especially later on during the Kongsi Wars when the Europeans seized control. Dealing with domestic democracy issues, economic affairs as a mining town, and also foreign incursion might be fun.

Dunno, maybe I just find the idea that there were modern Chinese democracies in Indonesia years before the American Constitution or the Declaration of the Rights of Man were written incredibly cool. The Venetians, Norse, and Haudenosaunee still beat them to the punch anyway.


I’m interested in political games and I’m sure such games will be interesting.


I agree! I think setting it in little known bits of history like this with many competing factions is interesting.


I only learned how to code, because I wanted to ride a Wayhaven in fanfic, only to then see the third demo come out, grow sad, then decide to use what I learned to make my own story. It took me three-ish months to get the basics and everything else down? Just goes to show you can do pretty much anything with sufficient motivation.


I’ve written a lot of it already down but I’m terrible at learning to code and busy with other things but here it goes

The shadows never lie
The story is about you trying to survive and right wrongs done to you, when your contacted by an old friend who wants your help freeing the land from the invaders, something you feel kind conflicted about since your dead father was one of them.

The character
You play as a half elf, when your mother died your father took you in and prepared you as best he could for your later life. Through your mother you inherit a cursed form of magic dark and twisted, unable to rid yourself of it you try and control what you call “the shadows”. The shadows are what give you your magic, they are twisted consciousnesses inside your head that constantly scream at you to kill every threat they detect, which happens to be almost everything. As you proceed with the story you attempt to control the shadows in your head to aid your path, but the more you use your magic the stronger it and the shadows get and you fear that one day they’ll change you to the point you won’t even recognise yourself.

The setting:
as probably guessed this is a fantasy with different races as well as monsters, the time period in between the medieval and industrial. A century ago human invaders have conquered most of the continent you live in and many of them have settled mixing with the predominantly eleven population. Some are content with the new order many however are not and the human dominated political order crushes insurrection with in matches brutality. Magic or at least non corrupted shadow magic is plentiful but regulated by the invaders most mages either bow or are hunted and killed. As the character is a powerful mage you’ll find yourself hunted the more you use your magic.

Confirmed companions/ ROs

Red Remi (m/f) (RO)
An old friend that hates the humans and wants to drive them out. One of the few to know your parentage she knows you have no nice feeling towards your father or his compatriots. She knows you possess some magic but doesn’t know the real truth about it. Possible to have been in a romantic relationship in the past and able to pick it up again.

Father (m) (dead)
Brutal, cruel and ruthless many of the scars you have have come from him and you grew to hate him. Never the less he taught you everything you know and hate him as you might his advice you still stick to and his lessons have saved your life countless times. An old soldier and weak mage he attempted to help or at least hide your curse but to little avail and he died soon after you two parted ways after he had nothing left to teach you

The game
I don’t plan to add any stat requirements into the game instead they will be a mark to show your character‘s personality ; how much control of the shadows she has, how much she’s like her father or not and a reflection of how different factions perceive you, each change will hopefully change the story as the more you go one way the less likely the other one will be as prevalent.

That’s it hope people are interested and maybe convince me to put more effort into coding it


Definitely interested to see this :+1:t3:

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