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had to tweak and work a lot for arranging demo version, several dynamics in motion now.
I hope to deliver a demo soon ^^
so be around in the next couple of days.


I’m very excited to see it, can’t wait!


Ghost is enough really… Sometimes I think to complikatet I thought there was a special word for it

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Hiya everyone, a few days ago I posted an WIP called Omniversal Sleuth, in which you play as an Interdimensional Detective, who leaps between different parallel universes solving mysteries.

At that time, Omniversal Sleuth seemed like a good title, and it was the only one I had thought of. But now there are some other names striking my mind, which could work better than Omniversal Sleuth. So I have decided to post this poll to see which title would work with the audience.

  • Omniversal Sleuth
  • Omniversal Detective
  • Detective, Omniverse
  • Parallel Detective
  • Parallel Speuth
  • Detective of the Omniverse

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If you can think of a title better than those mentioned above, feel free to share them.



Titles aren’t easy.

Personally, I feel like that ‘Omniversal’ feel heavy to say. And ‘sleuth’ or ‘Speuth’ feel like a mouthful when you say it.

Parallel detective sound fine, but again…it feel average?

Some advices here:

Gonna check your wip, and think some more…


1- Tis should be in your thread since it concern your WIP.

2- Humm…ideas…ideas…

  • The Omniversal chase
  • Detective (Insert here some kind of nickname), think like Hercule Poirot.
  • The Omniversal Dillema
  • The detective, the Hunter and the Omniverse (dun dun dun, its like that cowboy movie)
  • Parallel Investigator
  • Sleuth of the other side
  • Detective from Outer Space
  • Detective, Cigars and Parallel worlds
  • Lonely in the Omniverse
  • Lost in the Omniverse (hey they both work!)
  • Hidden mysteries in the Omniverse

Somehow I read “omnivore sloth” when you posted your wip. I was mildly curious but not really interested in what a game about a sloth searching for food would look like.

Now I see I made a huge mistake. :joy:

I like these two.


@E_RedMark thanks for the suggestions, mate.


@cup_half_empty thanks man, and yes I like Omniversal Chase too, though it wouldn’t match the storyline


Mysteries of the Multiverse?
If you must have Omniverse in the title, feel free to ignore, but I feel it rolls off the tongue easier.


Titles don’t need to match the story. Just because you are writing about a Pinguoin, the title doesn’t need to be ‘Choice of the Pinguins’ or ‘The Pinguin and the blue scarf’…or whatever. Titles could be about anything in your story. It could also be something that your story echo .

You could write a story about an investigator, and the story title is called ‘Malborro’ cose the detective smoke that lol

Also, if you reply directly to someone, you don’t need to use @Dudde. @Dudde is used when you make 1 reply, but wanna make it clean and answer many peoples at once in one post. Like @Dudde, @Duddette , @Doodoo!


Seeker of mysteries?
Or Hyper-dimensional transmigrator?


Like others have mentioned I think neither “omniversal” nor “sleuth” rolls off the tongue. Titles are hard. They have to be unique without being alienating, they have to convey genre without being generic and they have to be simple without being forgetable.

My suggestion is to take a look at how others have done it in the same genre. That’s always a good place to start.

Here is a (user submitted) list in IMDB of “The Best Detective and Mystery Thrillers”.

And here is the Tv Tropes wiki on titles.

Personally, I seek inspiration in poetry (for no good reason other than the fact that poets are masters of words). This is how I chose a working title for my current project (which I hope to post sometime soon).

So I randomly picked Shakespear’s Sonnet 18 and—what you know?!—it gave me an idea.

Sonnet 18
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st;
      So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
      So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

[WIP] In Eternal Lines

I like the words in eternal lines or simply eternal lines. I think they make for a good, mysterious and enticing title.

“Lines” can refer to the threads of an investigation, but also to the string theory responsible for the existence of the multiverse (omniverse, I know). It can also refer to the different paths since this is an interactive work of fiction or retain the original meaning of the poem as in “the lines of the poem”, i.e. the written word, since this is a text-based game.

[WIP] As Long As Eyes Can See

This is a tougher sell, but I like it. It sounds like a James Bond flick. I like the double meaning that “eye” can have, as in the expression “private eye”.

[WIP] Under Death’s Shade

Again, this sounds like a James Bond flick. It’s a reference to the imminent danger of being stranded in an alien dimension and having to solve puzzles to get away.

You can use them as sub-titles like a real James Bond flick :joy:.

[WIP] The Interdimensional Detective: Eternal Lines

[WIP] The Interdimensional Detective: Eyes Can See

[WIP] The Interdimensional Detective: Under Death’s Shade

Ok, I’m having too much fun with it :joy:.

Good luck and happy writing.


Just reading these titles make me excited! :drooling_face:


In Eternal Lines sounds like a cool subtitle. I MAY USE IT.


I read your WIP, and cannot determine the general direction of the plot progression… I will have to wait until you post more.

In any case, personally, I feel that the title should either be chosen to represent the story as a whole in a vague but interesting way or allude to a key aspect of the story.

After some light consideration, and reading the suggestions above, I feel that the subtitle method that was mentioned above would be best, with some mention of the detective and some subtitle that includes a general term for the plot of your story.

Something like the titles above is nice. I have also come up with a couple ideas:

The Detective: An Interdimensional Enigma
The Teleporter: An Omnidimensional Investigation


Thank you to everyone who voted! I think I have a clear front runner out of the ideas. I’m gonna take a swing at Scion Family Reunion (Name’s gotta change though) with the bar the 7 deadlies run (7th Circle, of course) as the act 2 hub zone. I’ve got a rough outline sketched out and I like how the sleuthing should work if I do the conversations well enough.

I just wanted to reach out and get thoughts on romance options. It seems like that’s a pretty popular feature of Choice of Games, but I wonder if it quite fits the story I’m trying to tell what with the main relationship being something the player came from, not necessarily something they’re exploring. What I’m thinking about doing is creating 3 romanceable personalities, and leave their genders up to the player to decide. On that note, here’s a couple of polls to help sort my thoughts there. The first is the gender question. The second is about the side character’s mythic backgrounds…

  • Player assigns romantic character’s genders.
  • Romantic characters have preset genders.
  • Who needs romance? Just focus on the gods.

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  • May, Maenad Party Animal
  • Ven, Human Monster Hunter
  • Lex, Bartending Champion of Uncle Dion
  • Snow, Vampire Security Guard
  • Fang, Cat-folk Friend of Honey-ma June
  • Lore, Goth Friend of Zegreus and Melinoe
  • Lysandr, Norse Drinking Buddy to Uncle Tony
  • Grey, Daemon Agent of Envy/Sloth

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*Zagreus, and Grandpa Tony (Poseidon)

Please let me know if you think of any character types you’d like to see! I’m always open to ideas.


Hello everyone, I just wanted to update you all on how things are going. I have outlined the prologue, chapter 0, and chapter 1 as well as decided on a target number of chapters (16) over the course of the plot progression. I have also decided on a name for the genius and the head of the company that will be in charge of developing you, Emerson (Emmy) O’Donnell (Note that I will be using this name as a unisex one).

Lastly, I will be creating a WIP thread after I complete the writing of Chapter 0 and have started working on the glossary, tutorials, and stats. Thank you for your support.


I don’t know who most of the, are (bisides the ones who mention posiden I can guess them.) so I’m just going with the coolest sounding names for my votes.


Dion is short for Dionysus, and Maenads are kinda his critters.
June is Hera, taken from Juno.
Zagreus and Melinoe are Hades kids.

For the gods, i’m trying to keep their mortal cover names but it’s tough to talk about them without spoilers. I’ve got cursory backgrounds for each character but wanted to give an off the cuff intro to see which impacts best with the least information. Tbh, I’m surprised Grey is in the lead.


My sister is working on 3 CSGs, and so I wanted to test the water here a bit. Which of these three story concepts intrigue you the most?

#1. You play as the only beta tester to an artificial intelligence app developed as a digital diary by a terminal cancer patient. In this game, the only thing you’ll do is to have conversations with the AI chatbot. This is a wee game intended to be about 100k words. You don’t get to learn more about your control character, and the focus is on the chatbot’s psychological development as you teach it about life and the human mind. Think of it as like… Emily Short’s Galatea. Story is contained in one book.

#2. Set in a Renaissance-esque fantasy world. You are the child of a runaway bastard in a time rife with blood magic and intrigue, as two feuding kingdoms war against another for pride or vengeance. Meanwhile, an ancient threat looms from the ashes of war. You start out as a small player, barely significant in this conflict, then gain influences by forming relationships with other players, from your own father to street urchins, to foreign dukes and queens.

#3. Set in a low fantasy, mid-1950s time period. You play as a foreign volunteer worker in a post-war country ravaged by hunger and disease. This was originally a collection of short stories heavily inspired from real life and personal history, but stitched together to make a larger narrative. Out of all the three, this one deals more with mature and psychological themes (without gore), exploring the after effects of war on people, especially young children.

Note: All three are character and/or relationship-focused. That being said, the poll is by no mean final.

  • Option 1 (sci-fi, psychological)
  • Option 2 (fantasy epic)
  • Option 3 (post-war exploration)

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