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By the way, I know this conversation has gone all over the place, but as for the original question if someone DID want to submit to COG:

I am a math professor, and occasionally have students write papers.

Some just copied Wikipedia. That’s plagiarism.

Some copied a webpage and rewrote each sentence, keeping the order and ideas of the sentences. That’s plagiarism.

Some students copied many webpages, mixing up the ideas from the different webpages and rewriting sentences in their own words, but in different orders.

That’s research. They got an A.

If someone (not OP, since they’re doing fanfiction) wanted to do a wizard school book, I would look at many such books (including The Worst Witch, Harry Potter, Discworld, even Star Wars and Jedi training) and create a grand synthesis, changing everything into your own words.

The more sources you include, the better. As you include sources, you find common patterns of things that you like that are from many other series. These are tropes, and tropes aren’t plagiarism.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. My own WIP contains a chapter with a genderswapped version of Poltergeist where you are accidentally the ghost. But no dialogue or characters are the same, and it’s mixed in with many other things, including a cult and a higher-dimensional baby.


You right mate…plot of all stories have certain common features( like the 3gateways to beginning, middle and end).

If these common points can be synthesised and produced in own words and imagination then …it will be a new work( which take inspiration from others) and not palgarism.

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Hello again all!

So, this is my THIRD time asking about whether or not people would be interested in a project of mine. The first one is still going of course, the second I threw aside because I grew bored of it but here’s my third. I’m thinking of this as a side project so my main focus would always be on the first one.

Ahem…you have abilities. Almost like superhero abilities, but you can’t fly or anything like that. Plus, you’re not a superhero. Because of your power, you are sitting in prison for a crime you can’t remember much about. All you remember is, that there was a casualty.
There are others as well with abilities. People that do not fit in, just like you. But what happens, if one day a group of those misfits come to break you out of prison. They offer you redemption and a way of revenge against the ones that put you away. And…they’ll give you food because you can’t go home that easily, now can you?

Basically what I’m thinking of is that the MC gets out of prison, make plans on how to get revenge and claim their rights to live just like everyone else.
The story will include romance if you wish to participate in it. You can select your MC’s gender, power and I’m also adding in something that makes me all giddy: defect (blindness, mute, deaf etc.)

I’d love to hear about what you guys think. And I’ll say it again, this is a side project.


So another idea I have been toying with since we’ve been talking about stuff in the public domain a bit…

Liddell, Gale & Darling Investigations

Over a hundred years ago, three young women each discovered a important truth - there are dimensions and realities connected to our own, worlds where logic can be questionable, where impossible life exists, where magic is possible and darkness has many forms. Those three women grew and eventually became aware of each other’s stories of exotic lands and the friends and foes that might exist there. And their descendants became guardians and experts of these dimensions and beyond.

And now it’s your turn. You didn’t know until now. But you’re a Liddell. Or a Gale. Or a Darling. And with help from others like you, you’re going to need to save Wonderland, Oz and Neverland once again!

Does this sound like an interesting concept? Originally I thought about a modern romance fantasy game where you help (and can romance) older modern versions of Alice, Dorothy and Wendy but I figured a game about their descendants made more sense. Still have to decide what the plot outside the organisation would be though!


I like the prison break idea and the mystery about the past, but the disabilities make me hesitant. Having, say, a mute character in the game would completely change how the game is played, as you would be restrict to choices of action and talk to NPCs fluent in sign language perhaps (though you could make a universe where that’s common or there are other ways of communicating, but that would defeat the purpose in the first place).

That is not to say they have no place in IF, just that putting a game changer that big as selective would mean a prohibitively high amount of work I reckon.

Though I think the idea would work very well with a less impact defect, such as a prosthetic limb, disfigured face, etc, stuff that keeps a good chunk of the gameplay intact.


Neon Light WIP has a mute character . And it’s well done, heck…I would love more stories like that . personally…


I have taken into count all the confusion that being, for example like you said, a mute would bring. There will be other ways of communication and the story shouldn’t be affected too much. You just get special choices. And for the amount of work, yes it will be much, especially all that lovely coding, but I’m ready to do it all because there isn’t anything more that I love than making my life difficult. My main focus on the defect are about senses, so you are born with it.

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I like the idea but it sounds incredibly similar to The Caged Songbird (MC is superpowered, MC is imprisoned, misfit group intent on helping them escape, etc).


I did not mean that you can’t have mute characters, but that having optional muteness would be a very tough job. I didn’t play Neon Light, but the OP says the MC is mute, so the whole game can be built for them.

Now that DD said this would not amount to more work than they willing to do, I think it could work well, especially the contrast between having super powers but a also disability.


Can’t argue with that. I’m trying to add in some touches that will turn the story into something different. My intention is not to make a story that is quite as similar to another work from someone else.


I really like the sound of that. The idea of dimension hopping has always seemed like such a cool idea.


Thanks! I would have to decide how much of a role the three lands have in the game and how they might have changed since we last saw them, but it is a concept I think I could adapt well.

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So, I know a lot of gamers are very excited about Cyberpunk 2077 (I myself am tentatively excited about Keanu Reeves, because who isn’t?), but the fact is that the game is already problematic and unimaginative in the same ways Cyberpunk 2020 was.

The game will conform to simple gender binaries, even the misogynistic trappings of the Witcher series. Cyberpunk, as a genre, has never been very diverse, despite them being inherently stories about people living on the fringes of society. They have almost always followed a white cis man in an authority role like a cop or a detective (Adam Jensen and Deckard, respectively).

I proposed a grimdark fantasy game about two weeks ago on here, but I’m scrapping that. I’m going to be moving forward with a game I’ve been thinking about making for years. A post-cyberpunk game that is actually diverse, that actually has something to offer about the connection between transhumanism and gender, personal identity and societal expectation.

The future will offer easier access to body modification and maybe that will come at a price, but that doesn’t mean the price should be something gross and misinformed like one’s humanity or morality (this is an actual mechanic of Cyberpunk 2020).

Not sure what the story is yet, but I do know what it isn’t. It’ll be post-Cyberpunk in the sense that it’s hopeful and not entirely misanthropic. It won’t be about an A.I. uprising because the robots-as-metaphors-for-slaves thing is really tired.

I’ll be making a poll sometime this week to narrow down the plot.


It’s an interesting concept, and I think a welcome twist of the typical basis. When I think of cyberpunk, I tend to believe the thematic differences aren’t revolved around a gender identity, but simply the diversifying nature of technology itself. That tends to be why most games of that origin have a form of AI conscious-development, since it’s a criticism of our dependence for said technology working for us. I like the idea that instead of this, it’s more of a personal approach regarding those already marginalized and are not always discussed due to their place typically being out of the role of confrontation in mainstream stories.


I’m having difficulty with choosing a time period for my story. Currently I’m leaning more towards an urban fantasy set in another world but I’ve also considered the other two options below. The story is about a city under siege from vampire-esque monsters and you join a team that is responsible for defending the city. The reason I’m leaning towards urban fantasy is because there would be more of a dystopia-ish vibe with stark contrast between the way people used to live (plenty of electricity, fuel, and food) and the way they’re forced to live with the city on lockdown and limited resources but I’m interested in other opinions.

  • Urban/Modern
  • Medieval
  • Victorian

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This is what I would like opinions on. My gamebook story is a horror mystery. I use this as the prompt for the characters establishing the main plot. The player character is asked to help their friend do something nice for the friend’s wife. The wife has left to go see her dying mother who is currently in hospice care. What he requires is help with researching the mother’s sister and the sisters family. They’re looking for details about their lives and the events surrounding their disappearance. It’s then explained that the mother never knew the sister and that she and her family disappeared 33 years ago. The friend would like to do this and give what they find to the mother. Hopefully providing her with some closure.
Does this sound too contrived?

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I think having disabilities is great, but I’d hesitate at calling it a ‘defect’. I married a disabled person, and she hated words like that, or like ‘cripple’.

“Challenge” might be a better term. Your ‘challenge’ is blindness, deafness, etc.

If you do add this, it would be helpful to find people with actual disabilities to talk about the difficulties it causes them in day to day life. For instance, being in a wheelchair has surprising limitations. A single stair step can be an insurmountable obstacle. A narrow hallway can make it impossible to turn around. Definitely worth talking to real people about!


Thank you for the wonderful suggestion!

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So I’ve had this general idea for a dinosaur game in my head for a while now and I really want to get it out and try my hand at making it a game. From what I’ve seen so far, there haven’t been many games where you get to be a dino and customize your character.

If any of you want to help me then I’ll probably choose around maybe 4-6 people to help with the story and everything. (I’m actually really nervous while typing this up, I don’t know why)


I dont think it sounds contrived but there are some parts that don’t make sense to me. Like if the mother doesn’t know about her sister, then how does the wife know? And what prompts them to want information about the sister?

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