Interest Check- Persephone Myth Reimagining


!!! That second fic. My heart.


The author is incredible, truly.


Love this! I love mythology and I love Persephone… and Hades =D so this idea is awesome. I’ll be checking for when you have the game ready for playing. Maybe I didn’t see it and if so I’m sorry, but I saw none mention of Persephone’s mother Demeter on your story, is she going to appear or be part somehow?


I think the OP mentions some bit about how Demeter is very controlling and has ideas for how you should use your powers.


Oh, I miss that. :slight_smile:


Yep, Demeter’s going to have a major role. :no_mouth:

I think Demeter’s love for Persephone is very genuine, but it’s also deeply selfish. She chains you (not literally), controls you, but she truly believes that she’s doing it for your own good. That being said, I still think that deep down, Demeter has the capacity to choose Persephone’s wishes above her own needs, but that part of her cannot be unearthed easily.


Oh! I just thought of another Goddess (possibly more) that might be taken into perspective, although it would definitely be an addition that needs to deliberately considered and executed, they wouldn’t just “be there”, at least I don’t think.

To whit: Hemera. And by technical extension, her mother Nyx and the rest of her siblings, (which includes at the very least, Eris. Yeah, again, with major unrest and a big war on the horizon…)

I’ll elaborate more in a short, just wanted to put the idea down before it escaped me.



A refreshing idea to say the least, but still just an idea. How this will translate to/complement your actual style of writing, we do not know. Look forward to it nonetheless! :grin:


Hello everyone! It’s been a while.

Update: I’ve written 4200 words excluding commands! Whoo! I’ve got the plot chalked out, and I’ve made a really detailed chart of the first chapter (it’s pretty big). I’ve finally filled in the remaining plot holes in the ROs’ backstories (esp. Eranthe’s. Who are they? Why did they die? Why is their relationship with Persephone so fragmented?) and I’ve planned out their individual personalities and written quite a bit about their interactions with Persephone.
I don’t think I’ll be able to work on this WIP until mid-June because I have exams atm. But afterward, I’ll get a solid 2/3 months of break before uni begins. I plan on releasing a demo at that time.

I have a question for you: What type of personality would you like Persephone to have? Do you want her to be naive and naturally optimistic, excited to discover a world beyond the one she has been trapped in? Do you want her to be wild and reckless, to be someone seeks risks and gambles away everything? Or maybe your Persephone is tired from yielding all her life, maybe she has become far too passive and accepting and she just wants some peace. But she could also be angry, full of burning rage, seeking justice from the pantheon, from the mortals, from her mother.

I need to get Persephone’s voice right to properly mark out the choices, so I thought I’d just ask you what kind of voice you’d prefer. :smiley:

Anyways, I’ve also got a stats page, which you can look at if you want to check out which parts of Persephone’s personality I’ll be focusing on:

Initial Stats Screen

And here’s what the stats screen looks like at the end (there’s a couple of conditions you need to fulfill to unlock a few of these)- Spoilers?

Final Stats Screen

  • Please feel free to suggest changes!-
    Thank you so much for showing interest! And thank you especially for your invaluable contributions. I hope you stick around :smiley:

Also, I’m curious, so here’s a random, unrelated question: If you could romance any of the next gen pantheon gods, who would you romance?

  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Artemis
  • Athena
  • Dionysus
  • Hephaestus
  • Hermes

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While I’d like to have lots of options for what Perry’s personality can be like, as I’d like to do multiple playthroughs, I think the first one I would do is a sort of naive sheltered Perry.
I imagine she’s been mostly guided and sheltered by Demeter most of her life, so she hasn’t really had a chance to explore the world beyond what’s been shown to her yet. Of course, once she’s out in the world, so to speak, she can experience all it’s greatness (and horrors) firsthand. I imagine a lot of it would be rather shocking to someone who was so sheltered :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d also love the idea of Perry being angry and fed up with being led around all her life. Mostly because angst. Angst for (and towards) everyone.


I think a naive, sheltered Perry would be the best! Having grown up cut off from most people, but being told how great Olympus is and how great it would be to be a god.


Am I really the only one who wants to tame party-boi Dionysus in a whirlwind romance??? :hushed:

but he’s so drunk, and handsome I believe he would serve as a nice contrast to Hades and their…perpetual gloomy nature, or at the very least would probably be like the ultimate BFF who always throws the best parties.

nah? really? just me?


It would be great to have a variety of choices. Whether it would be choosing dialogue choices or choosing personality traits in the beginning and writing the dialogue differently from there.


hey, think of it this way… you get him all to yourself :wink:


Greetings once more!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to it, other stuff popped up in between and had a bit of a blue spell. ^^’

But! Getting back into what I was mentionning:

Hemera: Now, per se, interpretations could, obviously, vary, but for the most part, I would consider Hemera, as a Goddess that few (today at least) even HEAR about, let alone know anything about her, and even then is one of the least mentionned Goddesses even in the original myths, would lead me to indicate that she might know a thing or two about being/feeling isolated and alone.

PLUS, additionally as a fellow both friend and ‘trainee’ to Persephone. After all, she’s the Goddess of Dawn, Day, Sunrise. And also the Daughter of NYX. You know, the Primordial Goddess of Night And Darkness?
That to me sounds like the recipe for a supposed ‘wallflower weakling’ revealing herself/growing into a far more powerful/resourceful/steel-willed person than any of her naysayers could have ever fathomed.
And, as a Goddess that many overlook and don’t pay attention to/keep track off, she could be one who had an easier time slipping into/staying in the Underworld to see Persephone without anyone cottoning on or growing suspicious.
If nothing else, I would definitely see Hemera being a friend to Persephone.

And as an additional but much more nebulous point to consider: IF so then, that means that the Underworld/“Persephone’s side” would then potentially gain the support of not only her mother Nyx (again someone that canonically even ZEUS would rather avoid/is afraid of dealing with), but also her brood of siblings.
In fact, I’d go so far as to say as though Nyx’s inclusion would actually make so much sense as to be required, because guess who’s mom she also is? Hecate. Eyyyup.
So if both of her Daughters end up on Persephone’s side and liking her very much, well, Momma Night throwing her weight in shouldn’t be to far of a stretch, eh?

Nyx;s brood also includes ones such as Eris (Chaos and Strife), Hypnos (Sleep, at minimum), Thanatos (Death), Charon (Boundaries, and Ferryman of the Styx), The Furies (Vengeance, I think?), Geras (Old Age), Ahklys (Misery, possibly Poison as well), the God/dess of Pain (whoever that is) and quite possibly The Fates themselves (depending on which version you go by, otherwise they’re Zeus’ daughters. Personally I’ve always gone with this version.
I mean, it would just gel alot better in my mind, and definitely makes their overall power and reach alot more believable, for them to be the Daughters of two Primordial Deities (Nyx and Erebus) rather than just yet more daughters of the Third Generation King of Olympus).

Sooo yeah, obviously don’t have to bring the whole family around, but I just figured that Hemera and Nyx, or AT LEAST Nyx, would be both great and worthwhile additions/players to consider.



That is all really interesting! With Hemera also being a god with powers that could grow in strength makes me think, maybe she could be a foil to Persephone?

Also, as mortals are a big part of this story, what era is it set in? Classical Greece?


As a mortal, I’m fairly certain that the correct answer should be none of them because nothing good will come of it.

I would definitely hang out with Dionysus though. Maybe I’m being biased because he’s my one of my favourites in WicDiv.


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