Interest Check- Persephone Myth Reimagining


Most assuredly. ^^
However, as Persephone would, ostensibly, be the one upon whom his release hinges, if she herself is uninterested in stoking the uprising’s fires, or even actually wants to try and help resolve things peacefully, then chances are he’s not going anywhere.
But, having the path for such be open would be pretty cool. ^^


Hm… Prometheus as a radical anti-Olympian is interesting. Maybe he could be one of the ones who help Persephone explore her power? Assuming the other Olympians aligned with her are busy, he really does not have anything better to be doing :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure he’s busy getting his liver ripped open and eaten everyday.


True. And after presumably centuries of that, he is probably not in a great mental state… Ya, maybe he would not work as a mentor then :stuck_out_tongue:


Well technically this is an alternate universe fic :upside_down_face: and I’m really fond of Prometheus.


…Well then. (Preps giant chain-smashing hammer and eagle-repellent) Let’s snap to it!


Yes to everything. If Persephone does wind up being a threat, I can imagine Hephaestus rallying up behind her. He’s pretty chill apart from a few instances. There that myth where Athena visited Hephaestus and Hephaestus tried to rape her but she escaped. During the struggle, his semen fell on her thigh, but she wiped it away. It fell to the Earth and thus Erichthonius was born. But again Hephaestus doesn’t compare to other gods in this regard (I’m looking at you, Zeus and Poseidon).

Also, there are a few stories where Hephaestus does get a divorce and marries Aglaia, the youngest of the Charites. She’s the goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, and adornment, so maybe that’s one redeeming factor in his life?

All of your points on Hermes and Dionysus are excellent. I couldn’t agree more. I do think that Hermes would see her as an investment. He may not necessarily put himself completely behind her and risk incurring other gods’ wrath, but he’d definitely take a keen interest in how she develops and he’d ensure that he’d have a place in the aftermath of the battle. So he’d definitely try to remain on Persephone (and Hades’s) good side, even if he doesn’t commit to her side fully. Dionysus would definitely relate to Persephone, and I’m sure that he still carries quite a bit of bitterness within him which he isn’t unwilling to let out.

Hestia is the most underrated goddess. She deserves so much more, and dammit if I can’t give it to her! And I’m hoping that she and Hades have a strong bond. They, along with others like Hephaestus and Dionysus, have always suffered from exclusory dynamics that the other gods engage in, and I can’t wait for them to take center stage.

Also, Hephaestus, Hermes, Apollo, and Ares apparently wooed Persephone before she was taken by Hades. That adds an interesting spin to it all :D.

And thank you so much for your addition. This was so incredibly helpful, and it really helped me plan quite a bit of the plot.


I am aware of your take on the Persephone/Hades myth, and I am so excited to read your version! I began planning this story a year or two back and wrote a bit of it on Twine, but I didn’t like that platform at all and abandoned it for a solid couple of months. But I really wanted to write a version where Persephone has the capacity for multiple personalities and powers and where each of her aspects influences the story and the relationships in vastly varied ways. I have loved interactive fiction, and especially cog, for so long, and it seemed like the perfect medium to tell the story.

I happened upon this interest check poll you’d created a while back, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a Persephone/Hades option. You can bet that I chose that option (but from a different account), and I’m glad that you haven’t abandoned it.

Hades is my favorite Greek God too, and I’ve been wanting to write this for so long. I think I even wrote a Hades/Persephone fanfic :joy: when I was younger, but that was a doomed project.

Thank you for your support, and I gotta say that I am really looking forward to your version, whether it ends up being a visual novel or an interactive fiction. Best of luck with it! :smiley:


This is quite a nice God posse you have going now! Also all the other gods courting Persephone could complicate things XD. I feel like with all the uprising Athena and Ares will be quite popular among the Gods! Also, just wondering, what are the specific issues motivating the human revolt? I am hoping for a more peaceful end, although I do not mind if Zeus gets knocked down a peg or two (or all of them :stuck_out_tongue:)


@Jeeshadow1, the human (plus assorted mythological creatures) revolt was partly inspired by this post. I’m still sorting out the exact details of it, but I’ve got a concrete idea in place. :smiley: Plus, I don’t imagine that mortals would have trouble coming up with reasons to despise the Gods. It’s mostly fear that ensures human subservience, but I like versions where the gods’ powers and strength are dependent on their subjects’ devotion and belief. If something were to change that, the gods’ very essence may shift.

And don’t worry, you’ll be able to resolve issues very peacefully if you wish to. You may not even be required to participate in a major role in the battle if you so choose. I want to include multiple paths, and Persephone restructuring the godly power structure is one of the extreme choices (that I badly want to include) :D.


I came across another post, if anyone’s interested :blush::


Huh. I find it positively fascinating that it’s Aphrodite that posits the whole “we are immortal, you could NEVER best us” spiel and NOT Zeus. That’s…actually rather refreshing really. Curious, but refreshing.

Though I find it positively hilarious that Hera talks about love and loyalty. Look in a mirror much lately, Queeny?


:blush: You are very much most welcome! Happy I could be of help. ^^

Oh, right, THAT was Hephaestus’ new wife’s name. Was it with HER he had the daughter I mentionned after all or Aphrodite? I’m actually unsure now.

And you’re right, Hermes, regardless of anything else and most appropriately, is rather Mercurial, (lol) so this makes sense.

I actually recall now hearing mention of one particular story about Dionysus going down to the Underworld to save his mother? I’m not knowing of the details or how canonical it is and what the fallout was, but something to think about vis-a-vis of his and Hades’ potential relationship and regard for one another.

Yep, I would LOVE an instance of having Hestia get proper due and have her and Hades be like super-close sibs.
One thing I would raise though, is that, insofar of most versions I’m aware of, Hestia CHOSE to give up her seat so Dionysus wouldn’t be unfairly sanctioned. Some people (including potentially myself) can debate whether this ultimately proved to be the “right” or “best” thing to do, but regardless, she CHOSE to do it for her own beliefs and reasons, without any coercion or pressure to do so.
Considering you’ve very much put up “choice” as a central theme of this endeavor, yet another thing to keep in consideration. ^^

Huh. You know it IS somewhat weird that we’ve gotten this far in and HAVEN’T addresed Ares in practically any way yet. I mean, with a literal WAR brewing on the very close horizon, you’d think he’d be all over this.



First of all, I would like to applaud the pun. :laughing:

And yeah, in the Dionysiaca, Dionysus apparently retrieved Semele from the Underworld and instated her as the goddess Thyone on Mount Olympus. He’d definitely have had some interaction with Hades, and I’m so ready to explore that.

I’m also pumped for a Hades/Hecate bromance. But no really I’d love to explore a strong platonic relationship between the two because they need some love. A lotta love. They’re both outcasts on Olympus. I’d love for them to unite.

I always thought that Hestia gave up her throne to Dionysus to avoid conflict, so yeah I believe that she chose to give up her seat to him. She is the goddess of the hearth and home after all.

Again that creates the potential to explore Hestia/Dionysus(/Hades?) dynamics and cements the theory that Hestia and Dionysus would definitely rally behind P-sephone.

I haven’t addressed Ares because I haven’t thought much about him :sweat_smile:. I am not particularly fond of him, so he was loitering at the back of my mind. But yeah, with an imminent war, he’ll definitely be playing a crucial role.


Definitely an underrated myth, awesome to see a fresh perspective on it. I particularly like the idea to have the other gods train Persephone individually. That leaves room to add dimension to her powers and personality. Have you considered introducing a rival-in-growth (or love) to the story? Perhaps a re-imagining of Hestia, or Dionysus?


@Blmc000, I’m glad you’re interested :smiley:.

There are 4 love interests in total, including Hades. One is the goddess Hecate, one is a nymph, and the other is a mortal. Except for Hades, they’re all gender-locked :confused:.

There aren’t that many romance options because I want to do justice to each RO. Romance is a primary aspect of this story, and I want to explore each romance in-depth. I’ve read games with multiple ROs where the romance seemed secondary. If you were interested in pursuing a romance with a character, then your interactions would be limited to very few choices. You’d have to flirt with the character from the get-go, and the romance would develop along a very singular path. But then romance is not usually the focus of those games so that’s understandable.

I want my Persephone to be able to pursue the romance from multiple points. Do you want to tease and flirt from the very beginning? Then have a go! Do you want to live through a slow burn and save your -confession- for the last possible second? Great, do it.

There would be multiple points in the story where the reader could let their chosen RO know “hey, i like u” so that players don’t feel rushed into making choices. Persephone’s personality and choices also influence how her relationships develop. But there’s no set formula to ensure romantic reciprocation because your chosen RO will end up with you if you want them to. But ofc the dynamics and the progression of your relationship will depend on your choices.

Honestly, I just want people to play the game freely without worrying about how stats will affect the story and still end up with a satisfying playthrough.


I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this!

I used to follow a reimagining of Persephone/Hades myth (a webcomic called 100 Days of Night). They had interpeted the abduction as Persephone was using Hades as way to escape from an overbearing Demeter. Sadly, the webcomic stopped updating not long after she reached the underworld.


@Greyscales, G o d yes. I started reading 100DoN in 2014, and it was brilliant. I loved their conceptualization of the characters, and the art was amazing. I think the updates stopped right at the point where the story was picking up, but I’m still immensely grateful for their work.


I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been more renderings of their story because they’re both so iconic! And Greek mythology in general has such great base for wonderful stories. But yes, COG is absolutely lovely because you can do much in terms of freedom and choice without being restricted. I really can’t wait to see where you go with this because you’re including every element of things I love - freedom of personality, in-depth romances and characters, and a wonderful premise.

Plus, I’m not going to lie - it’s exciting to be able to do it as the player. I love writing but can’t really get the same kind of joy from the game in the same way because I’m the one who made everything that happens. Being able to actually play and experience the story if going to be fantastic. (Plus, it’s also so cool to see how different people interpret and create wildly different things even given the same prompt. I love it.)

Oh my, that’s utterly fantastic. :laughing: It’s good to see the vision live on, then.

Just moving at a pace so slow I might as well be going backwards. Haha, but thank you again.

Anyways, I’m rambling. You have an avid fan already and you see like a really capable writer. Your posts here alone show that much and I know whatever you create, it’s going to be great. Best of luck to you, too. :two_hearts:

(P.S. Have you read the webcomic Lore Olympus? It’s a modern Persephone (but one in which the gods are still present and very real) that I’ve recently stumbled upon and it’s very entertaining.)


I’m wearing the biggest grin right now :blush:. You say the loveliest things, and really, thank you so much for your confidence in me. It gives me that sweet, sweet motivation. I have my visions and my ideas, but I also need the tenacity to implement them. I really hope I do.

Exactly! Which is why I’m waiting for your fic to get published :hugs: And don’t worry about going slow! I’m confident that the final product will be more than worth the wait. I’m definitely purchasing multiple copies. :smiley:

I have read Lore Olympus. I read the original version before the author revamped it, but I haven’t finished reading the newer version yet. It’s on my list. I’m always hesitant about romance that develops entirely too quickly, but yes, the author’s interpretation is ridiculously entertaining, and the art is beautiful.

Speaking about fanfiction, one of the very first ones I read was this, which is very soft™ and very warm™. And recently I read this other fic based on a prompt, and it was just incredibly well-written.

UPDATE: I went back and read all available episodes of Lore Olympus. Dammit, it’s cute.