Interactive novels where you have a dependent, what's your opinion on the topic?

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another topic.

“Runt of the Litter” is out, no duh, but the game gave me some flashbacks.
Some novels on the site feature taking care of a dependent (animal, robot, and a child). The choices you make decide how the dependent will react as they develop. This can be seen in Kevin Gold’s two novels “Choice of Robots” and “Choice of Alexandria”. So in the spirit of things, I would like to know what is your opinion about CoG novels with a dependent?

P.S. Good work Kelly Sandoval

On that list only played choice of robots(which I loved :stuck_out_tongue: )but yes, do like having a dependant in COGs. Only other one I’ve really played with a dependant is Zombie exodus I think, though the AI in choice of the starship captain(think that’s the name, not played it a while) is kinda similar in that your relationship played an important part to the story, you can kinda shape them and they can be hard to deal with :stuck_out_tongue: .

I tend to like these games(though not necessarily prefer them) as it’s something a bit different, and can help prevent the mc from being too OP which I hate(like in choice of robots when given the choiceI chose options that were more protective of my robot, rather than more strategic). Also if the character is well written and likeable it can really help the game as the dependant usually gets a significant amount of screen time.


I think I’d be interested in playing any games where I’ve to take care of anything smol, and probably fluffy.

But I never tried either titles you mentioned :cry:

Well, for me, I’ve spent the better half of last year reading books where the main characters has to take care of a certain magical companion (Temeraire cough*).

I adored my robot in Choice of Robots and in safehaven I always start with a dependent.
So yeah, I love them especially if they’re magical flying lizards that can breathe fire.

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I HATE FORCED DEPENDANT STUFF OVER ME. It is like a biblical curse upon me. Author can’t stop thinking about I HAVE to love the stuff they force upon me and normally they don’t give a damn good reason to love the characters they shoehorned in an interactive story. It is your sister deal with it. Like you can’t have problems with your family.

Only few games do it right . Last of us is one of best. I felt attached to Joel daughter THEY DON’T SAY IS YOUR DAUGHTER YOU LOVE HER DEAL WITH IT. No they show you Sarah as a pc they show you how much she care for Joel and how is a funny relationship is a good parent. Sarah is a normal good daughter who like soccer and vampire films. She just is defined in few minutes of an intro.
Then You see Ellie and she right away Sarah on her but the differences between both. You want Them be together again. You feel empathy not you are said there is empathy there.

Clem in the walking dead first season is the same. They don’t say that’s a child you Have to love her. No they show you a scared girl that tries to help you and save you even of she is scared. You feel the feedback between both characters is organic.

Choice of robot, I felt is not a depending creature at beginning is just a machine you could create the humanity grows with the creature little by little and feel organic and logic. Is natural but you same time could decide create a simple war machine you give a shit about. Pure role-playing masterpiece.

Safe haven.I love my nephew because same reasons I love Sarah Ellie and Clem. @JimD doesn’t say YOU LOVE HIM DEAL WITH IT. No he shows the relationship between your character and nephew. He could be a help or hate you it feels real. It is a real character. Not a depending stuff put there to add drama. Pure masterpiece too.
.The rest of time I care shit about the crappy npc they want to force me to love within show a real situation that make me lov the creature.

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Well I recommend Choice of Robots then! A true masterpiece!

I enjoyed the option to have a dependent on Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, BECUASE it really changes how you play the game depending on who you have waiting for you or you need to take care of. I never ventured to have a child in the game, but I always choose to a have a dog of some kind, namely a husky.

I feel like game should that provide you with some kind of dependent variable whether it be a child pet or ailment are more realistic because not all of us are a super soldier with random Aks in our house.


I love dependents but only when I get to choose to want them along. I usually do (I play “nice, team player” mostly), but if the option is taken away from me, I start being aware that the game is forcing decisions on me. And then I start resenting the game and the character on principle.

I like Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven for this-- I try to keep my husky and my nephew alive through playthroughs. But I also like the fact that it’s optional-- and thus, I could play without if the character wouldn’t own a dog. And I could play a character who thinks of their nephew as a burden.

Not that I play most of the “cruel” options on any game, but the fact that I can makes me more invested. I’m caring for these guys because A) I wanted them along and B) I genuinely want to take care of them.

Choice of Robots remains my favorite too, just because you get to make your robot. So once again, you can build whatever robot you want (within reason-- I’ve played it so many times and I still goof up to be honest), and whatever robot your character could want. So you could build a friend, or you could build a little servant, or a mindless drone.