Immaterial Plain: Powerful Rising; [October 4th, 2019 Update] WIP

Warning: I’ve been working on this for the last 6 Hours, staring at Code. The current time is 12:15 Am, which isn’t that bad, but I’m just quite tired. I have a headache and really, really need to rest but I wanted to get this out first. Anyways; enjoy.

This is my first Hosted Game that I have revealed publicly, though not the first one I tried developing. Previously I was working on “Greece; The Fall of Sparta”, but I didn’t get far into it. I mostly blame my lack of interest in the idea, but we’re getting off track.
Demon: Powerful Rising, is planned to be a… I have absolutely no idea how to describe it. I want the game to allow the Player to ascend through the ‘ranks’ of the Demon Hierarchy, gaining Influence and Power as they go up. I have tried to make it as non-religious as possible, as to not offend anyone. Mature Language Warning; This game contains volatile cuss words and the like. It’ll also probably involve some Sexual stuff later in development, so be aware of that. -Authors Note; Christ, I’m tired-

I have about 60-70% of the first Chapter created, and am still working on it. Right now it’s not fleshed out AT ALL, so please don’t jump down my throat about how there’s only a semi-finished character creation to do. Also, I’m not a Professional Writer, nor Coder. Do NOT expect this game to be a technical masterpiece, I’ll be lucky if I’m able to get through the next day without suffering through 3 hours of bug fixes. My writing is semi-garbage, I know. I’d appreciate any feedback on Bugs and Typographical errors, along with Continuity Errors. I don’t know the word count and I don’t want to have separate it from the Code, so you’ll just have to wait on that.

Current Schedule for Updates: Few times a week, probably. I’m a Senior in High School, so I’ll try my best to keep active with it, but there should be at least one update every week.

  • October 1st, 2019 Update:

F%ck, I really should start keeping change logs so I don’t have to remember this. Firstly; I’ve added about another 3-4 scenes of content, some interactions with your Caretaker and Parent.

Demo has been updated.

Bug Fixes
Parental Figures now all have proper coding. Gender Choices have been fixed. Percents not changing has been fixed [In most places, not sure if I got all of them]. Fixed it flipping from second to first person, and vice versa, over and over again. Some other stuff I can’t mention without having a perfect memory, or writing it down.

Really wish I knew how to do the Drop Down Menu thing, others have. Makes me seem unprofessional for not knowing how to do it, lol.

October 4th, 2019:

Yay, I forgot to make a list of everything I’ve done, added, and bugs fixed.

New Scenes:

I’m not going to list off all of them, but the most noticeables are all the “Allocers”.
Allocerfight, pcapology, allocerhey, allocerforgiveness, indulgence, allocermad, allocerleaving.

So basically, that’s chapter 1 80% done. I’ve still got some branching paths from the previous ‘charactercreation’ to do, but aside from those, it should be good.

Bug Fixes:
Honestly, I dont even know why I bother putting this section in. It’s not like I have a comprehensive list of all the bugs I’ve fixed. Just know, I bug test the shit out of my stuff before releasing an update, so if you find a bug, just be like, “Yo, dickhead. You missed this” and include a screenshot.

Personal Update:
I really wanted this update to go live yesterday, but I was simply to tired from school to do so. I’m quite sorry, I’ll try to do better in the future. I still plan on having a few updates every week, and hope to get another substantial update by Sunday.

Demo has been Updated.

The Demo:

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to message me in the Forums or via email


Edit: Just realized I didn’t do any of the fancy shit with drop down menus, but I’m too tired to edit it lmao.


This sounds interesting. But my concern stands with the current title. Maybe you’re aware, but the title start “Demon” is already in use by another lovely author. Currently it sounds like it’s some sort of part two to the other work.
EDIT: It’s rather short I must admit. Not much key detail to give feedback on. But I wish you luck with this :slightly_smiling_face:.


It’s rather very short to give any feedback, but I wish you good luck with your project.

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Short, but still interesting enough to catch my eye. I really like playing non-human MCs.


The demo was short but I’m intrigued in the idea and also DEMONS!!

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for first time righter you got me

Demo is currently not very long for a proper feedback but i am very interested in the concept of demon hierarchy


So far the plot seems very interesting indeed. I have seen many games that use demons as characters but hardly any that develops them as the protagonist. I’ll look forward to your interpretation.

Are there going to be other creatures aside from demons in the future?

As for feedback: I found a couple of things while playing.

I had chosen non-binary for the Creator, but it still referred to them as Father. I went back to see what happened if I chose female for them, and it still called them Father.

Here it’s just the sudden change from second to first person. If you are going to change your writing to the first person you generally need a smoother transition.


Thank you for the feedback, first of all.
I’ve been noticing I switch from First to Second person quite a bit and have been trying to restrain myself from doing so, I’ll fix that and try to make sure I dont do it in the future.
I also probably screwed up a little bit on the coding for the ‘Parental’ figure, so I’ll fix that.
Again; Thank you so much for your feedback.

Edit: The reason it switched from Second to First person, is because it wasnt meant to go to that scene, at least not in that order. I’m working on fixing it now.
Edit 2: Also yes, I plan on their being creatures other than Demonic beings.

I assume you’re talking about Demon: Recollect? Yes, I’ve been following their game for quite a while now, I didn’t believe it’d cause an issue. However it’s only a temporary title anyways, so I don’t really see a problem with changing it. Thank you.

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Sounds okay more need more of summary to now what it about abit more

looking forword for more of this. :grin:

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Will the game have any RO?

Maybe. I’m not sure.
Problem is, I don’t have experience with writing couples and romantic interests. I’m afraid I’ll fuck shit up, or have it not make sense at all.

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Hm… I don’t have any tips to give you, just follow your heart.
But don’t be afraid I’m sure you will make great ROs.

Or don’t make any, not every choice game has to have RO’s, especially if romance isn’t a major part of it.
Just know that many are going to ask whether the characters are romanceables.


Hmm well found a problem can’t get to the story or past if the creator is a he she or undefined one lol

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Same with the other two :frowning:

Oh yea, that’s a problem with the latest update. I’ll fix it.

Edit: Error has been fixed. Was quite an annoying error too.

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