I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

They’re basically a peasant groundskeeper that’s been bullied by a noble into helping them commit multiple crimes, and they fold when the criminals lean on them.


If I remember correctly, you can get your relationship with Karson to a point where they won’t actively try to screw you over by orders from the higher-ups. Haven’t played in a while, though, so I could be talking clear out of my ass on that one.

And since we’re talking about CdlC:

Short version: Hogwarts, but for rich snobs, and instead of magic you learn politics and etiquette and also how to stab everybody in the back for your own personal gain if you’re into that kind of thing. Also the headmaster’s a bitch and will have you kidnapped and sent off to a slave camp if you don’t fall in line with her schemes like she wants you to. This is not the first time she has done this. You’re simply the latest victim.


He’s also the only RO I’ve encountered in any game that will murder the PC for trying to break up with him.


Woah woah woah, hold up. Even I didn’t know that!


Damn, talk about clingy, huh?


I must admit, romances in Creme de la Creme were… just there for me. I wasn’t particularly grabbed by any of them and romancing someone only got fun when I started pretending that my character is an eldrich abomination in a human form vying for power and influence for his future cult.

I feel it highlights another problem with ROs: some of them are just there and their romance feels like a plot line that flies around the main plot like a ribbon, with little or no connection to it or without bringing anything to the main plot - I’d say the worst example of this was Death Collector. Each RO had exactly one unique scene and then they’ve stepped into the same ones for each and every option.

Ioco from Mask of the Plague Doctor was an interesting character, but his romance scenes brought… less than the scenes where he simply talks, draws and converses with the MC and the friendship MC had with Alice felt more substantial and fulfilling than the romance.

In general, a good check for a decent romance for me is the ability to remember it, even after a substantial period of time, it fitting in main plot and helping the main themes of the work and it feeling… substantial, really. It should feel like it actually matters.

mecha ace romance rant

I feel the best example of such a thing would be Mecha Ace romance options - they don’t have that much scenes, but they still have a very decent character in them, their romances and friendships feel substantial and they all play a major role in the plot. And, most importantly, they have preferences! Preferences that are shown by having the MC of specific personality types working best with them and causing LIs to show interest in them. It mainly works by the principle “birds of feather”, yet it doesn’t solely define compatibility – all LIs have the specific choices that help to lock in their romance.

Hawkings explores the Imperial perspective, the perspective of an ace shaped by war and made complete by it - it stands true, then, that he (or she, but Hawkings is usually a he in my runs) prefers MCs who know the thrill of combat, MCs with high Warrior on the Warrior / Diplomat axis, MCs that keep a cool head in the midst of battle - MCs with high Deliberation over Passion.

Said MC, then, can influence him enough to make him show insecurity to make him doubt his goals - and by God, the way to convince him so is quite beautiful

He respects good warriors and opponents - it’s vital to defeat him several times in honest combat to even hope to start his romance.

Asadi is the ace too, but he (again, could be she, but I can’t help but imagine most of LIs as males) is younger, rasher and yearns for the thrill of combat without the charm of cool head to calm down the burning adrenaline.

He’s also on a CODEC side and serves in the same lance as MC and is forced to deal with realities of command. Asaadi values MCs with high Warrior and Passion stats - for he’s quite like them.

His perspective explores the duty and service of younger pilots, their lives and the pressure that can be crushing and the his romance starts with his commander helping him to get out of his rut, easing the weight that hangs on his shoulders after a messed up mission that almost got the lance killed.

Watanabe is even younger than Asadi - she (or he, it doesn’t matter much either way) is a ensign, recently assigned to your ship.

Being fairly inexperienced and unused to realities of war is the trait that starts her route - she doesn’t want unnecessary losses, she’s passionate and a bit perky. This means, then, that the Diplomat with Passion would work the best with such a LI and will attract her interest - and it works with tandem with his passion for flying, mercy and empathy towards her.

Her romance provides the perspective of a person a bit too young for the constant war, a person that grows amidst the battlefield.

Weaver is an officer, directly responsible for mecha maintenance. I must admit, the only thing I remember about him (or her, duh) is the fact that he happens to be pacifistic amidst the raging rebellion, fairly stable and calm man with a preference towards Deliberation and Diplomacy and a character who doesn’t follow their whims.

His perspective is interesting from a moral standpoint - he’s a pacifist who maintains the instruments of murder.

Another great part about these LIs is the fact their romance is completely optional. You can convince Hawkings even without romance, you can befriend Asadi without getting into his pants and it feels just as fulfilling, just as interesting to learn about these characters through the means of friendship.


Speaking of Mecha Ace, I always liked that Asadi and Watanabe could each take the initiative in a relationship in a way (I say in a way because Asadi straight-up asks you out but Watanabe is more subdued about it). It’s nice to not always have to aggressively pursue as the MC.


Ok, just gonna, process that last bit for a second.


It helped to make the run feel more important! I’ve made a human shell of Fleur Eihort and decided that an eldrich abomination lives inside of them. Said abomination wants to break free of family shame and amass both a pile of money and a pile of influence - they’ve romanced the princess, got into the university, cleared family name and got rich.


tbf, he will try to murder the PC even if they’re going strong-- like, be a backstabbing asshole, fine, but sleep with me while actively plotting my death? That’s a new level of asshole.


I just finished playing Heroes of Myth and Min is my least favourite out of all the ROs. They always had the corniest lines and the way they died felt downright embarrassing. Meredith straight up tells them that they can’t open/close the gate to the demon world and if the MC fails talk Min down they say some smug remark then enter the gate and get trapped in it. Then if MC closes the gate they just die, at least for me when Meredith died/left it was somewhat sad, Min’s death just felt goofy.


I did not even realize you could get Min killed, they always just… stopped being a person of interest in my runs, around the time that they blew the lid off my MC maybe-kinda-sorta-possibly being part demon, which he didn’t take well to at all.


Yeah, I just realized that Min always disappears in my runs, I don’t even remember them being there for the final fight until the demon god was defeated.


I romanced Min and aside from nice moments of them playing the lute, they were extremely and utterly annoying - same can be said about Meredith, too, but at least I was able to kill her.

“Say the truth, Ima, don’t hide your demon heritage, how dare you, how can you hate demons, they’re good, totes, I swear, we have no proof of it and regularly twist human minds, but we’re good!”

The only things I remember about Min are lute moments, them being pissy about MC’s continued lying and constant pestering about the truth. People believe in the legend we’ve created, it has brought us both faith and influence - do you seriously think that the character I’ve created would give it up for something even more abstract?

Oh, and they also wussed out once Ima sealed the gates. Good for them, they’ve managed to grow a pair in the very end of the book, enough to run away - unlike some demons I knew.


Shit, my MC was actively trying to dispel the fake legend about his heroics, and Min was still utterly up my ass about it - like, buddy, there are several solid reasons, both on the political and personal level (politically, if I just come out and say I’m a fraud, the opponents of the current crown-wearer I serve will circle like vultures and make my life infinitely more difficult, and on the personal level, nobody takes me seriously in the first place when I try), why I can’t just come out and say the truth just yet. If you’d kindly chill for like, ten seconds, that’d be nice.

And yeah, it’s real rich that Min and Meredith are over here screeching at me every time I kill a demon because I “just don’t understaaaaaaand the situatiiiioooooooon”, when every single time I’ve had to deal with demons so far, they’ve been actively trying to do harm to innocent people, and it was a bigger, badder demon that was causing it to happen in the first place!

“But they’re being forced against their will!”

Yeah, lemme just go tell that to the dozens of soldiers and hundreds of innocent civilians who are currently at risk of being slaughtered. Hey, guys! Chill out! Don’t fight to protect your lives and homes against the strange, incomprehensible beings from another dimension that are actively trying to spill your blood! It’s not their fault, they just don’t know better!

Oh, and uh, we’re just gonna pretend that Big Baddie Demon who’s causing all of this hasn’t, maybe, you know, been recruiting like-minded souls to his cause? You don’t think maybe a few of those demons know exactly what they’re doing, and are willingly carrying out carnage regardless? Don’t bullshit me.

Also it’s super hard for me to want to take your side when you’re willing to resort to threatening my life if I don’t do exactly what you say, MEREDITH.

Part of me keeps saying that I oughta do a Min/Meredith run and see what happens, but I worry it’ll just be insipid the whole way through, because this is how they act when I do the obvious common sense thing and try to fight back against the demonic threat.


God, I absolutely despised Meredith. Firstly, constant whining about our chosen course of action while doing utterly nothing to change it or do something herself - you poke at her and she immediately REEs, you don’t do things exactly as she says (the village siege comes to mind first - oi, demons are trying to kill innocent people, why don’t you stop trying your diplomacy and help) - she REEEs, you kill a giant demon who attacked a royal wedding and almost cost many lives - “how dare you, you unhumane tosser, that was YOUR DAD, YOU’VE KILLED YOUR OWN DAD BECAUSE YOU HATE DEMONS, REEEEEEEEE”.

Seriously, the mere thought about freeing the demons makes me remember that this means Meredith lives. And I don’t want that.


“They don’t know any better!”

Hot Fuzz Shame GIF


Oh yeah, that’s a great one, too - my character has no reason to like anything about demons, has thus far been forced into combat with demons several times and seen the nasty shit they’re capable of, and more than that, a big, nasty demon showed up at a royal wedding and almost killed everybody he held dear, a few people he didn’t like very much but who were of massive political import, and many other innocent lives besides, you know, as if he needed anymore proof that demons are monsters as far as he’s concerned.

“Bruh, that was your dad, you’re part demon, why you being so racist against your own people bruh”

Two things, Meredith: Firstly, if that’s my dad, then I have no father, and secondly, you really think that telling the guy who has, without question or hesitation, taken up the blade against every demon he’s seen so far, including you, that he’s half-demon is going to change anything? At best, you’ve given him such horrible self-loathing that he might do something drastic to himself, and at worst, you’ve just galvanized him that much harder against demonkind, well done.

My absolute favorite line from her was when you kill her, and in her dying breath, she’s all, “humanity deserves better than a butcher like you” - Stopping several unprovoked demonic assaults against humanity is me being a butcher? Kay, then I think humanity is quite well off for having me around, actually. Off you go to hell, where you belong, now!

“You know, Meredith, for being a supposedly classy and well-educated race, every word out of your mouth so far suggests that your own species is little better than wild animals, just wanna point that out.” - my MC, if he’d had the option to say that, probably.

You know, I almost have to respect Meredith for choosing to hold on for dear life to the vain hope that I’d come around to her point of view, because I feel like most people would make it as far as the second or third time that you tell them not to kill demons, and they go and kill demons anyways, before finally throwing up their hands and being all, “Screw it, I’m clearly not gonna get anywhere with you.”


Huh, Min’s my favorite Heroes of Myth RO. I thought they were charming and kind of funny, but maybe I just have a soft spot for bards. I don’t hate any of the ROs in that game, per se, but my least favorite was probably Verity. It’s really hard to romance her and support demons at the same time.

Now, a RO that I actually don’t like is Alex/Rachel from Life of a Space Force Captain. They’re annoying, petty, bigoted…


I don’t think I’ve ever read an RO I hated enough to showcase in this thread but seeing all the ones I do like already posted is kind of hilarious and makes me feel like some sort of ultra contrarian. I mean I go for Maria in Relics so it’s not that surprising really.