I'll Decide Later

The premise is transitioning from Home to University and using your time wisely.There are underlying horror elements and these become more evident depending on the direction the character takes.

I am about 12,000 words in and still writing. I am looking to be done in a month or two. Happy to answer questions…

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That’s… an ambitious planning, and a pretty small game :sweat_smile: (assuming you’ll keep up the same writing pace)

I’m quite curious where the horror elements come from. Going from one place to the other doesn’t sound all that scary to me :sweat_smile


Heh, yeah 12k is very small. This is basically all introduction and setting the stage so far. The plan is to have around 90k for the total book, though with choices and things, you can end up with quite a bit more than expected.

I started reading the Choice of games about a month ago, always been a fan of game books. Then my daughter told me that they were looking for writers. (She’s 10 but loves them as well.)

I love writing, and I have a computer science and English background :smiley:

So yeah, about 5 days ago I decided to start coding my first ChoiceScript book. Have been on a steady 1500-2k words a day so far.

I am sure it will actually be more like 3 months to finish, but if I set myself a timeline I am more likely to finish.

The transition happens fairly quickly, you move out, go to University. Nightmares happen, things are a bit off…You become involved in a sinister cabal working under the guise of education. :smiley:

That whole thing.


What kind of horror? Jump-scares, Saw-style gore or Lovecraftian? (The main three categories of horror in my opinion.)

Will there be a demo and how long the whole game

Oh, man. I see students weeping in my office in their freshman year all the time, completely freaking out. I could totally see that, with just a nudge, becoming a horror-style game.

It is lovecraftian in nature. But also deals with the existential dread that an uncertain future brings. The idea is that they are sort of one and the same.

I will probably do a demo for the game. I am currently at 35k words. I am aiming for 90k total, though that may expand.

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So I am up to 43k words so far. About to hit the second act of the Book. Things will be heating up, pressures will be put on and bad things are gonna start happening. It is looking good.