IFDB Awards 2023

Hello! Last year, I started a new set of interactive fiction awards hosted on the Interactive Fiction Database. We had dozens of voters in dozens of categories, which was lots of fun.

We’re back this year!

The community that voted is a smaller one than this forum, and can get easily overwhelmed by other voters, so we haven’t advertised a lot this year, but there is one specific poll I’d love to get votes on:

The rule of thumb for voting is that when you click on a category, if you recognize at least a few games on the first few pages of options then you’re probably safe to vote in that category; if you don’t really recognize any games then you should probably try some of the ones you see first.

People on these forums should be very familiar with choicescript games, so feel free to vote in that category without hesitation! Voters can vote for as many games as they want, but cannot vote for themselves.


Hey HG/itch writers, just a reminder that you can add your published games to IFDB. I noticed some HGs from this year aren’t there on a quick search around.

These are the only ones that appear to have been uploaded to IFDB from this year with a choicescript tag (I think the system tag might not be working for choicescript properly?) There are a few more there after I did a manual name search but they must not have the choicescript tag so can do a name search to see if your game is there first.

Edit: Sorry this search seems to work better: Search for Games
There still might be games missing so if you published something check it out and make sure it has a page or create one :slight_smile:


Warning: most CoG stuff are already there, some HG are listed there, but none of the HC works are there- this includes things that were big hits like Vampire’s Kiss and Their Majesties’ Pleasure. Also, some games that were entered for competitions and jams (I’m looking at you, Jac!) and at least two WIPs are listed- one of which is mine!

Feel free to interpret this warning in whatever way you like.


Results are out, congrats to all the winners :smiley:

I hope I haven’t missed anyone (please comment below if I have) but I noticed several forum members won categories including:

@Brian_Rushton with Never gives up her dead
@Felicity_Banks with Bali B&B
@Victor_Gijsbers with Xanthippe’s Last Night with Socrates
@autumnchen with ConfigurationUploader