If you could write an IF from any IP what would it be?

Cataclysm dark days ahead!
Want zombies? It has them!
Eldritch horror? Yup that too!
Extra dimensional horrors? Cataclysm has those in multiple varieties!
Factions? Choose between mundane human conflict, joining extra dimensional fungal hivemind or just mind your own business.
Cyborgs? Dimension hopping gypsy variety!
Furries? Cannibals? Furry cannibals? You can be all those and more!
Story?..Eh not really.

Here’s the design doc if someone is interested in just reading it.

Just in case people are interested or want to see I actually once outlined a set of character classes and skills for a Critical IF Skyrim story once before, here’s a link to an outline I created for a Christmas Secret Santa a couple years ago:

I would like to return to it sometime but Star Wars and Avatar are probably the most likely ones for me to try first. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh man, you just reminded me of Zoids…

Zoids are great.

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Is this the Genesys system, you mean? Ive played it and it’s been a big inspiration for tabletop RPG design for me.

Couple friends and I are meeting in a few weeks for a Monster of the Week showdown with a bird using Edge of the Empire. I’m a disgraced former Jedi who lives in a shack on stilts on a dried-up riverbed, herding nerfs. I’m basically the meme of Luke Skywalker drinking green milk straight from the titty of the space cow, but with the dial turned up to 11. Great system, highly recommended.

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If you’re asking about Critical IF it’s a gamebook system developed by author Dave Morris back in the 90’s (it was called Virtual Reality Gamebooks back then) and it is distinctive in that it plays without the need for dice and stats like Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf did - players pick a character type or design their own with four out of twelve skills and can use gold to buy items, allowing a story driven experience like Choose Your Own Adventure but with elements of a more traditional gamebook. You can see some of the original books here.


I do love reading about Edge of the Empire and it’s most likely the one I’ll pick first so I can learn the system via a more straightforward smuggler or bounty Hunter character and make something more ambitious via Force and Destiny with the Jedi and Clone Wars era. :grin:

Mmm… Maybe Mass Effect. Still like the series a lot. Like, a lot. The aliens in that universe are so darn interesting to get to know, and the tech… Actually makes sense in my head. Which is rare, because usually scifi tends to be little bit confusing to wrap your head around when it comes to technological advancements. It becomes almost… Magical at some point? Like, you couldn’t give an educated/logical guess as to how certain things work, or how they could be improved with the resources there are. But ME actually makes a good job of giving enough information for you to feel that you actually have some grasp on what’s going on under the hood.

Or maybe classic D&D. During the early 00’s my Chemistry teacher lended me all his lore books during school vacations… The pile had my height haha. I enjoyed it a lot, especially all the snippets on small villages and certain monster mechanics that would probably be overlooked in favour of more popular content among the fandom. For example, Kuo Toas: humanoid fish creatures that, to put it simply, have so much faith that they are constantly (and accidentally) creating minor Gods. Glad that the latest Baldur’s Gate seems to be giving them some love.

That said, my favourite content from D&D is anything Ravenloft. I think if someone dropped something from Curse of Strahd for me to officially expand on/rewrite, I might actually cry. I’ve been DMing the campaign since 3rd edition.


Maybe Naruto, One Piece, or Fire Emblem (any game). Lots of places in these worlds that don’t center on the protagonists, with plenty of room for the MC to be the hero (or villain) of their own story, which is important for a CSG. Pokémon and Harry Potter (pre-1991) are also great CSG candidates.


Classroom of the elite, read that novel its good very good, i love the idea of an op character hiding his true skills


So many choices. I reckon something in the Pern universe would be great. Could do some interesting things with the Talent series (also McCaffery) and Babylon 5 as well (so many choices there from the interspecies negotiations/intrigue/wars, Psicorps, Technomages, excaliber spinoff etc). And Shadowrun would easily have the potential for lots of RPG spin offs. (Probably better stop now, could keep going lol.)

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Dark Crystal
Some goofy Warhammer nonsense
Intrigue on the Terraces: The Officially Licensed IF of the Vanarama National League

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Sense8 would be awesome, especially if you alternated perspectives between all eight of the Sensates and part of the choices that you (the reader) made was when to hop from one to the other.

I’m a big Twin Peaks fan, soooo… Yes?

DC Comics has a vast library, and everyone has their favorites. Me, I’d love to see the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon brought to IF. That show was a lighter take on Batman and paired him up each episode with a different B-list (or even C- or D-list) hero. The IF story could be one long mission, and each chapter was a different leg of the mission where Bats teamed up with a different guest-start hero. Then, in the final chapter, all the guest heroes return for the climax and the Epilogue details all these guest hereos’ fates, plus any changes to their relationships with Batman.

The comic gook Saga has excellent world-building and would be fun to play in. (Not necessarily playing as any of the known characters from the comics – just new MCs living in the universe the writer created.)

I’d love to see a slasher film series, like Friday the 13th, brought to life in one of these games. I think slasher is tough, though, because you really need to jump into different characters’ perspectives. The Final Girl is an important character, but you actually have to have quite a few other scenes where the various unspsecting victims get killed without the Final Girl around. Not sure how that would work in interactive fiction. I think if it were just from the FInal Girl’s perspective and showed her finding everyone’s bodies after they’d all had (off-page) death scenes, you’d lose quite a bit of what makes this genre special.

I believe there’s at least one Hosted Games game about gladiatorial combat plus a Heart’s Choice game about it coming out. I haven’t played these, but I’m hoping they can scratch my Spartacus: Blood and Sand itch.

I’m also a sucker for TV teen drama. Degrassi, Love Victor and Heartstopper? Someone, please make these into IF! And maybe, dare I ask it, Eurphoria?

EDIT: Oh, and if someone could do a faithful adaptation of The Sims, porting it from PC/consoles to IF, I think you’d have something really (pardon the pun) game-changing. It might not be the most exciting IF property, and it would likely have a lot of detractors. But if someone provided a model for adapting that kind of real-world sandbox game into an IF channel, imagine what that same model could be used for in other less-real-world games that want to give sandbox-style play.


There’s a vampire life simulator in the adult content section which basically tries to do the Sims. They’ve been putting out monthly updates for years and aren’t anywhere near finished yet; massive scope and ambition.


Every time this subject comes up, I find myself speculating what an IF version of The Sims would be like, and the conclusion I’ve finally settled on is “Alter Ego, but with more toilets.”


Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40000, but we all know how stingy GW can be sometimes.

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Oooo, there is one being made…I think, I dont know when it was last updated. But it’s pretty good so far.

If disney allow COG or any developer make star wars visual novel that will be amazing


Yeah, there was one here: Holy Ordos WIP [a Warhammer 40k inspired game] [updated v0.4.1, 2020/08/05]
Unfortunately I think it hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years.


Ya thats the one. Makes me sad that it seems dead :frowning:

That sad, now I remember about COG golden age😢

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