Idea for a fantasy/Sci-Fi game

So, the history is set about 250 million years ago, before the great extinction
civilizations and races live in Pangaea, the super-continent
they were created by a precursor race that comes from outer space, and had an internal war which caused destruction in our world, and now all races must unite and face coming danger!

In red, the human territory
In green, the orc territory
In orange?, the elven rebels
In olive green i guess, the elven empire
In orange, the precursor/elven hybrid
In grey, the Lost Lands (long time ago it was occupied by precursors)

Give me your opinions


What’s in the blue part?

Looks like a lake, maybe?

Can Be. Btw,Try bringing in some other species other than elves of orcs.:joy:


I agree with Khanra. But I would take it a step further and say either do elves/orcs that no one has ever done before or create entirely new species. The same old ones get kind of boring.

You know I have a species I want to create,but I cant find a name for them.


Was time travel involved to bring humans back to this time period? That can be interesting :thinking:

Since this is right before the Permian-Triassic extinction, is there going to be any connection with that? Are you going to make use of Permian creatures?


permian where super deadly and ugly creatures like those big slime creatures…and other big stuff.

Yeah, i was thinking about these boring species, so, i’m going to think about new ones
thanks m8

Im writing this around the theory that other advanced civilizations existed before ours

the great extinction would be caused by a war

aaaaaaaand i’m obviously using permian fauna

Will you host the game on dashingdon?

Well, certainly. But you said humans, specifically, so my question was about how humans ended up back there, before there were even mammals… if time travel was involved with that.

That might be a place to look if you’re thinking about new species other than elves and dwarves… something based on a gorgonopsid or early archosaur could be quite distinctive :thinking:

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If you can’t think of a name, why don’t you ask the community for help? It might be easier when hear some suggestions from others, or look up words in some other language that are a good description of what your race is like?

Where else can i host it?

Yeah, i dont think to put anything related to time travel
humans and al the other living beings were created by extremely advanced humanoids

I think i read somewhere on the choice of games official website three different options but the most widely used and imo the best one is dashingdon. Of course I can no longer find the page where I believe I read it. So it may not exist.

Maybe in the light blue area you can add sirens or a similar watery species?

Actually i want to add like permitan fauna but i could think about adding fantasy species

@brianG Could you add a new kind of species?

I mean, the idea seems interesting, but more would need to be added for me to really have any real thoughts. Like how each group acts, the overall setting (aside from the location), backstory, so on.

In the land between the human and orc territory theres a large gap maybe you can add lizard men there? Same thing with the area between the elven and human territory there maybe add dark elfs?