I want You to beta test my new game!

What’s up, fellow choice of gamers? I am currently in the process of crafting CoG’s next epic - I hate to brag, but this will put Choice of the Dragon to shame. (I wish)

Anyway, I need someone to check my text and coding for errors. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing and you’d giving me a real hand. Needless to say, you’d receive credit when this game is finished, and I’d owe you a giant favor that you could redeem at any time.

So who’s in? I only need one, so please speak up. :smiley:


what is the game about?

Fantasy? sci-fi?

I’m in by the way.

I’ll do it. Never forget that humility is a virtue though.

In case you didnt get my PM i would like you to know i would like to beta test please.

I would like beta test plox?

I’m up for some beta testing if you’ll have me.

I’m game to try. You might be better at coding than I am though lol

@gentleman_scholar please i would love ot and devote all my time to it as if it were my own child :stuck_out_tongue: kidding more

No reslly i would like to

Plus remember i liked werewolves rising :blush:



and … You guessed it


I’d love to help you out and beta test!

I’m a Beta Junkie and you sir may be a shady dealer in a trench coat. Please PM me the info about the game, and I will test it, but I must give you the disclaimer that I will be brutally honest in my review of it to you.

i would like to beta test it too

What’s it about? (+ 20 characters )

@ballmot @Zane_Hiam @anon48296871 @Shenanigans @gkex @Ausar @Sioux @TechDragon610 @CaptainCharisma_Ezhi
I’m glad to see people are excited, because that makes me even more excited! Just drop me a PM whenever you feel like it and I’ll send you an early copy of the game.

@Doctor It’s a seeeeeecret.

@Reaperoa please close this thread… I have all the support that I need. :slight_smile:

Also, we’re not here for errands. It’s annoying to be asked to close threads (not majorly, but mildly). If you’re a long time user, you’ll be able to do it on your own. Aim for that instead.

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