I need help with working on a game on my phone

Can some one help me

I don’t know how to start writing when I’m on phone

Could you clarify what your issue is?

my best guess would be they are having trouble setting up CS /CSide on their phone.

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If you are trying to use choicescript, I’d recommend using a laptop or a desktop to work on that. There are several programs, like CSIDE and Chronicler, that enable you to work easily.

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Write in a phone is easier for me than on PC . The problem is you shouldnt use the same programs a PC user did. Download a tex editor app and a file manager and you are set. It is far easier than in pc


Thank u

No problem I have my phone and tablet sync with my PC so in trains bus etc i use mobile devices. In Android I use Iota plus text editor and with a file manager you could manage folders of Choicescript like a PC using randomtest and quick test exactly as a PC. So I hope this help you to code


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