I need help on naming countries

I want to make a game that take place in year 2062/2084 A.D and I need help on naming these countries and their capitals:

Dark Blue : A military alliance between USA,Canada and Greenland. A center for technology.
Yellow : A poor dictator country that is in anarchy.
Light Blue : A union that have no natural resources but a center for tourist around the world.
Dark Green : A total muslim dictatorship country that is rich with it’s newly found uranium deposits.
Red : A democratic USSR.
Orange : An alliance that is is overpopulated but is a center of trade.
Purple : An overpopulated country that is rich with it’s culture.
Light Green : A democratic country that is the center of tourist.
Brown : A poor and unfertile country but have many mineral deposits.
Extra : Located at antartica. A low populated country that is extremly cold and have many mineral deposits.

Sorry if my english is bad, I am a malaysian.

Are you looking for made up names? Or trying to keep them similar to what’s already around? For example; that light green area you mentioned compromises of and area called Australasia and parts of Asia.

^^----- Is this what you meant?

or something more like this picture below?

^^^— If so , here is the link so that you can check it out yourself and maybe get some ideas of how you’d like to name them.

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I have one for yellow or dark blue britania sound very monarchy

Watched to much Code Geass? :wink: