I need help in coding


It’s hard to say, without seeing a sample of your code, but I’ve got some guesses that might help you narrow things down a little.

That said, it’s highly likely line 107 is trying to perform a math operation on a variable whose value isn’t numeric. Specifically, if you *create a variable with the value of "blah blah", then accidentally try to add to, subtract from, multiply, or divide it, you’ll get an error that says Error: line [whatever]: Not a number: blah blah

For example, the following code duplicates the error you’re reporting:

*create variable1 "blah blah"
*set variable1 +20

If the variable were created with a different value, you’d get a different error report. For example, the following:

*create variable1 "tall hats"
*set variable1 +5

That will report an error reading line [whatever]: Not a number: tall hats


When Randomtest encounters a text_input command, it always enters ‘blah blah,’ which can easily causes bugs if you’re expecting a specific kind of entry. The simplest way to get around this is to bypass the text_input section by commenting it out, or using *if choice_randomtest to make Randomtest skip it. This can also cause problems with Quicktest, I believe.