I have returned...again

So, what’s new, people who remember me?

Nonononononono! Zed… The only mortal that could ever be filed as a threat to me… I must eliminate him once the time comes…

I remember you

Ahhh the great Zed once again graces us with his presence! How hast thou been in thine absence? It appears that you have a new rival or two judging by the comments above…

My army shall gather soon. My comrades weapons at the ready!

hey Zed wb, how ya been dude


@Talon5505 Id rather not fight zed, Master 2

never met you, and it’s nice to meet you :-h

You never met him !!!
Thats possible :stuck_out_tongue:

That smile has a really awkward wave…

True that, Soul Eater

Betrayal? … All my army post “Loyal” on here so I know who to spare

Bitch, please.
I’d crush you in a heartbeat.

Haha. Funny. Zed, while you were gone I have grown in power tremendously. I am so powerful I can create alternate universes. And destroy alternate universes…

Its easy to destroy talon.
He doesn’t even want to battle me cuz he is to scared

@Talon5505 Nononono, No betrayal, master 2. Just fear

Anyway, where have you been @Zed

Maby he was stuck in the toilet and just found his way out