I'm Back. How is everyone?


I’ve been gone awhile. How it’s everyone? How are the stories going etc. Update me guys?


Lol happy to see ya back.


@TheDragon, how long were you offline ?


A few months, maybe?


I still use void powers on the forum and thare have been some good wips popping up here and there thats about it also there is a new hero rise game


You missed the weekend sale! For a week, every single Choice of Games-made by the company and hosted-were free!

…Not really. Welcome back.


Been away for a few months, and thanks, good to be back. I was pretty unknown by most, but was pretty active. How’s CJW’s(forgive me if those are the wrong initials) game doing? Along with MaraJades, and a few others.


Marajade a is still going on and I have only just joined but thee are tons of new games now hope you check them out


I don’t believe we’ve met, but I’ve got a demo up for my gamebook if you wanna see :smiley:



Unnatural has entered a final edit so will be submitted soon.


Awesome! Then will it go into the beta testing stage, or has that been done already?


Thats been done. JimD is cleaning my grammar and punctuation up.


Awesome. So then it’ll probably be published in around a month or so?


Sure, drop the link by whenever. @Samuel_H_Young

And great news NC. Post the link? @NocturnalStillness


that’s great here you

hope you like it



There’s the link for the discussion which has the illustrations and the link for the game.


could I send you a link to my game aswell?


Sure, I love seeing peoples work. @JLBH2000


I hope so!


Oh, and I didn’t know you had changed the games name @NocturnalStillness