The Shadow Society General Discussion Thread CANCELLED. Cancellation update on #246

“The Shadow Society” book one is released! From now on, please keep discussion regarding the game to this thread; the WIP thread will soon be closed.

You can get the game here:


Choice of Games Webstore


Google Play Store

I currently can’t provide the link for the App Store, but if you click the link to the CoG Webstore, you can click the button that says “Download on the Appstore” further down on the page :blush:

Thank you everyone for supporting me so much during the development of this game, I can’t begin to say how much it means to me. I’d be thrilled to know what you think of it :heart:


Yep, just bought it a few minutes ago. Going to play through a couple scenarios before attempting a more in depth response.

I will say though, that cover art may just give me a few nightmares tonight. :grinning: It looks like Slenderman’s family reunion.


I can’t believe it’s finally here, this is a good day. M, here I come :relieved:


I’ve been playing some paths and I loved them all. Congrats again for the release and for your good work @Carawen.


Thank you all :heart: :blush:

@Okami-Nora I can see that :joy:

@sunny I’ve already coded a choice in book 2 that you can express interest in one of the secret RO’s even if you’re already in a romance with a main RO. It’s not something I planned but it’s something I really wanted to include :laughing: so in short, yes! I imagine you’ll have to choose between them eventually, though.


I didn’t really expect it at first but it managed to become one of the best hosted games I’ve played. My congratulations on your writing. Without a doubt in my to 3. It’s really a shame that it wasn’t longer, it ended on the best part. I hope that we won’t have to wait too long for the next one, do you have any idea on when we can expect it?


My MC looking at the group: source (6)

Edit I dont know how to spoiler tag but I love that when it comes to “lock in” a romance there’s a “F*** all of them i didnt even want to be here” option. Letting me play a moody Ahole makes me love the game.

Edit 2:
The final shadow society book

You now have the power of a god who do you side with?

  1. The Hideouters
  2. The Shadow Society
  3. The Lux Agency
  4. Just go home
  5. ( to the tune of let it go from frozen) Kill them all Kill them all can’t hold it back anymore. Kill them all Kill Them all Molotov and seal the door. I dont care what they’re going to scream. Let the fires burn on! My conscience never bothered me anyway.

But seriously i really enjoyed being an unrepentant asshole through the entire book. And that final kill chef’s kiss.


The wait for the second book is gonna kill me😣


Also can anyone help me with a thing?Like how do I date and take Azuridia and Rheyla both to the dinner?Also,is Jealene a potential love interest?

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If you mean at the Shadowmans place you can only go with Azuridia, also theres only just a love triangle you can’t date both of them. And yes Jealene is a RO.


I mean to take both of the sisters to the party at the hideout…also Jealene is a ro in this book or book 2?

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I don’t know if you can take both of them probably have to pick one, Jealenes romance starts at the end of this book, but continues in the next one.


Ohh… thanks for the clarification mate



Good games! Love it :heart:


Bought it as I got the notification, played three times (paths) for now, need a break, but more to come. :relaxed:

Really glad to see we can have so many different attitudes and approaches, really helps with different characters – I tend to make different ones for different ROs.

So, yay on release, and well done, @Carawen. :smiley:


@sunny Lmao, I couldn’t resist including that, it’d feel strange if they had no reaction to it. I’m really glad it made you laugh! Thank you so much :heart: :smile:

@UnoriginalUserName Wow, that’s amazing to hear! I had some hope that people who liked the demo would enjoy the full thing, but I didn’t think it’d unexpectadely become one of someone’s top three! Thank you so much for playing it! I have no clue when book 2 will be out, but a lot of the stuff set up in book 1 will definitely be explored more in it. I was in a very stressful time of my life when writing book 1 and felt pressured to get it done within a certain time frame, which is why I’m actually not 100% happy with it. But I want to really take my time with book 2 to make it as good as possible. Sadly that’s going to mean longer wait, but hopefully also a step-up from this one. Thank you again :blush:

@Jeruspi I’m glad you felt the more cynical options to be enough! Thank you :smile:

@Samael_Blackblade What Patrick said, you can’t be with them both at once :sweat_smile: but to be clear, if you picked the triangle, Azur will always be the one to approach you for the party. R will in their independant romance/friendship, but in the triangle, when they suspect something is going on between A and the MC, they don’t dare to take that first step. Not at this point at least.

@ydefsoul There is! But there’s a bug right now with that which might make it appear like M is dead, which I wil ltry to fix asap. Maybe you got that one? And thank you :blush:

@Taylor_Enean Thank you so much :heart:

I wanted to throw a question out there, because I’ve seen some people say that there’s a distinct lack of romance in this book. How do you think the romance/friendship etc. was generally handled?

And if anyone went for the jealousy scenes, there’s supposed to be a special scene in chapter 10 during the party, after you’ve potentially chosen a romance to go for, so if anyone tried this route, I’d love to know if that scene triggers or not :slightly_smiling_face:


For M… I played through again last night for the R/A triangle and got a different, and very cool, ending for M, where he somehow ended up with V? Or maybe I was half asleep and imagining it. I think I dreamed about these characters last night!

I have only played three routes so far: A, R, and A/R (that order since my MC flirted with A first–I restarted after flirting with R first then going to A because my MC felt like shit!).

I think A’s romance was handled really well–he’s the ice king, but there’s some fire under there and it’s fun to poke and prod it to get it to flare. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The piano scene was superb! And I think the build-up to it was perfect (btw, my MC on his path alone liked telling him she’s tempted to run away to see how he “punishes” her… and is willing to risk life and limb to provoke him into it, please give us that option in book 2 and the ability to make clear it’s just a provocation so A’s head won’t explode).

R’s romance… well, like I said in the other thread, it wasn’t as annoying as I’d feared. I mean, I get him–he doesn’t know wtf is going on, doesn’t understand these “feelings” and urges that are popping up, and–most of all–can’t fathom anyone actually liking him in that way, so the thought of doing something about it is foreign to him. Though it’s frustrating to read, it mostly works in paths where the MC is shy or equally as stubborn about feelings. It’d be nice to see a few options where an MC could have the same attitude as R, too, where they’re in complete disbelief when R actually (hopefully?) is willing to do something about it. For a forward MC? The romance is non-existent, really, and borders on creepy because it gives off the feeling of the MC chasing someone not only disinterested, but completely disgusted by the forwardness. Just my opinion, though.

For the triangle? Again, A’s path is unarguably a “romance”. R’s path is actually, in some respects, more obvious, because there’s some jealousy popping up from him (even if he doesn’t quite get that it’s jealousy or where the anger is coming from). Yet, he’s still not willing to shit or get off the pot, which makes it frustrating. I’m really curious to see how that plays out in book 2–if he just continually sits on the sidelines pouting or if he’s willing to do something to show the MC he really is interested (and that last part also goes for his solo path).

I can’t answer for the other paths, but might make up some characters to try with them, just to be able to provide some feedback.

Having said all that, please don’t be discouraged over feedback complaining about a lack of romance. This is a series, so you basically used book 1 as a build-up to what’s coming later, correct? There’s another series out that is completely romance-focused and her first book had no more “romance” than TSS. In fact, you gave us a hell of a lot more, IMO, since you gave us some real progress with A (and M and G, had I to bet) before the end of the game.

Of course, each person’s definition of “romance” is different–I don’t consider longing looks and endless, fruitless flirting to be romance (and I get bored quickly with that crap), but some people do. IMO, you gave us a lot more than that.


I think I run into a few bugs? The first one is the stat page. For some reason, it shows Unknown instead of M name, though the stat bars themselves work just fine. Another one is during the mansion exploration. The choice to check out the stone gate doesn’t gray out after picking it like the other choices and if you choose it again it still raises your power stat. Figure I might as well tell cuz I haven’t seen anyone bringing them up yet.

I’ve only play two routes so far (shadow man and A) but I love both of them! Each route has its own charm and offers different experience (though shadow man route makes me feel like I’m turning evil lmao). I have to I disagree with what someone said that this story lacking romance. Just because the romance is subtle doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Actually, I quite like how you subtly hint romance here and there in the story (in A route, at least). To me it makes the reading more interesting and doesn’t distract me from the actual plot. My only complaint is, how dare you end it like that! I demand book 2 now! :sob::sob:


Completely agree on R, which is kind of disappointing since she is who I’m most interested for. I hope the second book handles this better.


I think it’ll be much better in book 2. R is a special case, I think, given their insecurities. From what @Carawen has said, I think being separated from the MC between book 1 and book 2 will make them a bit more amenable to pulling their head out of their ass and being a bit more open to things.