I Have No Skill Yet I Must Kill | A 100% typical revenge story set in a 100% typical fantasy world | Updated 17 August 2023

Your esteemed master, Elkin Woods, the greatest of the swordmasters has died following a tragic case of skill issue, catapulting you to go on a daring quest to avenge him!

Just one problem… You have no skill, and this cursed vambrace latched to your arm is speedrunning you to a swift demise! Oh my!

|What’s it about?|

A 100% typical revenge story set in a 100% typical fantasy setting. A piece of work that becomes (much like my sanity as I’m coding this game) progressively more deranged as time goes on.

There used to be three of us, now, I am alone. All alone with spaghetti code. Crying. Silently.

|About my writing|

I have a tendency to describe scenes swiftly in a very abstract manner, focusing less on visual descriptions and more on vivid sensations in my storytelling.

I also have a tendency to put terrible puns here and there. So be warned.

|The World and Scope|

The world is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting. The same that can be found in my first attempt of an IF, i.e Runeward.

Unlike my first IF though, the scope is much smaller, focusing on a very small spot in the world, the City of Rubold, a city like any other.

|What you should expect?|

It can be absurd, it can be horrific, it can also sometimes be quite wholesome.

One thing is certain, there will be exploration!

|Main Characters|


Lauren of Marketh

“I am but a slave to my innate desire.”

-Lauren explaining why he bought a solid gold piss-pot.

The final boss of the game, your typical dragon-human hybrid. He is the leader of the Polanx, colloquially know also as Lauren’s Battalion, a man with a very dark past that’s buried deep beneath layers of cheefulness and politeness. Lock your fridge or he’ll raid your hoard. Will actually kill you.

Roark Onager

“You know, that look of yours… It reminds me alot of my father. He was pious, he was determined, he was a good man. I HATED my father.”

-Roark “least unhinged elven” Onager.

With an explosive personality matching his unyielding strikes and wielding access to a seemingly endless stockpile of health-potions, he has taken it his life mission to beat the skill deficiency out of your system, molding you into a walking, talking, killing machine. He’s an Elven of simple taste with great passion for gardening. Note: Try not to critique his plants unless you want to be turn into a meat pinata.

Cecilia Ballista

“We provide the cheapest and most ethical mercenary service in the market.”

-Cecillia promoting her 100% wholesome para-military organization.

The de-facto leader and quartermaster of the Polanx, a charming and exceptionally caring (for monetary gains) individual, you can rest assured that when things get heated she will be the first to go, and the first to check up on folks once its jover.

Hailey of Byyrrk


-Hailey giving a profound, life-changing response to the player.

A knowledgeable fellow, possessing know-how on matters from botany to civil engineering. She is your friendly neighborhood halfing; always around, always ready to lend a hand. She doesn’t speak nor expresses herself very much, and that’s absolutely fine.

Alder Woods

“I won’t die, you can trust me.”

-Alder trying not to die challenge (impossible)

The eldest of your master’s son who just like you is on a mission to avenge his father. Kindness is rarely given to him, and yet he bestows it to others nonetheless. The best source for free heals in the game, so make sure he doesn’t die.

Phillia Rayde

“I got potions if you got the coins.”

-Phillia Rayde, certified masta potion maker and seller. :moneybag::sunglasses::ok_hand:

The meek will be strong. The ignorant shall be enlightened. And those without purpose? They will find their lives fullfilled. No-one brews potions like Phillia does! This comment is sponsored by Phillia Pharma.

|Here’s the demo|

I Have No Skill Yet I Must KIll!

|Additonal Notes|

  • All feedback are appreciated. The bad, the good, I’ll wholeheartedly accept!
  • A fair warning, don’t expect frequent updates. I work 6 days a week :smiling_face_with_tear:. I’m just doing this for fun
  • Will there be ROs? No. Why? I just don’t feel like it.

0.1.1—“It’s Jover”
>3000+ words added, mostly me polishing scenes here and there tho. (Book is now 15,000+ words)

0.1—“Choking The Dragon”
>12,000+ words added.


Some context:

I had intended to release this after I finish the prologue for a better quality experience to you all. However, for the sake of a better quality state of mind, i.e my state of mind, I decided to release it just at it is for a few reasons.

  1. So I can get folks to playtest for bugs. I lost count hy many times I playtested this game…

  2. So I can get input on the quality of my writing; which place I should polish, any errors here or there, etc.

  3. I don’t know which branching path are finished or not, and I’m hoping people might playtest this game and point out any unfinished bits i might missed.


This was enjoyable from start to finish. Great work, and i cant wait for more.

The title feels like A Manhwa or Japanese LN title lol. Bookmarked because the title alone.


I may not be expert at or have any proficiency in coding but is the stats supposed to be like that, there just look out of balance

edit: oh never mind it reverted back to normal, and from what i have seen of the game so far in the prologue now i am pretty much hype for this and also why is this just giving me swordigo vibes


Ok i found a bug

Fixed the issue, turns out it was an incomplete branching path.

Thanks for the help. :pray:

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Another one in the books, thanks for the hard work~

Absolutely lovely~ can’t wait for more!

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It’s jover, prologue is done (story-wise at least). Any feedback is appreciated. :pray:

Game has been updated and I’m going to bed now. Goodnight!



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Also, I don’t think this is a problem of the game per se, but I think I have issues with some other dashindon games online saves bleeding into other games, my saves kept getting jumbled.

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Found a bug when you ask Lauren ‘‘how are you alive?’’ after wounding him in the duel you get ‘‘line 1423 neither true nor false: 48’’

Hilarious game btw

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This wip has my interest

Thanks for telling, it should be fixed now. I hope. :sweat_smile:

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great to see an update!

Found another one in chapter 1, when I ask the cleric lady ‘‘so, now what?’’ after waking up I get ‘‘line 72: Neither true nor false: 1’’

Fixed it. Again, thanks for the assist. :+1:

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