I got a new phone but do I have to buy everything again

So I had gotten safe haven like purchased everything but on Android, and now I upgraded to iPhone do I have to buy everything again or is there a way to get it back?

iphone uses a different app store - they won’t give you credit for apps purchased on Android. And visa-versa too.

If you have the receipts from the android store, you can send them into CoG and have them unlock the games here and linked to your account here, then you can use a browser to play them.

Unfortunately the retailers (platform sellers) don’t do more.


Just wanted to ask for clarification, but isn’t any purchase linked to our google account?

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Yes, if you swapped an android for android phone you wouldn’t have a problem restoring purchases (same with iPhone to iPhone). Cross platform, you’re out of luck.


Yep. Part of why I have been iPhone since 2012. Couldn’t stand rebuying so many games.

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Thank u all well I’m fucked


Send your receipts in and get your games unlocked on the web regardless.


Wasnt there some very very roundabout way of getting google as browser on your iphone or something? I vaguely remember something like that for other stuff…

Sorry for highjacking this thread… Do we pm it to you?

I got SoH 2 off Amazon but I want to switch to Playstore since Amazon app is so slow.

Email them to support.

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