I need some advice: getting a new phone


Hi all I am in need of some help I want to get a new phone as this one is faulty, this phone is a Android and I want to get an apple but I fear getting another phone will mean I will have to purchase all of the hosted games and CoGs that I already have what can I do ?


Get an android.
No, seriously though:
If you got the recipts (sp?) of your purchases you can contact the crew here and unlock them on the page. But not in the store.
There is some weird roundabout, though IIRC through the google play store, though i dunno how.


I would advice getting an Android phone. You only need to register the email you are currently using and it will let you download your previous purchase.


Yeah, the two people above make good points. Get another Android phone for sure.


Yeah I suppose so, thanks everyone I guess I’ll just get another Android


Why do you want an apple for? (Quickly clamps closed can of worms). Seriously though, get an Android. Better value, more choice and you can easily put your apps across.