I am a Beginner with a few questions

1.) When having the MC different genders do I have to create different scenes with proper pronouns, or is there a certain command to use?

2.) I want to create a percentage state, but it is not a string. How do I make it a sting, but have to show up with spaces?

3.) How do you keep all your scenes organized?

4.) Is it possible to have more than one *if XXXXX > 50 will both the text show up, or do you have to have more than one scene?


*if AAAAA > 50

*if BBBBB > 50

5.) Would something like this work?


*if AAAAA > 50

*if AAAAA = 50

*if AAAAA < 50

6.) I know how to set female and male variables to true or false, but how would I reflect that in the stat screen?

7.) When I am letting the player decide how they look, would I just do the same set up as different variables as true and false? Like long hair, blond hair, wavy hair, ect.

8.) Also, I think I did something wrong, because I am stuck at a forever loading after I make a choice of female or male. Here is the code I have (it’s not much cause I am just now learning this.)

Below is the link to my code

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This link should be of assistance to you.


Hey, thanks for the link, but I still seem to be stuck. I wanted to know if you know what I did wrong with setting the gender if you understood how to do that.

You can make variables that allow you set the player’s gender and pronouns. Follow the link and look at how to create and use variables; you should be able to figure it out from there. :grin:

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I did try that actually, but for some reason after I picked a gender all it would do will keep loading like the code is trying to of what to do next.

My now current startup.text is

*author Jordan_Haley


*create Charisma 50
*create Leader 50
*create Loyal 50
*create Reckless 50
*create Subtle 50
*create Bow 0
*create Crossbow 0
*create Broadsword 0
*create Daggers 0
*create Name ""
*create NameL ""
*create gender "male"
*create he "he"
*create him "him"
*create his "his"
*create man "man"
*create sir "sir"
*create mr "Mr."

What is your first name?
*input_text Name

What is your last name?
*input_text NameL

The sky is littered with bright, small stars that almost made the sky seem to be white, but strangely enough the world around was still dark as it would be on a cloudy night. The night was freezing like it always is, but the huge bonfires did seem to help a bit to warm the villagers up. At one of the bonfires stood a...
		*set gender "female"
		*set he "she"
		*set him "her"
		*set his "her"
		*set man "women"
		*set sir "ma'am"
		*set mr "Ms."
		*set gender "male"
		*set he "he"
		*set him "him"
		*set his "his"
		*set man "man"
		*set sir "sir"
		*set mr "Mr."

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From what I can see, this all looks okay. Could you show me where you’re attempting to display the variables and what happens in-game when you arrive at that scene?

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Ah, sorry I didn’t know I could do that here. Display the variables? Are you talking about the choicescript_stats.txt? Or are you talking about where it should shows that you are female and male?

Because if you have to add something to the choicescript_stats.txt I guess I missed something? I want it to display weather you are female are male, but I haven’t figured that out.

If you are talking about where it shows what you pick I have that in the next scene, cause from what I understand once you make a choice you have to make another scene. That next scene is the other.txt. Which hold the code:

what to do?
  #$!{he}'s definitely a ${man}," the computer says. "Tell ${him} ${he} can collect ${his} prize.
    Bow plus 5
    *set Bow +5
        Text text text text text text text text
        Text text text text text text text text
        Text text text text text text text text Text text text text text text
    Text text text text text text text text
        Text text text text text text text text
        Text text text text text text text text
    Text text text text text text text text

This is me just trying to see if it works, which its not. When you choice female or male it should go to the next scene, right? It just stays on the screen where you choice female or male. However at the bottom right those five boxes show up and acts like its trying to bring up the next scene. Though its just stuck like its trying to load the next screen. Do you want me to take a screen shot of it?

I’m… not entirely sure what problem you’re having. The text you’ve written on the first option should display whatever text you set to the “he” and “man” variables. That’s what I mean when I say displaying variables.

Mmmm. Yeah, I have no idea what is going on. The only other thing I can think of trying is instead of having the code just going down the, having it code that tells it to go straight to the other.txt.

Thanks for trying to help. I have no idea what is going on. I tried to do *goto_scene other, but that still didn’t work. The only other reason I can think of which might be happening is because my laptop battery needs to be replace, my computer just doesn’t want to do it. Anyway if that is not it and anyone else want to try and help me, I just zipped the folder up and threw it in drop box if ya’ll want to take a look. I am gonna keep researching for what else it could be.

What precisely are you using *goto_scene for? You don’t need that to display variables, so I assume you’re trying to accomplish something else.

Since startup.txt wouldn’t automatically go to the other.txt after the choice of female or male was picked, I was trying to see if I couldn’t force it to go to the next scene… It didn’t work.

I am not sure if you can use *ending within a choice option.

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I do have a text doc that is the OG ending.txt, but I have ended the choices with with *finish

This *ending script command is the one I am referencing.

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Oh, total just missed that. That was just testing to see if it ended. It worked before. However after I tried to put where you can pick if you are male or female the game just refuse to go to the other scene, the one with *ending.

I am just gonna go through and maybe there is some mess up with spaces and tabs? Cause I am trying to use tabs, but maybe some lines with spaces are in there somewhere?

… Thanks for taking a look. I wasted hours on this, and well figured out what it was. Notepad++ didn’t save other as a txt it saved it as a file. Sorry if I wasted ur time.

For picking the gender I personally would just use a fake choice, so you won’t be clustered with scenes :slightly_smiling_face:, but thats Personal taste.

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