Hunger Games: 5th Quarter Quell

Hunger Games: 5th Quarter Quell is based off the Hunger Games series, but with the history being altered around the 74th-75th to make it possible for there to be a 5th Quell.

  • Become a tribute
  • Do your best to survive against 24 other tributes and become the victor
  • Hone your skills for this special quell in order to increase your chance to win
  • Make allies & help each other survive
  • Choose your district and section, determines starting stats & skills

Dashingdon link:
Last upload: 1-10-2020

What’s done:

  • District choice - 1-2, 11-13
  • Sections for 1-2, 11-13
  • An alternate history to make this game make sense
    • The Reading of the Card info (will post draft version below)
    • Alternate history description choice (if you are interested in reading it, I can post it)
  • Tribute names
  • List of weapons & skills (if not completed, then nearly completed)
  • Arena design
  • Personality & skill stats
  • Ally codes
  • Health, stamina, hunger, & thirst stats
  • Injury info page
  • Some tribute deaths are planned (as much as they can be at this point)

What’s coming:

  • Districts 3-10
  • Sections for remaining districts
  • Reaping

Edit for Leaders/Mods: when I make an edit, it doesn’t give me a category & I can’t search for one. Defaults to the original of HG WIP. Please let me know how to change that to the interactive fiction (which says it doesn’t exist in your message below)


Reading of the Card early draft:

“This year is the 5th Quarter Quell, the 125th Hunger Games. As with every Quarter Quell, these special Hunger Games are different than the normal games.” The president reaches behind her and is handed an envelope, which she carefully opens. Taking out the yellowed and aged card, she reads it. “For the 5th Quarter Quell, to remind the districts that the war was prolonged, this year the game shall last longer than any other games before it. And as a special reminder that the rebels sacrificed one person to be the face of the rebellion, one extra tribute shall be reaped from the districts.”

The second part is aimed directly at district 13, as they had picked Katniss to be the face of their rebellion, which ultimately failed in a lot of ways.


So, is this intended to just be an interactive fanfic, basically? COG doesn’t accept Hosted Games that use someone else’s IP. Just asking for clarification. :slight_smile:


They do if the author gives permission, but I do not think I’ll be looking to publish this. It’s just a hobby project.

But basically, yes. AN interactive fanfiction. I’m disappointed in the lack of Hunger Games games.


I would assume that the only games you can make and publish are using content that is in the public domain, though it’s still nice to see ones for others like this one.


Yes, I know that you can if the author gives permission, but in this case I felt it was safe to assume that Suzanne Collins didn’t give you permission to publish her IP. :wink:

Regardless, it’s nice that you’re thinking about writing an interactive fan fiction. My only suggestion would be to play a few of the other games around here to get a feel for what COG audiences typically expect from a story. Namely, I think you should include a non-binary option for your gender choice, and reword that section so that people are selecting their gender instead of their sex.

I’m going to move this to #off-topic:other-interactive-fiction since this isn’t a Hosted Game WIP. Good luck with your writing! :slight_smile:


If I ever want to publish this, I will find a way to contact her, but I don’t want to approach her with barely a few pages worth of a game. I would want to show her something a bit more…substantial. Like having all the districts done, the reaping, and possibly the intro to the capitol.


Well, if it ever comes down to that, I wish you good luck in getting her blessing. It would certainly be a first for Hosted Games!

In any case, I do hope this project gets you comfortable with not only CS but our forums, and that you have fun making this. :slight_smile:


I have a bit of experience already actually. I’ve worked with another WIP author on a game and I’ve learned a little bit of coding in my spare time. So far I’ve had very little issues, but it’s more challenging than I expected.


People are just trying to be helpful. =)
CoG themselves have said that they would not publish such works (it’s written on the website).
Though you can still make one available for free.

I hadn’t noticed they said they wouldn’t publish it (it’s been forever since I looked at their site).

I wonder, will there be any romance in this game? I feel like it’s totally possible there won’t be, but there is in the books/movies sooo… but besides that, I really am excited for more as I used to be really into The Hunger Games so its nostalgic for me! And good luck with publishing it if that is the route you want to pursue!


I know nothing about the hunger games what is it even about.

Hey, so I played through the demo and I really like your writing style and tone you use. I have caught a problem, if you select to be from district 11 when it takes you to the page where you select your section in the district it gives 2 options instead of 5 you would need based on your description and when you select one and continue it takes you to the section and background info for district 13.

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I’m a HUGE fan of the hunger game books so I’m glad theirs some type of fan fic story of this and I’ll play it through out when you begin updating it.

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Yeah you can’t officially publish or release and make money off anything which is copyrighted like that unless it’s in the public domain like Sherlock Holmes. Fan fiction where you are doing it for fun or practice is fine.

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Like the looks of this!


For the 100th Quarter Quell, every district was given extra food, clothing, medicine, homes were rebuilt and updated, buildings were restored to their original glory, and while the Hunger Games were still on, the blow of reaping three boys and three girls from each district was slightly softened by the better treatment the districts received.

It is hard to ignore this when the title is ‘Hunger Games: 5th Quarter Quell’.

Nice set up so far!

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What a cool concept. CS is the perfect medium for something like this. All the best with the project, I’m certainly interested! :slight_smile:

Just take the Hunger Games part out of it and leave the battle royale part. That is after all what this is about. If that isn’t enough it’s not like battle royale books are limited to hunger games. I remember reading somewhere that the Hunger Games premise was taken from another book.