Hueyyad (Revisited)

Hueyyad. The story where you play as a journalist that is sent to a war zone. A war between two nations bordering one another on a large continent. In the west, the technological powerhouse Hellsum faces the army from the east. The army with a highly militarised culture, the Duo Nagari.
You, as a journalist, will try to survive the war. You will face hardship, friendship, and tragedies. There will be others who met fate as bad as you, and some met even worse. They will come to you for help. But which path you’ll use? A peaceful road? The road of tragedies? The road of sins?
Watch as the journalist will turn from an average man to a soldier as he will be shaped by the war around him. But what kind of soldier will YOU be?

The war was caused by a dispute in the region of Polny. The Nagarian claimed them as their ancestral lands, and Hellsumer claimed it as de facto land written in the constitution. Who will win the war? Who will you support? Will you support them?

Through muds, and red snow, you will know your goal.

This is the renewed version of my older story. There are many grammatical errors. That’s why I fixed it with this new version. The story supossed to be much bigger.


Your companion will give you quest. These quest will affect your endings.


There will be some semi-science fiction atmosphere, but it will be limited. Imagine a suit of armour but for a gunfight. There are other things, of course.
The world will be somewhere in the 80s. Expect jets, helicopters, fashion, and others.

❤ Romance

There’s romance, I think. The characters will have quests that will lead you to ‘romance’.


The game features a stats called AICE and MAGS;
and Endurance

and there’s MAGS;
Martial Arts

These stats will give you more options and can be improved in the game.


Gifts will give you more options in dialogues and also give you buffs. Example, a gift will give you an option in dialogues, also increase your endurance +2 but awareness -1


You’ll really (i mean really) start the game once have the headquarter on the abandoned apartment in CHAPTER I: NAGARIAN | Act 2

From there will be options to improve defence, but you need resources by sending a small group of people to scavenge.
Your small group will grow to become a small army or a big one. The former militias will become soldiers as you improve your discipline and weapons.
There’ll be a list of quests. To start them, you need to approach one of the quest givers. Example, speak with Bohun to start his quest line.
Each quest line will define the ending.

To play the demo, go here:

IIf you are asking why I made this, I did this because of boredom :smiley:
If there’s bad grammar or plot holes (things that don’t make sense) please email me. Thank you.

Things to do:

  1. Introduce fight system
  2. Write, write, write.
  3. Draw, draw, and draw
    (I’ll be focusing on writing, because it’s easy. Since I already knew the plot.)

Please leave a suggestion in the chat :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:


This sounds very interesting! I’ll definitely check it out soon, when I have the time. Good luck with this!

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Hey, there is a problem with the save system. It’s taking a while to load/ doesn’t work at all , were you aware of this?

I’ll check it. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Edit: I tried the game, and the save system is okay. Perhaps you can try again.

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I think there is a problem with the ‘show stat’ menu, i can’t open it.

Fixed it

If you load it when your WiFi is poor, it’ll just keep loading forever. Sometimes it just simply refuses to load, too. It’s not a problem with the game, it’s a problem with dashingdon, which the game is hosted on.

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27/2/22 Update.

The prologue is nearly done. Be patient, Chapter I will start soon. Very soon. :smiley:


Later this day I’m going to post the new update. Stay tuned.

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Chapter I started. Have fun. I already start writing for the next update, cheers!

The link is in the post, scroll up! :smiley:


What do you guys think of the story? Let me know.


Can there be a better way to establish AICE system? Putting points one by one felt really… strange and I think I’ve misclicked twice. MAGS used a straight up addition - can AICE do the same?

Also, Martial Arts have an underscore between words. Is this intended?

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I do like the approach to skills and them giving extra information: like the broken tire, knowledge of venicle sounds.

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Yeah, i will find a way to fix the martial arts. For MAGS, I’m currently finding a way to make it more simple. I’ll update it as soon as I can.

I remember a feature that lets you showcase thr stat name in a different manner. It essentially looks like “create value (x) (y)” and it shows as y. Can it work with Martial Arts?

I just found out how to fix it. :smiley:

About the upcoming update, it’s quite tricky. I need to write the resources and the systems. The current resources will be manpower, resources (food, water, and scraps), workforce, and Specialized weapons. I don’t know if this is too tricky to write, but I’ll try my best to deliver a good choicescript story to you all.

Stay safe :slight_smile:

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Just a little update, (and not let this discussion die :)) I have found no alternatives to assign the AICE to be more simple currently. So, I’m now focusing on writing the story of the game.

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