How to play Choice of the Deathless on a browser?


Everytime I click the app it puts me in this weird second window where you can’t open up tabs and have to play it as if it was a phone. Is there any way to play it normally as if it was in a browser, like every other game allows?


Same with “Unnatural”, what the hell is going on?


@Banshee What browser are you using? I’m using firefox and it works fine for me.


What version of the app did you purchase?


the google chrome one


Oh I’ve not bought any recent google chrome games.

Have you tried using the chrome app launcher?

Have you tried using chrome-extension://fnkefdjeongigffbkjembghcaoccenfc/index.html


I’ve had the same thing happen with the chrome store.

@fantom Which version of the game do you use to be able to play on Firefox?


@Dolphinzgirl Just the online demo they have on the site.


@fantom Gotcha.

I always got the games through Chrome because it made it really easy to look at the code. Now that that doesn’t seem to be the case, are any of the other versions more conducive to that?


Okay, I bought Unnatural, and have had a look around. I see what you mean. It took a while but I found the scenes files. The easiest way to explain how to find them is just to search your computer for the word “scenes”. It’ll be in there, somewhere, on the list. For me it was in an appdata folder. Only Windows h8 is not agreeing with me so I stopped before I found out how to launch the game. I’ll go back to it soon.


I haven’t bought any recent Chrome games, so things apparently are different now. But using Windows 7, the folders for the games (and any other extensions you have) should probably be under something like:
\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 2\Extensions\

Profile 2 will be different depending on what profile you bought the app on.

If you’re having trouble launching the game in Chrome and assuming the files are still the same in the new games, you can find the index.html file in the game folder, and then “open with” to play in Firefox/another browser.


@imaginaries It works! You are the absolute best!


Sorry for the confusion. Unnatural uses Google’s “new style” of Chrome apps, which run in a separate window and not in a browser tab. Eventually we’ll be required to switch over to this.

When I set up the webstore for more games, you’ll be able to view source on the web if you purchase the game that way, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it to very many games yet.


God bless you imaginaries, firefox + your method works wonders. Let’s hope this method keeps working in the future, and thank you.


It works with Safari, too.