How to make playable in dropbox?

Hey everybody. So I’m working on my first game and it would be immensely helpful to know how to put it on drop box for other people to play like the WIPs. Also, another quick question while I’m at it, how do you make the game “remember” certain choices like name and gender or faction? Thanks in advance for help!

As far as I know you either need a paid account or you need to have an old account from before dropbox disabled the “public link” feature on free accounts. I’m lucky enough to have an old account. If you have either of these things then you can obtain the public link for your index file by right-clicking it, copying the public link and posting it in your forum thread.

Also, as far as the second half of your question goes you need to study variables. The cs wiki has information specifically on variables (

However, I recommend you start by thoroughly reading the cs tutorial on the main Web site ( There is also a good beginner’s tutorial on the wiki (

For the kind of variables you want that are permanent throughout the entire game you need to look into global variables. Temporary variables last only for that scene. They’re temporary and defined within the scene you are working on rather than in startup. I use them mainly to keep track of flags within one conversation. Example: If a player keeps choosing rude conversation options within a single conversation I can keep track of that with a temporary variable and have something occur if the player chooses a certain number of these rude options.

Anyway, I’m not very good at explaining these things but hopefully studying the tutorials will help you out. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

You’ll need a Dropbox public folder for that but I believe if you want one now you need to pay money for it.

For the code you need something like this

*create name     " "
*create gender   " "
*create faction  " "

So, what's your name?
  #My name is Porter
    *set name "Porter

Ok, so what is your gender?
  #I am a man
    *set gender "male"

  #I am a woman
    *set gender "female"

And, what is your faction?
  #That cool one
    *set faction "Super Cool Faction"

this is just a very quick explanation on how to do it. :blush:

You dont really need a paid/old account, you just have to compile your game and upload it to Dropbox, no big deal.

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Follow instructions here: