Making a Demo help


I am new to choice script and I have a really big project that I plan to begin working on in the summer. However, I have already began making a small game just for fun and to get used to the development process.
I would like to know exactly how to post a share able link so that people could try out my little demo and give me feed back

-Zoe :smile:


Do you have a current dropbox account?


no, do I need one? :frowning:


You could do it other ways, but that still involves making an account with something, best to stick with the easy stuff. To make things simple, once your ready…

  • Make a Dropbox account (have it downloaded)
  • Link your Dropbox account
  • Drag your webs folder into the public folder
  • Right click the index file and choose “Get public link”
  • Post your Demo “public link” on a new thread with a description.

Note the public link needs to be pasted. Nothing’s going to pop out for ya to work with hand in hand I fear.

Hope this was of use.



I had forgotten about that o.o though there are alternatives like web…