How often do you want to save?

Currently in my game “Unnatural” I allow players to save via a password at the start of an episode. However a few players say they wish they could save more.

Well I’m using @CJW 's hard save and will be adding the save slots once they have done.

My concern is that by letting players save whenether the game would become too easy.

So the question is how often would like to be able to save? And do you think it would make it too easy?

The more frequent the save points, the less the player is inclined to really think about the choices. You don’t want to make it into an “undo” button. :wink:

Just my general observation, though. I think where you currently have the password saves seems just about right. “Unnatural” isn’t so difficult that it requires such often saving, I think.

I think that in “Unnatural” the checkpoints are at a good location. How about making 2 different ‘difficulties’ so the player can choose if they want to be able to save at each episode, or if they want to save when they want (which can take away from the choices of the game). If you save whenever you want, it’s not really a game as it’s quite hard to fail.

Normally I would say being able to save after every chapter might be good, depending on the length of the game. And going with @Redgrave on his suggestion, is it possible to hide the save option at certain points depending on what the player picked for play style?

The current suggestion from @CJW regarding his save will be that it is possible to autosave at certain points, my plan (if possible when the new save version comes out) is to have the player name their save at the start of the game and then have the computer autosave to that slot at intervals (in my game the action is split into days, so it will save at the end of each day).

Thanks for the replies which match my own thoughts. I am considering letting the game autosave at the start of an episode. Then have a difficulty setting that gives the player a number of ‘saves’ they can use ie easy = 5 normal = 3 and hard = 1.

Another option is to have 2 saves per episode at the start and in the middle (ie a ‘commercial’ - I could even through in an advert for other CoG lol) it would keep in with the TV show theme :slight_smile:

Got to admit, love the idea of the advert based saved :slight_smile:


It would suit the theme I am going for.

“Today’s episode was brought to you by Zombie Exodus - Can YOU survive the outbreak?”

Maybe I could throw in a link too!

Sounds great @Nocturnal_Stillness :slight_smile: ; i’m toying with the idea of having a newspaper front sheet with headlines summing up the story so far appearing when a save is loaded (assuming the new save functions allow it); I may have to look into how to change the screen styles though for this in order to make it look more like a newspaper.

@Largejo I’d like to know that myself. I just know how to change the color of the background and text.

And this is why we don’t tend to support javascript and css on the forums - there’s no simple answer or solution to making it look like a newspaper.

All I can suggest is you go away and learn the basics of both until you understand enough to be able to do it. It’d be a task and a half though.

Personally I think the saving situation depends highly on the specific game in question, I’m trying to make the saveMod as flexible as can be, to allow devs to experiment with their methods of saving and decide on what works best for them.

@Largejo you could just make a newspaper picture and write in your text on it making small articles then just insert it as an image, boom easy as pie