Save System Supported By Choicescript?


I’m curious as to how the episodic stories have done it. I know that there are nicely made mods for game saves, but I want to stay away from them so that my game can be made into an app.

Zombie Exodus has multiple episodes where your stats carry over. How do I set that up? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


The official save system relies on something CoG has server side (meaning we can’t use it).

I’d recommend using one of the temps and just pulling it before submission to CoG.


I think he does that all in one game. He just starts the game off with a *choice and then you go to that chapter or episode and play through that.


I’m interested in making a full Episode One, releasing it, allowing the player to play the game and then releasing an Episode Two where they can continue from where they left off, same stats and decisions.



I currently use @CJW 's save system for Unnatural. But as @Reaperoa said CoG have their own system so I’ll have to remove it prior to submission.


Has anyone used the COG system? Does it essentially just save the state of the global variables? Basically, as a designer, should I be keeping anything in mind if I have any intentions of using it?

Oh, and in Zombie Exodus, the save points along the way, is that a specific feature, or is that Choicescript coding, essentially saving all of the global variables into a temporary duplicate set and then replacing them if needed?


Nothing to keep in mind about CoG’s save system, it just saves the stuff to their server, so they can’t let just anyone use it (otherwise someone would figure how to do something dumb and flood/crash it). You won’t actually have to do anything on your end to make it compatible with their save system.

As for the save points within Zombie Exodus, those are something written by Jim. My guess is that it’s just something like:
*set save_foo foo
*set save_bar bar
and so on to actually save the game, then:
*set foo save_foo
*set bar save_bar
to restore. You can also look at the js files and txts directly for any game up on the web page directly. The folder structure is identical, so just start with mygame.js and look around from there.


I assumed it was like that, but I figured it would be better to ask and know then to guess and hope. :slight_smile:


Lucid, I’ve got a busy morning but I’ll PM you this afternoon and give you all of the details.


Thanks, everyone, and thank you Jimmy Dee, that would be excellent. :slight_smile: