Anyone know how to make a Combat and Save system?

I’m totally clueless on how to create a combat system like the one in The Great Tournament (which is, not gonna lie, some of the best combat mechanic I’ve seen). I also want to know how to do the savepoint thing like in Zombie Exudos, where you restart from a particular chapter, not the entire game.

Well, before I begin, I’ll let you know that there’s totally nothing like an absolute, the best, perfect combat or save system out there, except the one that you make for yourself.

That being said, which stats do you want to save?

In Zombie Exodus, I believe @JimD did it by making a save-copy of all the variables that need saving.
For example, there’re [str_save], [int_save], [relationship_save], and so on.
When a player save their progress, this code will do the work

*set str_save str
*set int_save int
*set relationship_save relationship

Thus, you have a series of [var_save] that stores all your saved data, and the actual [variables] that you’ll use in an actual playthrough.

As for me, I’m trying to create my own “save” system, although it’s more like chapter score rather than a save system.

I plan to save the most basic of the character stats and their scores, so I just need those two.

And then, there will be one scoring for every chapter, so I created a new variable for every chapters that I want to be recorded.

*set s_chap1 "${s_jerk};${s_meek};${s_easy};${s_serious}/${list_deed}"

You see that I use semicolons and backslash to differentiate each variable (so they don’t mix up in that single line). Via another piece of code, I can separate the values, “129;726;184;854/Killed the king,” into the actual variables that I can use it in the actual playthrough.

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But anyway, @Niteshade, back to the main topic, creating a combat system revolves around the type of combat system you want to make. There are a wide variety of combat systems. Knowing which one you want to tackle will help you in the design process.

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I would like a turn-based combat mechanic, where the player and enemy deal damage based on their stats. Like, when you attack, it will scan your weapon preference and strength to see how much damage you will do.

Then, when the enemy attack, you get a check of (dexterity + ~%) to try to dodge.

Writing this down, it seems like a really complex coding system that have to go back and forth with your stats :confused:

Is there a way to make a special scene for fighting and call back to the previous scene after the fight?

Yes, you can use *gosub_scene to go to a scene, then use the *return command to go back.

Ah, thanks! That makes it easier since I only need to make one fight scene and change the HP and name for each enemies.

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