How can i feed from animals?


I really want to feed from animals. but when the option comes up, i can’t select it. and that sucks. if you could give me a step by step for girls (preferred, but if not possible then guys) i would really appreciate it. I really want to feed from animals. and, is there anyway to do without being religious ( hate the religion offered, so yeah.) please and thank you :slight_smile:


you can do that?


i had it once but i dont know how i got it


It has nothing to do with being religious.


You must have 60% compassion and 2 willpower.


thats awsome to know


i have 72% compassion and 2 will power, but its greyed out


i had 60 compassion and 2 will but i didnt show up


first you have to lie about your prey.


o ok it try it


it didnt work what did u do


ok. ytry having a willpower of 3 and 70% compassion to accept it.


k thanks :slight_smile:


yes it worked thank u sooo much :smiley: :slight_smile:


how do o feed from jackson…thatz the new question


OMG i have no idea i have try ed so many time and has not worked


post another question. i would, but right now im on my kindle and cant




my guy vampire can feed from animals


hup…its fun to do. i got my charater exiled for falling in love with clotho