How do I get 3 willpower on vampire 1?


I want to feed from animals.


You always start with a willpower value of 1.

Kill your maker and you get +1.

Choose the “right” background: African (both slaves and free person of color works), French, German, Irish, Yankees and male (but not female!) Southener give you another +1 willpower.

Later in the game, you can choose “focus my attentions on withstanding the terrors of the night” in every timeskips to get another +1 Willpower increase every time.

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This helped :slight_smile:


Good to know. :">


After getting the three willpower how can I get the option to feed only on animals?


Something to do with the compassion % being like 70-75 when you are first given choice to feed.


Thank you!!! It helped a lot