Help on Heir of Daria

I’m trying to increase my willpower more so I can do stuff like control the demons. What do I do?

There aren’t many options for increasing Willpower as there are for other attributes. Of all the playthroughs I had, Willpower only was not one I went with.

From what I can remember, the most important opportunities are:

  • Right at the beginning, when choosing on how to move across the corridor full of people, you must choose them to part by your very presence.
  • You can train your Willpower by practicing it with Jess/James (or whatever was his name).
  • Practice with the Demonstones in every opportunity, and know the requirement for summoning each demon. You don’t actually need to summon them to get the bonus willpower.
  • Talk to your teacher, whomever he/she is, once you’re about to take your adventure to meet the Zusak. If you have practiced with the demonstones, you will gain +5 willpower.
  • Try out every option, so you know the consequences of every choice. You’ll be surprised at the results some can bring you, and something seemingly ordinary or useless may have the bonus you’re looking for.

I don’t know about becoming a necromancer. What is the highest Willpower to be achieved. What I do know is that you can end the game with all 8 artifacts.

Thanks for the help. Some of the stuff in this game is kind of left out. Like I wanted to be a Druid but having Nature and Arcana is hard to get. Same thing with Paladin’s. I just wanted to be a paladin but I have to chosse between Fughtjng and religon a lot.

You are most welcome.

It’s true, some things, some paths, are quite hidden and secretive, they require very specific choices and seemingly unrelated events, and the planet’s alignments, in order to get to them, but the gameplay from Life of a Wizard and this one are likely the best one designed so far in CoG, on matters of replayability, at least.

As complicated as it may seem, I find the search for the perfect character and path towards it to be very satisfying.

I know I never explored other options until recently to find out how to become a Ranger or a Druid. I do like how there are a few non-traditional class paths as well, like the Librarian/Sage.

With Paladin, can one become that in this first game? I know if you pursue the cleric path, then you have the option of following a path of war, or stay a pure priestess.

Or is the Paladin path a bit like the Knight? In other words, you can’t become a Knight in this part (you stay a Squire) and it is something you must earn.

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