How can i feed from animals?

happened to me to

I think vegitarianism has to be discussed in an earlier scene.

nope. as you can see…we figured it out. and being a vegetarian is never discussed

Ok but I peeked at the code quick amd thats what it said.

well it’s not hard to feed from animals once u learn how

i think you because you peeked quick you didnt get it. but being vegetarian isnt mentioned. you lie begore its offered, maybe thats what you saw.

This is embarrassing, I meant 3 willpower.

Here is what I found.

“You know, a vampire’s choice of prey really does say a lot about them. What’s more, each individual has what the French called a terroir… the essence of their lives. How your prey spends their time and what they themselves consume communicates a unique flavor to the blood. What sort do you prefer?”
*if (knows_about_vegetarianism) and (compassion < 40)
#I strive to only feed from animals; I cannot bear the suffering I cause to humans.
*set rios_rapport %-20
*set answer_to_estefania 7
Are you being honest? Only those with a strong sense of will can force themselves to consistently feed from animals.
*selectable_if (willpower > 2) #Yes, I speak the truth.
*set compassion %-10
*set independence %-5
*set feeding_style “Vegetarian”
*goto estefanias_response
#No, I am lying.
*set discretion %-5
*goto real_answer_4

@monkey Thanks for the info on Veggie Vamps, but I was curious can you make all backgrounds or in other words races know about being a vegetarian or can only certain races be a vegetarian vampire? :slight_smile:

no i think all vamps can feed from animals

The code does not specify a race or ethnic background.

Thanks guys! Now I can make some differnet race veggie vamps lol XD

i have never once known about being a vegetarian vampire and i have gotten the object.

Can you still become a veggie Vamp?i don’t see it on mine?

yeah…have a will power of 3 compasdion of 70 and lie to efestania the first time…then pick animals


Still can’t feed from animals. Could some one give more info

How I Can get my willpower in 3?