Hosted Games Logo [POLL]

We’re trying to decide on a logo for Hosted Games, to better distinguish it from Choice of Games. We want your opinion!

We’re trying to communicate Hosted Games’ values of democratization, free speech, and creativity.

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Oh lordie, Option #1 makes me feel like I’m shopping on Black Friday.

I’d bust down some doors and bowl some people over to get that flame. :smile:

Is two the fire or the circles megaphone?

I voted for number one but I think it would be better with fewer internal lines but having them be made bolder. Basically, having a more similar appearance to the CoG logo.


Don’t hate me for this…but I don’t really like any of the choices that much
The last two don’t really look very distinguishable unless you actually have it side by side with a megaphone.
And the flames…well…I find them to be very generic and it is often over used.
I think having a Infinity Triangle With the Maze-ifyed look like the 5 choices would be really awesome and would represent CoG as in it having "Infinite choices",width=178,height=178/Triangle-mathematical-Escher-endless-knot-infinity.png
Here is a Picture of It.

-By No means do I mean any disrespect to the artists of the 5 logos above


I actually agree with you lol. They look a bit bland, and the only one that’s passable is Choice 1…


My thoughts line up pretty well with RyseAbove. I was also thinking triangle might be a better choice. Or maybe a rhombus. It seems like a good idea to me to have a consistent theme of basic geometric shapes.


Though we appreciate your suggestions, triangles and rhombuses don’t have an association with the virtues of democratization, free speech, or creativity.


I didn’t know megaphones or fires had anything to do with democratization… or that CoG did for that matter. Learn something new everyday. When you say democratization, are you talking Left branch democrats (as in republicans v. democrats) or Democracy in general (like cold war style anti-communism)

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well it could be put this way were getting to help in desiding a choice of 5 things to symbolize what separates choice from hosted they could have made the decision on there own but there giving us choices and were complaining?


“Democratization” means “to make more democratic.” HOSTED GAMES LLC is dedicated to giving more people the tools and access to make and publish games. It doesn’t have anything (explicitly) to do with politics.

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Well, a triangle with the point up is the old alchemical symbol for fire. Which would hold the same meaning, potentially, as those fireballs. I do see what you mean, however, and perhaps it’s a bit too esoteric.


Of the five choice, I like the middle one best, but to be honest I can’t say I like any of them particularly. Are you guys open to some of us trying some suggestions?

You’re welcome to email me suggestions.

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Megaphones say “cheerleader” to me, not any of the above values.LOL! But the first fire one is okay. I appreciate your efforts at making the Hosted Games brand stronger. :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree, especially about appreciating the efforts at better establishing HG (which needs better establishing, in my opinion). A logo is definitely a step in the right direction. And I like the first flame one.

I like the first flame from a design element Jason, but I’m not certain the flame really conveys Hosted as a geundre. Have you consider the maze pattern overlaid upon the image of an open book?

Email me if you’d like a sketch of what I’m talking about.


Maybe An open book with a megaphone across the Pages?

I think that might be too complicated visually. That and I hate the megaphone in general. Its def too “cheerleader” to meet, too.