Horror Game




Someone has to be inspired first, though.


*Runs outvof the topic and brings back a lemonade stand* “Get yer insperation here for freeeeee!”


*Gets lighter and sets fire to the stand* “Or not, MWAHAHAHAHA”


*Shoots him in the face*


*uses matrix moves to dodge bullet and then proceeds to stab @Talon5505 with a knife*


*The knife shatters against my diamond skin. I punch Wired so hard HE shatters too.*


…Don’t roleplay.


Thou shall noth roleplay again… Tis wireds fault. Shame on thee!


Tis @Talon5505’s fault we banish thee!



There are horror games out already? Or are you after a particular kind of horror?


Slasher choicescript created.


I would love to write horror but I’m just not that good at it. And I have other ideas to work on first.


You can check the horror text games at

I can recommend Dead Man Walking and The Secret of Daphne there.


yeah i am going to write a horror game too but not right now i have many other projects to work on