Halloween themed Game


Halloween’s rolling around and I was wondering if anyone had any Halloween themed games in mind or they’re making a halloween theme game in the progress? I was thinking of creating one similar to McKamey Manor haunted house.


Neighbourhood Necromancer, Halloween-like and very hilarious


EctoComp apparently runs every year in October. This year you can either write a horror game in three hours (!!) or a longer game by the end of October.

(The 3 hours can be taken in pieces, and you can enter the other section if time gets away from you.)


We could use a good slasher type of game here, of the kind that allows you to kill ridiculously good-looking yet surprisingly clueless teenagers in gruesome yet comical ways, like in those silly Hollywood movies.


@idonotlikeusernames, yeah, I know we just found a human body in a river, but we shouldn’t call the police, because we need to conserve our cellphone power. And we shouldn’t go home yet either, this camping trip can still be salvaged whether a man with a blunt weapon and apparently bulletproof skin is hiding in the commode or not. Right?


Exactly, Hollywood teenager logic at its finest.