A SLENDERMAN choice game?

hey guys L-)
so ive been thinking about the internet creation “Slenderman” a facel
ess,tall with very long limbs, and black suit creature
ive been wanting to hear from you guys if i should do it or not so feel free to ask ?'s

Um, I don’t know. It would certainly be interesting. Go ahead and try it, it may turn out cool.

so heres how it would look like the stats would be very simple
Inventory: Flashlight and then how many notes you have
Stats Bars:
calmness and fearfullness
flashlights battery
your name
health bar

Go ahead and try, but I think it’s kinda useless since Slenderface is an aging thing and in my personal experience the only people who find Slenderman scary is anyone who has never seen anything scary, but then again I have witnessed most horrors most people havent.

Also, Slenderman as a written story? seems a bit of a stretch how would that even go? and would there even be worthwhile choices? I think it would be better to make your own scary creature, Slenderman isnt very interesting to begin with.

@2ton yeah i mean i could try maybe if i had some helpers maybe we could try to squeez in other scary stuff and make more stats and a longer story…

my cousins and nephews do get scared of him for some reason hes not really scary all he is is a person in a mask with a black suit and fake tentacles


If youre trying to use Slenderman as a reference because you dont know what scares people, I dont think it’s the brightest idea to try to write a scary story, it would be like me writing an entire comedy story filled with nothing but poo jokes, just because I know that’s what’s funny to me, it wont be very appealing.

If youre gonna write Horror, I would say it’s one of the hardest things to write about since people tend to always drop the ball and think that to be scary you have to turn thriller. I like to think I could write horror because Im subtle and know how to unnerve people, the main trick is to have the other person do your job for you, that’s really all. It’s all about mind-f%cking people.

Think about it why do people think Slenderman is scary? does Slenderman at any point do anything threatening? No, for all we know he just wants a hug, it’s just people see the enviroment and the darkness and assiociate it with something scary and just see a faceless man and flip their shit because they come up with their own Backstory for him and just assume he is trying to kill you, perfect example.

Watch these, best thing I can say.

I say give it a shot. Slenderman has potential and I haven’t seen it done yet.

I’m thinking about making a collection of short horror stories(not too short a good length an hour or two), possibly get a few collabs going on it and see how it works out.

I have a mini-game styled after Slenderman…

isn’t it copyrighted

@ADNox Proof or we riot!

well… since its not something that i can make i have no choice but to close this thread!!!

@werewolf123101911 Just change it to a different creature is all X_X something scarier

well how do close a thread? :-?

I dont think ive ever facepalmed so hard…

@Gran_Sleep How is there any potential? and seriously? Slenderman is overused already

I thought that Slenderman was open source, not copyrighted.

@2Ton I know he’s overused. He still is one of the freshest faces in horror and psychological thrillers though.

@Gran_Sleep Not to knitpick, but If something is overused how can it be considered fresh? Also, if he is what you consider one of the ‘freshest faces’ in horror and psychological, then I have a beef with you because that’s a bit insulting.