A SLENDERMAN choice game?

@2Ton I consider it “fresh” because there’s alot a person can do with something that hasn’t been around for a long time. There’s still room or expansion and improvement.

And how is anything I said insulting???

@Gran_Sleep Slenderman has been around for what 2 years? possibly way longer, a few legit games and countless ripoffs and cameos, stories, ect. It’s a dying fad and a deadhorse that is being curb stomped by the numerous pre-teens who dont know what horror is… ignorance is bliss.

Forgive me but ive grown very critical of everything seeing as people riding on the S.S. Ignorance have managed to sink the boats of innovation, individuality, and reason, leaving them to rule the seas of gaming, music, horror, TV, ect.

This may be the dribbling of a madman but everything good has been compromised by the ignorant, and saying Slenderman is this fresh new face of Horror or psychological thrillers is a downright insult, Horror is greater than that and how is he even a psychological thriller?

Im not someone who can judge fully and set the boundaries for what is a psychological thriller but last time I checked Psychological thriller was something that depended heavily on a character’s emotions during some sort of mystery plot, and needed lots of suspense, but I dont think there is any real mystery plot happening in slenderman.

There is Psychological Horror which is somewhat the same but it relies on mental instabilities and things, and I dont remember that in Slenderman either.

Slenderman mostly relies on jump scares, which I guess give suspense but any that is REAL horror doesnt get it’s backbone from mostly jump scares. I will accept it as some lower gimmick type of horror I guess, but never as a ‘face of horror’ or even remotely close, if I were dead id be turning in my grave like I was on a rotisserie.

@2Ton I wrote over 3 paragraphs in response to your post. Then I deleted it. I was going to harsh things, tell you that you didn’t know horror, tell you that Slender Man image is beyond you and you don’t understand him. But then I thought… what’s the point?

Everything you said comes from your own opinion of Horror, Slenderman, etc. I could say you’re wrong and spark a big debate (I like to think I would be good at a debate, but honestly I suck at it), but instead I’m just gonna disagree with you.

Feel how you want about SlenderMan, but I see him as something much more than an obvious scare mechanic.

@Gran_Sleep You’re welcome to debate, but I know It wont change my mind, and if you know horror so well and say Slenderman is this ‘icon’ or ‘face of horror and psychological thillers’ why not write a story about Slenderman, who is obviously globely known as the symbol of those things? since it would no doubt be a hit since you know horror so well, Someone who relates Slenderman with the face of psychological thrillers is bound to make a classic.

@2Ton I guess I walked right into that one. As fun as that challenge sounds, I doubt I could write a story based on some simple facts…

  1. I never wrote a story before.
  2. I don’t even know how to use Choice Script (or even download it correctly)
  3. It would take months to even finish.

But, I do like a challenge. So tell you what. I will “attempt” to write a story (once someone explains choice script to me), BUT I don’t want people to see this as a serious project.
If i find it too overwhelming or people decide the story is bad, I will admit defeat and agree that you sir know more about horror than I. How does that sound? Good enough?

@Gran_Sleep Well I am humbled that you will attempt it, hopefully the intro to CS will help you: http://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/choicescript-intro/

Since I do not understand Slenderman hopefully you will make him more clear, and make me realize was true horror is.

@2Ton I hate to sound stupid, but I honestly don’t understand that intro. I tried and I don’t get it. Used firefox, but I just don’t know how to “start” the program.

I’m one of those “step by step” type people.

i just wanna say that ive basically got the first fhew pages set all out in my mind and i will try to get a demo out so…

@Gran_Sleep Doesnt mean youre stupid if you dont understand, and all you need to do is download it and find the startup.txt document is that what youre stuck on downloading it?

@werewolf123101911 So youre working on that werewolf game, slenderman, and ‘your’ game Dreamer?

no werewolf game and im actually stopped the slenderman thing and im about ready to stop the dreamers thing >:p

@gran sleep thanks for the support but @2Ton here thinks other wise

@2Ton I downloaded the file zip thing. But I don’t know what to do next…

@werewolf123101911 Support is the least I can give. Writing a story is hard. Plus dealing with feedback can be rough. But if you want to stop writing, i can respect that.

well im debating if you heard what @2ton said on my other thread which was very hurtful whis is starting to make me pisted off :L

@werewolf123101911 Well damn, didnt know I was such a bad guy, Ill support you but I wont support you taking other people’s ideas after idea.

@Gran_Sleep extract the zip and you should have what you need.

ok that is it please get out of this thread and the other one X(

Eh, slenderman isn’t so scary that just saying his name would make people want to roll up and cry in a corner. To make a horror game without the use of any graphics, the creator MUST be a great writer. They have to get inside the heads of the reader and mess with their minds. It’s like a jump scare- the reader thinks everything is ok, but then their sense of safety is destroyed. If the writer cannot create an atmosphere of horror and make the reader feel like their life is actually in danger, then it probably won’t be a very good story.

@werewolf123101911 Dont be mad, im just giving criticism to help, not to start anything.

A good enough writer can make anything scary. It’s not so much the “what” but the “how.” So if you want, go for it.

It’s a freeware visual game; Google it. I’m on a phone.