Honey and Fire (TEMPORARY HIATUS - New RO added)



Went there right after meeting the first char and the pups


Oh so it’s confirmed?? :scream: I wasn’t sure. Can’t wait to read more!!!


@Kanaya Oof. Idk if I can live up to the badassness of that music LOL

That’s fair, and also something that will be addressed in the game.You WILL regain your memories and I have to admit, you might not like what you find.

I suppose in proper defense of the others, and this is now more of a general statement than response to what @Andrew_Stapleton said; In reality, I would hardly call it them knowing more about you than you do in the case of everyone but Zenos. All they know is your species (which you know, too) and just the gist of what your situation was up until their little rescue mission. They have no other details (Lily and Inias don’t know a single thing about you either) and Zenos knowing more is coincidence. Also the very reason you’re where you currently are in the story.

I can tell you as the player, the situation they’re offering you is far better than the one you were in, for reasons that are spoilers. But as the MC, you don’t know this and they’re all just strangers to you, which is exactly why Zenos is acting the way he is right now. He’s not telling you what he knows because 1. it’s not as if that’ll trigger your memories to come back and 2. even if everything he says is true (which it would be) he knows you have no reason to believe him right now. All he can do is offer you a free place to sleep and free food to eat while you sort through your problems.

They’re definitely not trying to Stockholm you :stuck_out_tongue: Zenos is asking you to join, but he has no problems with you leaving either. (That option just isn’t being offered in canon because I hate early game-overs and I’m in control of this story)



Yes. I mentioned it on tumblr the most but I’ll just state it here.

The MC is a dragon turned human, through no choice of their own.


As long as i always have a option to not trust anybody i am all good.


oooo NICE well if you wanna make her/him seem more like a dragon try to put in that he feels at home with the smell of Smoke and feel at peace with the sound of Fire and couple of instinctual prideful moments like how dare he look down on me! kinda as an inner dialogue and then you choose what to do based on that tought since usally dragons are very prideful and kinda larger then life creatures since they even some times get the treatment of a god now i dont know what a dragon is in you lore but since my character is now a sentient being aka human im just assuming they are intellegent creatures


Nice so far!


Just here to say that I’m in love with Day and (more importantly) his dogs okay bye :joy:

Simple idea of tarrasque

In D&D the largest and oldest of Dragons are between 32 and 64 feet
The tarrasque is very large, 50 feet tall and 70 feet long. It has no alignment.
it is extremely resistant or immune to most attacks
The tarrasque is a gigantic lizard-like creature which exists only to eat, kill, and destroy.
The tarrasque cannot be killed; reducing it to 0 hit points causes it to burrow into the core of the earth to slumber for a time (instead of killing it). The only monsters that are more feared in combat are deities, the largest and oldest dragons, and certain powerful outsiders like demon lords.

also is sad for poor mc


Wow, way to follow all the stereotypes!

Are you trying to imply that humans are the only sentient beings? Pft, racist!

Ok ok ok, before you kill me, I’m just kidding :rofl:. With those comments, I just couldn’t help myself :sweat_smile:. Please don’t kill me @Hugana for my terrible sense of humor :innocent:


pff what are you talking about of course there are other sentient being but we all know that none is more sentient than humans clearly we are superior to all other species. #snobb #largerthenlife #humansforthewin


yes!! someone did first time in world choice of game made my dream come true I thank you Pandaboi


This is something that’s actually already in the demo lol! If you haven’t noticed the MC’s obsession with fire yet, it’s entirely related to their species.

As for prideful moments, those aren’t a big part of most dragons in the HoF world. Though nowadays dragons are extremely rare, they were viewed as noble and holy creatures, but that’s mostly what humans thought of them. In game, though I don’t want to railroad personality too much, given the MC’s backstory I would be guessing MC can’t be very… arrogant.


Day does seem to be a bit of a favorite lately (according to tumblr lmao)

ACTUALLY it’s a little more the first thing you said lol.

I said this stuff somewhere, but like, idk if it was on the forum and I’m bad at tagging stuff on tumblr. You have a good grasp of fire magic (a bit relevant, I explained how magic works in this world here) and you can actually breathe fire. As of right now, that’s about all you can do. You can’t go full dragon anymore, your strength is about proportional to your human body so you’re not going to be strong unless you make yourself strong like a human would (there’s been a lot of talk on the tumblr about bear MCs lmao soon this can be canon with the body type options in the next update)

aaand I just noticed you deleted that comment. I’ll keep talking though.

You can’t fly right now either, but in the future you will be able to control some transformation abilities to have more dragon-like features like wings and claws. So you’ll be able to fly and rend flesh to your heart’s desire.

Idk what I did but ur welcome :+1:


its ok about the comment i just saw that i replied to the wrong person so i deleted it


seen dragon choice but not seen mix of human and dragon so happy someone did it to make my dream come true some thank you for that


Yeeeeaaaah, sorry about that confusion :sweat_smile:


na man it’s cool i should have checked the names more carefully


@pandaboi For the scene where the MC first meets Koda, I made a shy MC. For how shy I made her, I was half expecting to see a choice where she could either shyly wave at Koda when he said “hi” to her, or just straight up have her hide behind Day… ok, maybe cowering behind Day is a bit extreme, but the “shyly waving, but not really saying anything” kind of seems like a better fit for someone who’s shy and thrown into a scenario they’re not familiar with. But that’s just my opinion.


I actually don’t really like him to be honest. Granted I’m not into guys. I didn’t really like the elf girl either or the chick who was cooking. I have no solid opinion on the other girl. And we’ve yet to meet the final RO.

So I guess I’ll end up on one of their ships eventually. It’ll suck if I end up liking no one though, but that’s not impossible to consider, I just hope it doesn’t happen.


@pandaboi I have a question; what is the “Numb” stats bar for? I can’t help but notice it slowly growing, but I don’t fully understand what it’s for or what it’ll do…


Lily is my fave right now (based off Tumblr snippets/asks). Imo, She seems like a classy, capable, flirty, goth…Also, she is not mortal (cambion, iirc) so that’s neat. I can’t wait to meet her in-game. :hugs:

I relate to you though, but am glad we have the representation with her and Zen. :rainbow: