Honey and Fire (TEMPORARY HIATUS - New RO added)



I’ll alter the original shy choice to something more wordless and awkward as I find that more natural than saying something (at least for me lol) but should I add an option to shy away from him offering his hand? I figured shy MCs are shy but not wanting to seem rude, so I left not shaking his hand to the rude option.

I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t like Day. He has a bad personality lmao. But I wanted to explore his character as is and have him be a contrast to the other ROs, so him being hard to like is totally on purpose lolol. Though I can understand the like for him on Tumblr, as over there I’ve already shown a fraction of the more spoilery side of him and the part of his trauma that won’t be explored in detail in the game, so I suppose there’s some sympathy there.

As for the girls, I figured opinions of them won’t be much right now, as they’ve barely said anything in the demo (same with Koda) so I’d like to offer more opportunity to get to know them. I AM trying to make the friendships as equally fulfilling as the romances, so that’s also an option, but I do hope you’ll end up liking one of the girls in the end cause I can understand the frustration when there’s no ROs that you like.

It’s tied to the MC’s mental health. Right now Numb rising and Obedient lowering is unavoidable but soon your choices will start to affect those stats. It won’t result in any game overs, just different scenes based on how unhealthy you’ve been in dealing with your issues. I just wanted another way to play, since one of the themes of this story is trauma and coping.

The next update will unfortunately not be complete with ALL of the hangouts, but Lily’s will definitely be in it so you can meet your girl before the end of the month lol. She’s super fun to write, so I’m hoping she’ll be likable in-game!


This is completely a foreign concept to me. I keep “Friends” at quite a distance. They barely ever know anything about me. If I let someone in to date I usually start completely opening up. And that requires me to like a person in the first place. If I don’t really like someone, I don’t see the point in trying to be friends with them either. Even if friends aren’t close.

I’m just strange I guess. And very difficult I guess.


Well, speaking as aromantic, friends for me are very close. People that aren’t close to me, even if i know them a bit, i don’t dare to call a friend. I think most people consider friends those that they are relatively close of, and have another layer of “more close friends”, that they really open to, besides the romantic relationship(some people trust their close friends even more than their romantic partner, that is one thing i find strange). I personally think it is very worth it to open up to people close to you outside of a romantic relationship, and i don’t think i could live doing the contrary XD
But to each their own. If you feel good doing what you are doing, i don’t see it as problem(even though i encourage you to try and understand more the side of “close friendships” even if it isn’t your cup of tea, it can be an interesting experience)


I do like the air of mystery about the MC’s origins, but I’m not a fan of the constant ‘Do you find ___ attractive?’ checks, especially since most of the possible answers to each check involve the MC falling in lust. I’m not particularly interested in either romancing the male characters or in explicit rumpy-pumpy, so having them shoved in my face is rather off-putting.


Idk why people are against the game asking us our sexuality. It would make everything easier.


@Kanaya I also agree with @Drago303 People who don’t know anything about me aren’t friends to me. People who care about me and who I care about and who I can talk to about the things i like and the things that bother me without fear of them getting annoyed are friends to me. I also like being able to be close to someone and tell them I love them without anyone having any expectations of me that make me uncomfortable. I’d rather not foist all of my issues on one person, especially someone I’m romantically involved with, but I’m also someone who won’t have any romantic or sexual relationships in his life so it’s kind of a scenario I haven’t been faced with.

That said, everyone leads different lives and yours is your own, so don’t take this as any judgement on you, it’s just my thoughts.

I’m sorry if it came across that way, but those… really aren’t supposed to be that kind of question. Like, meeting the girls, those choices are there as just first impressions. Everyone has some kind of impression when first meeting someone, that’s what that is supposed to be. It’s not something permanent and because they’re first impressions is precisely why they’re shallow, you don’t know them so any attraction from the start is based entirely on their looks and what little personality you’ve seen. Also why so many choices… don’t express attraction? Including the one that straight up says you don’t know enough to form any opinion yet.

But judging by your wording in the rest of your comment, I assume you have the same issue as one asker on Tumblr that didn’t like there being so many options to blush around Zenos (even though there were only two opportunities), the different variations of those are purely for roleplaying. (Same with Day, since you had enough time to form some first impression as with Zenos, there’s three choices that express the same thing just in different ways for RPing purposes)

If you don’t want to romance a character, then don’t? Just don’t choose the romance options? You not liking having to see those choices, whether you choose them or not, isn’t a problem I can really solve. On that note, I’ll mention again; Continuing forward, most of the romance choices are going to be confined to the hangouts.

It wouldn’t really work in the game, though, so I decided against adding it. By the time I’ll be able to ask that question, it’ll be much later and won’t solve the early game problem people seem to have, so it’s sort of a useless question to ask.


@pandaboi @Drago303

Neither of you or anyone else will ever understand what I mean so forget my attempt to explain.

I hope the last RO interests me at least. I don’t like stories where I’m forced to have no RO cuz I don’t like the characters, I can’t enjoy a story without one. Not saying your characters are bad they just don’t appeal to me so far, and I doubt they will even when we learn more about them.

Whatever though. I’ll keep my posts in here to a minimum until then.


About the variations for roleplaying, i must say i love them! Something i feel lacking in most games i played here is the option to be shy, sheepish and unassertive. I remember that option with say where we can just go along with the situation because we are just unable to voice our concerns, that was exactly what i would do, so it was pretty amazing… And that with your promise to make friendships fulfilling is exactly why i am waiting so much from this game, i think it is my top WIP right now. Many times i feel like i am missing much of the development of some characters if i am not romancing them( remember Mel(anie) from The Last Wizard. I liked her so much that if i didn’t romanced her, i was just loosing so many good times :/), so your goal is pretty reassuring for me. Thanks!


I disagree. Humans can vary very much in their behaviour, sure, and you may not change it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t understand or appreciate how others see the world. Still, if you don’t want to make us understand, you don’t need to. But that doesn’t mean you have no place in posting or expressing the way you view things here.


I think it is more natural that way, just seeing if you like the person. After all, your sexuality ins’t evident for people who don’t know you, so even if the game knew, how the person interacted with you wouldn’t change. But that wouldn’t make this issue easier, as the game would still want to know if you find that specific person attractive, and your opinion of them out of attraction. So in the end, for me that looks like it would give more work for the developer.


Oh yeah. I personally don’t mind females flirting with me, however, other people mind when people they’re not attracted to flirt with them. For the realism of it, that is true. But this is also a CoG and that can be negated if the player is simply not interested, but, fair enough. It’s not my personal issue.


This is by far one of the more impressive WiPs I’ve read this year. Excellent use of language, it just flows and captures your attention effortlessly. So far I have no idea if I’d like to romance any of the characters yet, but the ones we’ve had a good amount of interaction with so far seems interesting (Day seems a bit different than the usual grumpy angsty stoic guy, and Zenos…well, he’s a nice guy, but he also seems to have teeth) and I want to see more of the others.

I like that we’re able to define our character in a gradient (as in, there are degrees to being shy, assertive or inquisitive, and not just zero-sum options), and in a mostly natural way that doesn’t feel like answering a questionnaire. The ‘what are your first impressions’ questions get a bit jarring at first in that sense----it feels like the game is asking you instead of being as natural as the ones before it—I believe that’d be alleviated if the ‘the MC doesn’t remember ANYTHING so they’re focusing on their first impressions of who these friends-or-foes might be or how they should act around them’ aspect is emphasized just a bit more. I just hope there’s no romance lockout if I just keep choosing ‘I don’t know them enough to judge’ all the time!

As it is, it’s in my top 5 WiP 2018 list right now, so I’m expecting good things. :wink:


Thank you very much! That’s so flattering :blush:

I’m really glad this came across. Especially Zenos, I can only show his nice side for the most part but I can’t wait until I can explore what he’s really capable of.

I’ve been thinking myself there must a smoother way to go about that part. I’m focusing on moving the story forward right now, but I’ll be revisiting that eventually and probably changing things. As for romance lockouts, nope! I think it’s more natural/realistic to be able to change your opinion of a character as you get to know them if you want (or you can stick to your guns the whole game), so there’ll be no romance lockout even if you decide you’re annoyed with a character at first.

Thanks I feel no pressure.


I like to now is mc born half human and dragon or mc was made in to human or half dragon


A dragon turned into a human.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For these sort of games it would really help to have a date somewhere stating when was it last updated.
Just so people know.


Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy yourself on such a special day and get everything your heart desires.


@Liza_P Thank you! :grin:


I asked this on Tumblr, but I thought it’s also relevant here. So here’s a little question for you guys: What is a small object you’d like to be able to add to your hoard (if you decide to start one) in-game? Feel free to be creative.