Honey and Fire (TEMPORARY HIATUS - New RO added)



I would start with something shiny and glittery. Like a fist sized diamond. I’m all about that typical dragon hoard.


Dude, if I could hoard anything it would be Turkish lamps. In a non-earth setting they could be described as mosaic lamps. Like, imagine an entire ceiling just covered in them.



An ancient fancy goblet? Or a pretty rare item like some sort of diamond that looks very different


Omg I like your way of thinking!


An enchanted ring/necklace made with some precious metal that glitters, or anything with magic in it and gold.

A bracelet or a well made dagger, maybe some kind of small statue/carving/sculpture of an animal we could choose with something that catches our eye, like a jewel in the eye or somewhere else, being enchanted/cursed or made out of something weird.


Like a holy chalice!


For real though, I’d like a tiny embroidered key. What does it open. Hell if I know, how mysterious~
Or an ancient jeweled tome, enscribed in a language long forgotten.


hmm if i would choose something it would be an magical enchanted engraved (engraving could be of magical runes dragons some cult thing ect) obsidian bracelet with a Amethyst or Ruby on top of it and it would be kinda cool if the engravings glowed the same color as the gem. and when i think of bracelet i think of these kinda bracelets
you know more flat kinda bracelets.


I think Bismuth crystals is one of the rarest items that is found in nature.

![image|666x500]and they can come in some many different colors and size like eggs. :grin:


I’m getting a lot of grand suggestions on here and on tumblr, which is fine, but the hoard isn’t a significant part of the story (it’s a side thing you can do if you desire to, or something you should totally not do depending on the ending you’re going for) and it’s not a conventional dragon’s hoard (you’re not a conventional dragon), so filling it only with rare and enchanted and super fancy objects isn’t very possible from a narrative stance.

The story will be littered with opportunities to raccoon random objects you can put on a shelf from places or even your companions (and yes there will be an achievement for getting all of them) without making it a narrative problem, aka its absence won’t be noticed (or won’t be until it’s too late) and I won’t have to branch the story off to an entirely different plot to deal with you getting in trouble for stealing it. So think of where the object you’re suggesting can come from. I can add something like a fancy goblet with some significance as I know a place during the story it can come from, and Lily probably has something infused with magic you can swipe, a big gem can maybe be found somewhere, normal jewelry is fine too. But I’m not going to use all the suggestions I get for these moments, I’d also like to have a moment or two mentioning your hoard in your room, and I thought it’d be nice to add these suggestions I get as some things you’ve accumulated off-screen. But I don’t want to dedicate an entire paragraph to each object either describing it or how you got it, so it’s not like, “the massive, super rare, ancient gem full of magic from the Gods that you just happen to have ok back to the story let’s learn how to read”

I like the suggestions I’m getting (and shiny objects make sense ofc), but I’d also like suggestions for… little baubles that aren’t grand or significant but something you’d just enjoy having (someone suggested little jingly bells like you see at Christmas time) I have a very small, handmade wooden deer that doesn’t do anything but sit there with its little head bobbing about. It doesn’t have any value to anyone, it’s not even old I got it at Pride when I was 15 or 16, but I just… like it. I saw it and wanted it because it was cute. Nothing else to it.

Edit: forgot to mention, so far only one of the objects you can steal has actual story significance (and might not even make it into your hoard), so if you want something like a weapon or enchanted something, don’t be upset if it’s added and you can’t actually use it in the story. That’s mostly what I’m worried about, is people complaining like, why would I add something so cool but you can’t do anything with it? Because it was suggested to me and I never had the intention of making it usable.


Since you asked for a location where we could find these items for our hoard, how about a swamp? Or abandoned ruins that someone would want to search through?


Lava lamps don’t exist right? Since I love them my mc will too so how about a tiny music box?


I too would love to have a music box now that you metion it and a cool looking puzzle box too


okay, I understand, what about a rock you can find any where when your outside and when you see through with your eyes it changes the color you see, when you look through it make green in to red or blue in to purple, or it just change everything into one color.


I can’t wait to see a flash back in are life.


What about little portrait miniatures?


It could be of someone the MC encounters, but it doesn’t have to be! The mystery can be part of the appeal: imagining the story behind this strange face. Old portraits (and photographs too) are really interesting to me, even when I don’t know who the person is, and there is a quaint charm in miniature objects in general.

It strikes me as endearing imagining the MC, who used to inhabit the gigantic body of a dragon, treasuring an itty bitty portrait.

I also really like this idea!


kids toys would be interesting


Pffft, now I just picture the MC picking up a little doll, seeing a child crying about her missing doll and just quickly pocketing the doll and walking away while whistling.


hmm if i would choose something it would be an magical enchanted obsidian bracelet with magical Runes engraved on it and a Blood Crimson gem on top and the engraved runes would glow the same crimson color when touched. and when i think of bracelet i think of these kinda bracelets
you know more flat kinda bracelets.

The back story of this bracelet would be that its found in a mage tower and in the tower is a skeleton with wizard clothes with a demonic magic circle carved on the floor in front of the skeleton and in the middle of the circle is the bracelet humming with magical power. that should do it with the backstory cuz i kinda want to keep it up to the reader to fantisic what happened and why. but i can keep on with the story if you want some more solid stuff.


Maybe a cute little dragon figurine? Since we were (are) a dragon we could be drawn towards something like this that reminds us of what we once were. Or you said that the MC is drawn to fire/heat/smoke not sure what we could collect that would encompass any of those but if there is something that would be good as well. I’d personally like to find an ancient sword with a dragon engraved handle with gem stones, but it’s old and fancy and just for decoration not to be used. Maybe we even had it in our old hoard and somehow come across it again and even though we don’t remember it we are still drawn to it. Maybe the dragon on it was even fashioned after our dragon form and the gems in the eyes match our eyes. Just something that I thought of lol.


Sorry, I might not have been clear when I said “think of where your suggestion can come from,” but that’s my own fault.

I meant that more as a, “that’s why I can’t use a suggestion like that in-game” kind of thing. But something I was forgetting when I wrote that is the fact that only I live in my head ^^;; I know where this story is going to go, I know the places you’ll be able to wind up and I know just what won’t work for the story.

I have an outline in my head about major events that will take place and major places that will be visited no matter what, I have it planned out from start to finish just with a lot of pieces in the middle not yet filled out. The player influences a lot, but story isn’t about a grand world to explore, it’s about the interactions you have and relationships you build (the end of the second paragraph in an answer I wrote for a tumblr ask here mentions the themes I really wanted to take center stage for this story) This story right now, it doesn’t seem to have much of a plot and that’s on purpose, you’re supposed to be adjusting to a new life and seeing what it’s like to be a member of Amveros, so it seems like I can add just any old place to visit and take something from, but somewhere either after or during chapter 3, the plot really picks up into something much larger and more personal for the MC and you WILL go on an adventure, just one that’s a little harder to stray from in a way that makes sense (aka one that doesn’t unnecessarily slow down the story and make the reader think “why the hell am I suddenly going off to this place and doing this random thing in the middle of this major plot thing??”) not to say I don’t want bigger branches and moments that do give you some time to breathe before going on to the plot, but that’s a whole other thing entirely

Anyway, that’s why I was asking for more cute little baubles you’d like to just have and put on a shelf than super fancy objects with complex backstories (not that there’s no room for those, but that can’t be every object in a hoard)

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