Honey and Fire (TEMPORARY HIATUS - New RO added)


I like when people say books cause like



you can’t fucking read.

Anyway I’ll say this formally

I’m not taking suggestions anymore. I’ve gotten plenty to work with. That’s officially over now.



I’ll horde them after the MC learns to read.

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Assuming that’s even a possibility. Illiterate protagonists aren’t very common, authors who deliberately choose to make them so usually have something in mind or some quirks down the road they wish to explore. It is possible to change that half-way through but then that would be defeating the purpose of having a handicap for plot/lore/canon reasons, the kind we are supposed to adapt to.

Anyway, let’s not invoke the wrath of the author any further. Suggestions are closed, the dragon hoard isn’t a traditional one, it is more of a memento stash and books are a no-go for obvious reasons.



You have the option to learn to read (I was going to make it happen regardless but now I’m making it something you choose, including who you learn it from) so it’s not vital to the story later that the MC can’t read, it’s more… a side-effect of their backstory. As in, it adds more to it to point out that the MC never learned how to read and it’s much more easily justified than if the MC can read (not that I ever expected someone to call me out on it if they were literate naturally)


Thanks for managing to put what it took me paragraphs to say into one single sentence. Why am I a writer again lol?

Anyway, sorry for not saying anything for a couple of days, but I’m here with a small writing update/a quick change of plans:

I said a few times the next update should be out before the end of the month. I doubt that will be happening now. If you’ve been on my tumblr this week, you might have noticed me having some struggles with my mental health and not being able to work on the game. I haven’t even finished Day’s hangout and his was the first one I started on. So I’m trying to relieve some of the stress that might be causing some creative blockage by removing the deadlines I set for myself. I was sort of avoiding saying anything on here for some… self-loathing reasons you might be able to guess if you were on the Tumblr recently… just now. But I shouldn’t run from my responsibilities and should give updates that I think are important to know.

I’ll get the next part of the story out when I get it out. If it’s before the end of the month, sweet, but it will probably be some time next month.

Also my cat had kittens yesterday, which was already very stressful event for me for reasons, but they also cry very loud and often and she’s keeping them right outside my bedroom, so I didn’t sleep much last night and I’ve no clue how long this’ll last. So that’ll also probably affect my ability to write. Since “with an exhaustion headache” is not the ideal condition for writing.



What does the ‘numb’ stats do anyway???



It’s alright^^ you can take all the time you need, and don’t stress yourself. It’s not good for your health.

Awww I hope you feeling okay now. Mental health is suck I know and I hope you have someone you trust that you can share your problems and what cause your mental health to happened (I don’t have a tumblr so I’m not sure about that sorry) but I hope you’ll be better soon. Like I said, take the time you need to relax and release that stress. Don’t worry about the update for the moment and go outside and smell those fresh air and maybe do things that you like to do.

Aww congrats!

Oh. Well maybe you can move them somewhere? Like your kitchen? (I don’t know if you can do this so sorry) or maybe you can sleep somewhere else for a time being? Or if it help, you can listen to your favourite songs (that soothing) using headphones before going to sleep and keep listening to it till morning (when the cat noise is too loud)

Anyway I hope you have a great day everyday and I hope you will get better soon!

And have this cute minion meme
Anyway have a day! :blush: :yum: :hugs:
P.s. I hope I don’t offend you in anyway, I’m not very good at words you see :sweat_smile:



now i wanna play a female mc just to have day teach her.
day: ಠ_ಠ
mc: (. _ .) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) (- _ -)




I might need to add an FAQ to the original post. I’ve gotten this question a few times.

It basically tracks your mental health. Right now, it’s raising randomly because that can’t be helped in your situation (just like Obedient is lowering randomly), but eventually you’ll be able to explicitly affect it by doing unhealthy things. It won’t result in bad ends, it’s not a punishment type of stat, it just affects the story and some things will differ if it’s high or low.

@Hani_Fina No offended at all! Thank you for your incredibly kind comment! :hugs:

@Hearts lol sorry to disappoint but Day’s not an option for being your little tutor. (Because you could ask but he won’t say yes)



:sob: well it’s not hard to see day’s saying no to me when I ask.



Pretty sure who can teach you doesn’t depend on your mc’s gender lol



Absolutely love it! One of the best I’ve read! Can’t wait to read the whole story. (No pressure lol)



Definitely keeping an eye on it

Nice characters, great scenery and meat

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I like the idea of a character who is a dragon in human form. I’ve been spending time thinking about what her thought processes would be like, and my conclusion is that she is going to drive half the cast to an early grave. Things like personal property (it wasn’t guarded and I wanted it, therefore it’s mine), what amount of clothing is appropriate (she’s going to wear like six outfits at a time because skin is soft and easily pierced. Until someone points out she can’t run or bend her arms like this).

Anyway, she’s gonna be fun. Apologies in advance to Zenos. He’s gonna have some new grey hairs by the time she has fully settled in. Thank you for writing this game and putting it out here for the rest of us :slight_smile:

edit: I’m amusing myself with my headcanons. Can you imagine having been able to fly, but now you can’t? She’s going to be a permanent grump. Excuse me, I’m supposed to WALK on the GROUND? Everything is so small. No, I won’t eat that green vegetable, I’m not an herbivore, it’s not even burned! It’s so cold all the time. I think I saw something shiny over there and I WANT IT!




I have feeling Day has past with mc



Honey and Fire will be on a temporary hiatus.

This is embarrassing to do since I only just recently started Honey and Fire, but I refuse to keep going if I think it’ll be detrimental to the story and development of this game. This is not a hastily made decision, it is the only good conclusion I could come to when I thought long and hard about this game.

I know the word “hiatus” usually spells out doom for a WIP, but not here. This is not “I have depression and I don’t feel like working on the game.” This is “I have depression and didn’t feel like working on the game, which made me think so hard about it I saw many major problems not in the story but in how I was trying to write the story.”

I’m in this for real. i would love nothing more than to see this story to its completion. Which is why this hiatus is for the best. There’s a lot of problems regarding the structure of the game and how I thought I could work on it, and I’m not totally satisfied with what I was writing. I want to rewrite what I’ve already put out. There might not be major changes, but I don’t want to keep working with a shadow hanging over me, constantly thinking in the back of my head that I just… don’t like how the game starts.

This hiatus isn’t even a hiatus from development of the game, just from updates. I want to work on this game in private so I don’t feel so much pressure. (And don’t think this is pressure from anyone other than myself. I love that people love the game and I haven’t once felt that people were pushing for me to work faster.)

I promise I’m not leaving. I’m thoroughly invested in this story. I mean, come on, we haven’t even gotten to the cool stuff yet haha. I will come back with more game, and hopefully better this time.

If you read this whole thing, thank you and I hope you can understand I just want to make a good game and I personally think this is how I can.

Side note, I will continue updating the tumblr, especially if people want me to. I’ll also be on the forum (I always haunt the forum even if I don’t post a whole bunch lbr) I won’t disappear or stop interacting and talking about the characters.

Edit: Also for those curious about Inias, I posted on the tumblr a snippet from the prototype version of his introduction in-game. You can read it here but beware spoilers.



that ok take all the time in the world but if you need talk we will be here boss man

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I trust your words, if you think this is the best decision, go for it! ‘u’
I will be waiting patiently, i loved your writing, your premise, your characters and the options you give to the MC… If will be happy to see you doing something even better than what we read here, and i hope you feel satisfied with your work in the future… Even if you don’t, you can always do more until you do! Don’t hesitate to act against things that bother you ^^



It all good, take your time.



I already announced this on the tumblr, but I’m saying this here:

A new RO has been added and yes this means there’s 9 ROs, but I love suffering and I think I can handle it. I didn’t decide to do this on a whim, I actually thought about it for a long time (and came to a conclusion at 4 AM last night) so don’t worry

So, everyone say hello to Auziel. They are a warrior angel of Vyrrek, the deity of gender, sex, and reincarnation. And they are blind. You can find a description of their appearance here and a explanation of how their blindness works here

Auziel uses he/they. As they’re an angel of a genderfluid God, they have loose ideas of gender and don’t personally identify with one the way mortals tend to, but their looking masculine and having a male body is a conscious choice and they are fine with he/him pronouns. (You will be able to decide which you use to refer to them in-game)

There are a few things to note that makes them different from the other ROs: They will be introduced at about the halfway point for the game (shorter route, but I will work to make it still be satisfying) and they will not have a friendship/purely platonic route. One reason for this is because I wanted a route unique from the other ROs and another is I feel it fits their character.

What there is, however, is: a fling when you first meet them (which will make them leave after so you can’t pursue their route if you do this), a sexual, aromantic route, and a romantic route that can be sexual or non-sexual.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say, if you have questions about this I’ll answer them as best as I can.



I look at the offered hand with distaste. One of the best lines in this game.