Hollywood Visionary Released (broken, fixed)

EDIT @dfabulich: fixed the bug, please wait for a new Chrome version to roll out

super exited that it finally released but there is a huge game breaking bug at the moment for the chrome version where the game just turn blank after second choice.



it will be released today but you will not see it on the game tab until it has been released on all platforms which vary on the timeline but comes out on the same day.


Getting the same problem on the same platform.

Same here. Blank page after the second choice on Chrome.

Oops, looks like there’s a big problem in the Chrome version. I’ve pulled it from the store, and I’m working on it now.

Fixed now, but it’ll take a few hours for Chrome to roll out. (You could try the Steam version instead, while you wait.)

Hi, I play HV on kindle fire and I’m running into a bug? design? where I can’t enter a full custom name for The Grip. I name my MC, randomize the assistant (usually Dottie something or the other), name The Actor/Actress, pick Ada for The Niece, and when it comes to naming The Grip, I have a specific custom name in mind, but it will only allow me to pick The Grip’s first name. The surname, no matter what, tells me that someone else already has that name, and I know no one else has this name. Can this be looked into and fixed?

@pandersoneel I’d suggest emailing this to the choice of games support email address to let them know. Posts on the forum aren’t always immediately noticed.