HMS Foraker (WIP)




UPDATE 5/26/2018: Story Complete

What is HMS Foraker?
HMS Foraker is a short interactive story set in the same universe as Choice of Broadsides, a fan-fiction, if you will. In it, the player takes the role of the Captain of HMS Foraker, a frigate of the Albion Royal Navy, given orders to pursue, and if necessary, engage, a much larger, heavier-armed enemy. Whether the Captain achieves that goal - and how they manage it if they do, is up to the player.

What Kind of World is This?
As mentioned already, HMS Foraker is set in the world of Choice of Broadsides, one of the first titles published by Choice of Games nearly a decade ago. Broadsides presented a world heavily inspired by the earliest parts of C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower series, where the maritime power of “Albion” fought against the Republic of “Gaul”, standing in for Great Britain and the the French Republic during the wars of the First, Second, and Third Coalitions.

Foraker picks up a few years after Broadsides leaves off. The Gaulish Republic has been overthrown by an ambitious general, who has established the Empire of the Gauls and managed to embroil most of the continent in a series of massive and destructive wars. However, these conflicts are beyond the scope of this story. On the fringes of Albion’s influence, other rising powers take advantage of the Old World’s distractions to seek redress for grievances of their own.

This is where our story starts.

Why Write This?
Choice of Broadsides was the first CoG I ever read. It’s what got me onto this forum, and it’s what got me reading, and then writing interactive fiction. I owe it a lot. Part of its appeal to me the fact I love this kind of setting, and I love reading and writing about it. I’ve been wanting to do something set in Broadsides’ setting for a while, but knowing that an official sequel or adaptation is out of the question, I knew it’d have to be something done for free and in my spare time. That isn’t something I’d been able to do until now.

Don’t You Have Enough on Your Plate Already? Where the F–k is Lords of Infinity?
Foraker isn’t just being written on a whim. I’m testing a lot of concepts and design ideas I plan on using for Lords of Infinity, like a random event system and some new mass-combat rules. By using a small project as a testbed, I can evaluate the value of those systems before I commit them to the 500-600k word behemoth Lords of Infinity is likely to be.

Likewise, I’m using this project to ease back into the right stylistic modes for Lords of Infinity. “Regency Naval Drama” is a bit of a different setting than “Gaslamp-Fantasy Political Intrigue”, but it’s a damn sight closer than “Fighting Nazis on the Banks of the Rhine”, which is more or less what I’m gearing down from.

Where’s the WIP Link?
The WIP link has been removed pending release.

Choice of Broadsides II?
Guns of Infinity
Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)
Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)
Guns of Infinity
Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)

I’ve not clicked the link yet, but you can take my money.

Looks like a tiny looking piece of code wants to be in the story.


This can be a good lead for the Imperial Navy simulator as well if you ever want to get that done.


I was also thinking of the sidegame he had planned for Old Wulfram’s battle at the Callindrian embassy.

Also, I am 10000% jazzed to revisit the Broadsides setting.


Will definitely take a look at this!


I can’t actually charge money for this, since it’s not my IP, but thanks!

That tiny piece of code gets to be in the story, at least once I update.


You will always have my support. :two_hearts:

Thank you for sharing this with us.


Maybe this brings more depth into Broadsides ? Im eager to see the full game. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Oh, yes, completely forgot about the fact that you can’t charge money for it.
Otherwise, it’s looking fine. For some reason I still think I am playing as my MC from the Infinity series. I guess the writing’s similar and that’s the reason.


Found one bug: Lieutenant Simpson doesn’t show up in the stat screen as your First Lieutenant if you pick him, although I did notice a boost in the Crew Sailing. Not sure about the other Lieutenants.


Some of the others weren’t flagged properly too. It’s gamebreaking enough to warrant an immediate update.

(And updated)


Love the setting and taking a prize ship right in the beginning is interesting.


@Cataphrak I’ll just go buy/play Choice of Broadsides and return to try this out when I am done with that. :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing I think that I can’t wait is Choice of Broadsides II will be published, as well as Lords. My fingers are really itchy.


“I fear he crew” and sudden switch from feminine to masculine pronouns for ships.

Floating period. “Upon his . right shoulder”

There was also a knot of typos on the option to carefully scout the approaches to Trimontaine, but I forgot to screenshot it.


Yay! A naval fantasy. :grin:


@Cataphrak, is short a mere 200,000 words for you?



Very interesting. I liked Sabres and Guns of Infinity, and as someone with a massive interest in naval warfare and history (to the point of planning to be a Naval officer) I’m eager to see how you handle this. Will give a play later and offer my thoughts.


And now it seems to be stuck in a loop for me at the: “this is their story” point. :cry:


He might be updating, just give it a few seconds