Hiring Coder for Gamebook Systems

Hello all!

My very first post on the Choice of Games forums, and I’m out and about bothering people for help! I’d like to summarize by saying that I am a physically disabled guy who has had a lifetime involvement in role-playing games. I’ve played D&D and other table top settings, I’ve played and even created/operated MUDs, played and staffed on early MMOs, etcetera. Full time nerd. The limitations of my disability these days have left me somewhat without purpose, and that’s something I’d like to change. Having been playing gamebooks and reading interactive fiction recently, I thought that becoming published in this arena myself might be an ideal use of my prior experience.

The problem? I’m just a writer. Even when I created my own MUDs, I hired coders to handle that aspect of things for me, to give me code with easy templates to work with in the future.

My first Hosted Project idea is for a fairly short debut piece to introduce myself to the community, with aims to eventually be published at the higher tier, but I just can’t create what is essentially a gamebook without at least having stats, skills, currency, and inventory whose presence can steer the course of events. Dice rolls or some form of resolution system which takes the characters stats and skills into account, as well. Party members would be a welcome addition. Story outcomes will vary according to the results, and if we’re using any kind of health/HP system, perhaps even death! I love complexity and stat crunching, but the above factors would enable me to write the gamebooks I’d like to write.

I suppose summing this up would be a request for a dedicated coder who can help me create a gamebook ‘engine’ of scripts, both for this debut piece and for my future projects. I do have a small but not inconsequential budget and would be interested in hiring an experienced coder. All I ask in return for your effort/time and for being paid is that you have patience with my sometimes extra bad days of disability. In return, the money aside, you’ll see the ‘engine’ of scripts you code for me in many future pieces and perhaps (I hope) in an official Choice of Games publication!

What do I write? In summary, original fantasy adventures. Romance and the like are generally not a factor. Rather, I focus upon good old D&D-esque swords and sorcery.

Reach out to me if you’d like to help, and I’d be glad to talk. I fully recognize the hard work which goes into learning how to program, regardless of the language, and you can rest assured that you’ll receive full credit and what modest payment I can offer in return for your work on my ‘engine’ for Hosted and perhaps future fully sponsored works.

You can message me here, and I’m also frequently available via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725, or you can visit and hang out on my Discord channel at https://discord.gg/sxkZCs

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Advertising for coders is against the forum rules.