Highway wars /Lost in the pages! why similar? Easter egg?


Right now I’m playing Lost in the pages… I’m in the story called “New Heaven Cops”
I’ve found similarities…

mc and his/her companion go to a city (firgot the name) to a drug dealer,weapon dealer & an art dealer (lost in the pages/prostitute dealer(highway wars) and after entering room some thugs attacked in both games

so much similarities
is this a some sort of easter egg??
thank you :blush:


Maybe it’s because the author is same? I do recall @adrao also author of Lost In The Pages.


Basically I re-used a large portion of the code from Highway Wars. At the time I wrote New Heaven Cop I was having a bit of a crisis with Highway Wars. I was not sure where the story was going, could not seem to move forward much (it was started much before Tokyo Wizard, but only recently got published!). That said, Highway Wars was finished, though my first WIP is still not finished (The Nebula, for any that may remember, before Dropbox went down for us…)

So, I decided to re-use part of the structure to make New Heaven Cop. I changed and re-wrote large sections (both dystopian futures, but one is more Mad Max and the other more Blade Runner/Robocop), and then Highway Wars also changed substantially. But, for those with a sharp eye the similarities in that section of the game are really big! :wink:

I am now thinking about whether to re-use the central theme of my other story (which in itself draw inspiration from a choose your own adventure I read as a kid, and which I still have) in future work (actually it is a strong thought I have at present, to possibly overcome some of the possible structural problems of one of my WIPs…)


Thank you!! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


Anyway, did you like the game? What did you think about the different stories?


So is trying to physically beat the Vampire and instant game over even if you win because you’ll automatically have to try the serum?


Sorry, no… this should have been rectified already… which platform are you using for the game?


I like it… :blush::blush: specially from modern time to medieval time… That was cool!! :blush::blush: besides heaven cop & vampire story is good!! hope there is a sequel with more book & more action

I want to see some easter egg :smile: like the mc goes to the other HG universe


That is an interesting thought! Actually, one of the stories by @Felicity_Banks transports the reader to a well-established universe by felicity, though I think it’s not in any of the HG. But, who knows, maybe we could team up with other HG authors and have little stories which transported the reader to stories within the HG universe… and intriguing concept! (Though it would be up to other authors to decide whether they wanted to do something like this… )


ohhhhoo… :scream::heart_eyes: super excited!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::purple_heart::purple_heart:
that’d be super cool!!! :heart_eyes:


Since “Lost in the Pages” was published, my first book set in Rahana has been published (which I wrote in the year 2000!) It’s a fantasy chapter book (for about age 10-14 although of course also the kind of kids’ book I like to read personally), the first of a trilogy that will all be released by mid 2010 (they’re already written and ready to go). The characters don’t overlap at all.


Congratulations on that, @Felicity_Banks! :slight_smile:


I confess to being somewhat chuffed. Shall attempt to use my powers for good (but no guarantees…)